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  • The Best Governor Money Can Buy

    One Wisconsin Now found that 60 percent of the money awarded by WEDC went to companies that donated $2.1 million to Walker.

    Urban Milwaukee, 09/20/2018
  • Watch: Walker on Hand As Hudson Dog Track Transformation Begins

    With nothing but the barest bones of the former St. Croix Meadows Dog Track behind them, Gov. Scott Walker joined developers and local representatives Tuesday, July 3, to recognize a $500,000 redevelopment...

    Hudson Star Observer, 07/03/2018
  • Walker Calls for WEDC to Offer Kimberly-Clark ‘same Deal for Jobs As Foxconn’

    Two weeks ago, Kimberly-Clark, the Irving, Texas-based national paper company, announced it would cut 5,000 jobs and close 10 factories worldwide, including two factories in Neenah and Fox Crossing that would lose...

    Milwaukee Business Journal, 02/05/2018
  • Walker Administration Keeps Details of Foxconn Deal Secret As Agency Entrusted With Overseeing Deal Subject of Another Critical Review

    Another audit finds Gov. Scott Walker’s WEDC continues to fail to meet even basic standards of accountability and competence.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/24/2017
  • WEDC Audit Finds Improvements in Handling of State Funds, but Problems Persist

    The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. still doesn’t do a good job of tracking how many jobs it creates and the agency struggles in other areas — even as it has improved how...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 05/18/2017
  • Audit: WEDC Failing to Track Job Creation, Retention

    Gov. Scott Walker’s troubled economic development agency is still struggling, failing to accurately track jobs its awards are supposed to create and retain, handing out nearly $10 million in bad loans over...

    Associated Press, 05/17/2017
  • As Scott Walker Reaches 50 Listening Sessions, Critics Continue to Question Invite-only Policy

    "Gov. Walker is tooling around the state on our dime hearing from an exclusive audience recruited to tell him what he wants to hear," said One Wisconsin Now.

    Capital Times, 07/15/2016
  • Media Reports Walker Plot to Impose ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Gag Order on Board of Troubled Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

    Scott Walker and his gang are trying to implement a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’ to gag board members and to try to cover up their failures.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/13/2016
  • Wisconsin Gov. Walker to Lead Business Development Mission to Mexico

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will travel to Mexico in June to promote exporting opportunities and encourage foreign investment in Wisconsin. The governor will join representatives from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. and...

    Milwaukee Business Journal, 05/12/2016
  • Privatization Fail: Scott Walker’s WEDC in Full Meltdown

    "This new audit confirms that WEDC is the embodiment of the cronyism, corruption and incompetence of the Walker administration,” One Wisconsin Now’s Scot Ross told CMD.

    Center for Media and Democracy, 04/21/2016
  • Paul Soglin Blasts WEDC, WMC in Wake of Kraft Heinz Report

    In the days after the Oscar Mayer announcement, Gov. Scott Walker pointed out that Soglin never contacted his office or WEDC. In Thursday’s interview, Soglin maintained that Madison made no mistakes.“We’re the...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/04/2016
  • State Big Business Lobby Discouraged State Economic Development Agency From Trying to Keep Major Corporation in Wisconsin … And Gov. Walker’s Administration Listened

    It is appalling that Gov. Scott Walker’s WEDC would not do their job because a special interest lobby told them not to.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/02/2016
  • Senate Republican Session Agenda: More Cronyism and Corruption, Less Health Care

    Wisconsin would be ill-served by more of the Walker administration’s cronyism and corruption and less access to comprehensive health care services for families.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/20/2016
  • Walker Administration Won’t Explain What Happened to WEDC Text Messages

    Jenni Dye, research director for One Wisconsin Now, said she doesn’t believe the police logs meet the definition of “transitory” records.

    Capital Times, 01/16/2016
  • Top GOP Lawmakers Might Rebrand Troubled Jobs Agency

    GOP Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the Legislature created WEDC in 2011, soon after they were swept into power. The new agency replaced the state Department of Commerce and was aimed...

