While Gov. Scott Walker is an expert at campaigning, his time in office shows that he is not an expert at governing. As Milwaukee County exec, public assistance programs managed by the county were so poorly managed that the state intervened and took them over. In addition, his severe cuts to the county workforce resulted in millions of budget-busting overtime costs.

Similar mismanagement problems have plagued Walker’s tenure as governor, the chief among them problems at his flagship jobs agency, WEDC. Multiple audits have shown the agency is failing to comply with state law and internal policies, and has lost track of millions in state dollars. Further, it has failed to deliver on the promise of job creation while sometimes giving out awards without any requirement of job creation or retention or for jobs that were created in the past. The problems at the troubled jobs agency are capped off by a revolving door of top officials at the agency. And Scott Walker? Well, not only was WEDC his idea, he’s been in charge of for every single misstep, as the chair of the WEDC board.