Student Loan Debt

Wisconsin graduates seventh for debt

“This is not a sustainable state of affairs. We need reform and we need it now,” Analiese Eicher said in a press release. [Advance Titan]

Resistance Radio: May 20, 2019

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher appeared on WRRD-AM to discuss the student loan debt crisis. [WRRD-AM]

Average UWM Student Debt Rose 194%

Indeed Walker himself apparently faced this problem, as Analiese Eicher, Executive Director of ... One Wisconsin Now, points out. [Urban Milwaukee]

Looking At The Student Loan Debt Crisis

In the United States right now, student loan debt is second only to home mortgage debt. How did we get here? Molly Stentz talks to Analiese Eicher. [WORT-FM]

Why Walker Must Go Negative

Walker’s strategy is clear, Ross charges: “Instead of running on his record, he’s running on what he didn’t do.” [Urban Milwaukee]

How to Know if College Is Worth It

In a survey by the One Wisconsin Institute respondents reported an average repayment period of approximately 21 years for college debt. [Teen Vogue]