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/10/2015
  • City Officials, Democrats Blame Scott Walker Administration for Not Reaching Out to Oscar Mayer

    Gov. Scott Walker’s economic development agency made no contact with Kraft Heinz as other states did in the months leading up to the company’s decision to close its Oscar Mayer headquarters in...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 11/05/2015
  • Oscar Mayer Plant in Madison Will Close; Headquarters to Move to Chicago

    Like most everyone else, Gov. Scott Walker only learned of Kraft Heinz’s decision Wednesday, spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said. She said his office “will work with local officials and our Department of Workforce...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 11/04/2015
  • Spurning Wisconsin Offer, Ashley Furniture Industries Takes Jobs and Safety Issues to N.C.

    “Pay-to-play certainly comes to my mind and I know I’m not alone,” said Scot Ross, executive director of the progressive group One Wisconsin Now.

    Wisconsin Gazette, 10/17/2015
  • Scott Walker Says He’ll Be a Stay-at-home Governor

    State employees lost civil service protections when WEDC was created, and it has been plagued with cronyism, corruption and incompetence ever since.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 09/25/2015
  • Rearranging the Deck Chairs Won’t Save Gov. Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

    The centerpiece of Scott Walker’s economic agenda has been a prime example of his administration’s cronyism, corruption and incompetence. Now it's looking for yet another new head.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/27/2015
  • Scott Walker, Crony Capitalist

    A report by One Wisconsin Now found that since 2009 the governor’s campaign organization had received more than $2.1 million from individuals linked to WEDC awards.

    Politico, 08/25/2015
  • Scott Walker Is Two-Faced on China

    “In his desperate attempt to out-Trump Trump, Scott Walker has out-Palined Palin.”

    Daily Beast, 08/24/2015
  • Lawmakers Continue to Tinker With Walker’s Job Creation Agency

    There is a lot of money being spent through this agency to try to create a lot of jobs in Wisconsin, and it has been a complete and utter failure.

    WUWM-FM, 08/17/2015
  • Column: Sen. Rick Gudex Reveals Himself As Politician, Not Leader

    Gudex and his fellow Republicans need to remember they’re supposed to be working for us, not covering Walker’s backside, and resist the temptation to allow partisanship to overcome common sense.

    Capital Times, 08/16/2015
  • Sen. Rick Gudex Reveals Himself As a Politician, Not a Leader

    Sen. Gudex and his fellow Republicans need to remember they’re supposed to be working for us, not covering Scott Walker’s backside, and resist the temptation to allow partisanship to overcome common sense.

    Scot Ross, 08/13/2015
  • ICYMI: One Wisconsin Institute Report Details Continuing Failures of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

    Updated research by One Wisconsin Institute analyzes four years of failure by the quasi-private Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, created by Gov. Scott Walker and supported by state legislative Republicans.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 08/12/2015
  • The Reality of Scott Walker’s Record on the Economy & the Middle Class

    Scott Walker’s signature promise was to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin in his first term. He fell nearly 50% short of that goal, an abysmal failure at the one major promise he made to voters.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/06/2015
  • WEDC: Four Years of Failure Is Enough

    Tell Your Legislators: Scott Walker's WEDC Needs More Accountability & Transparency, Not Less

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/04/2015
  • Report Alleges Scott Walker’s WEDC Has Failed, WEDC Says It’s Improving

    The report from One Wisconsin Institute, the research arm of One Wisconsin Now, shows close ties between donors to Walker's campaigns and recipients of awards from WEDC — the quasi-public agency Walker launched to replace the state Department of Commerce shortly after he took office in 2011.

    Capital Times, 08/01/2015
  • WEDC Record in Wis. Has Been a Scandal-Wracked Failure

    Much of the cash flowed to Walker’s political allies. According to a new report by the left-leaning One Wisconsin Institute, 60 percent of the $1.14 billion given out by the WEDC went...

    In These Times, 07/31/2015
  • Wisconsin’s Economic Cautionary Tale

    According to a new report by the left-leaning One Wisconsin Institute, 60 percent of the $1.14 billion given out by the WEDC went to firms connected to Walker’s campaign contributors — that...

    San Francisco Chronicle, 07/31/2015
  • Invitation Accepted, Governor Walker

    While we are often at odds with Walker, on this we can agree: He most certainly should be evaluated by the company he keeps and his record in office.

    Scot Ross, 07/30/2015
  • New Research: WEDC Is Four Years of Failure

    A report released today by One Wisconsin Institute analyzes four years of failure by the quasi-private Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), created by Gov. Scott Walker.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 07/30/2015
  • Two Companies Fail After Getting $1.4 Million From Gov. Scott Walker’s Jobs Agency

    Despite signs of trouble within the companies, Gov. Scott Walker’s jobs agency loaned about $1.4 million in taxpayer money to two northern Wisconsin firms that have failed to fully repay the loans...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 07/26/2015
  • WEDC: Four Years of Failure

    Time has proven WEDC to be an abject failure at job creation, and, some argue, a symbol of the cronyism, corruption, and incompetence of the Scott Walker administration.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 07/24/2015
  • Wisconsin Swindled by Scott Walker’s Jobs Scam

    What is more, the amount of cash available for the WEDC to carelessly dispense has grown. By the end of 2013, the state had awarded over $970 million in tax credits, loans and grants, according to the watchdog group One Wisconsin Now.

    Al Jazeera, 07/06/2015
  • Scott Walker’s Jobs Program Didn’t Work

    The bottom line is that Scott Walker said when he came into office, this is my blueprint for making good on my promise to create 250,000 jobs.

    Daily Beast, 06/25/2015
  • Scott Walker’s Record on Jobs & The Economy

    Scott Walker’s signature promise was to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin in his first term. He fell nearly 50% short of that goal.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/08/2015
  • Gov. Scott Walker Taking Heat From Both Right and Left Over WEDC

    Meanwhile, one of the governor’s loudest critics on the left, Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, is saying there will be no improvement at WEDC unless politics can be taken out of the equation.

    Capital Times, 05/22/2015
  • Final Numbers Show Gov. Walker Fell Nearly 50 Percent Short on First Term Jobs Promise

    The final jobs numbers from the federal government covering the first term of Gov. Scott Walker released today confirm the utter failure of his administration to deliver on his job creation promise.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/21/2015
  • Gudex Needs to Get Serious About WEDC’s Continuing Cronyism, Corruption, Incompetence

    Sen. Rick Gudex's chief of staff called requests for an investigation of the latest instance of WEDC cronyism, corruption and incompetence a “knee-jerk reaction.”

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/20/2015
  • Transparency and Gov. Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Don’t Go Together

    Gov. Walker is in the hot seat over revelations that his top aides successfully lobbied for a risky state loan to the business of a major Walker campaign donor through WEDC.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/19/2015
  • Watchdog Groups Have Long Warned Against WEDC Practices

    Last year, a report from One Wisconsin Now cited figures showing that nearly 60 percent of some $975 million in assistance distributed by WEDC went to firms that had contributed to Walker or the RGA.

    La Crosse Tribune, 05/19/2015
  • Privatization Fail: Scott Walker’s WEDC in Full Meltdown

    This new audit confirms that WEDC is the embodiment of the cronyism, corruption and incompetence of the Walker administration.

    PR Watch, 05/18/2015
  • Walker Aides Pushed for Questionable WEDC Loan for Donor Who Had Maxed Out to Walker

    Gov. Scott Walker’s top aides and a powerful lobbyist pressed for a taxpayer-funded loan in 2011 to a financially struggling Milwaukee construction company that lost the state half a million dollars, created...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 05/18/2015
  • Walker Calls Off His Planned Merger of WEDC With WHEDA After “Damning Audit” of WEDC

    Gov. Scott Walker has cancelled a planned merger of two economic development agencies after a new audit said Walker’s job-creating entity failed to follow statutes or its own policies when making financial...

    Capital Times, 05/08/2015
  • Gov. Scott Walker’s Economic Development Agency Under the Microscope

    Walker has come under scrutiny by media for a $62 million-plus award of state funds to the retail outlet Kohl's doled out under his watch as chair WEDC.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/24/2015
  • Wisconsin Walker’s Shopping Tale Doesn’t Mention Taxpayer Millions

    “If you look at the Walker record, it has been cuts to infrastructure like public education to fund a trickle-down economic agenda that hasn’t worked,” said Mike Browne, deputy executive director of One Wisconsin Now.

    Bloomberg News, 04/21/2015