Introducing WMCWatch.org

The One Wisconsin Institute has completed a comprehensive online library of information about Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s largest and arguably most influential corporate lobbying organization. At WMCWatch.org, visitors will find information about the priorities, people, corporations and contributions of WMC. Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has an enormous amount of influence on state policy. […]

The Joke is Still on You Jim

Last year I went to the Online News Association conference and blogged about the experience. The highlight for me was when Jim Pugh joined a panel discussion on polling. Jim is the resident mouthpiece for Wisconsin’€™s corporate lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC). As I reported last year, Pugh was nearly laughed out of the […]

Media Debunks Gableman’s Resume

Mike Gableman has been touting his crime prosecuting prowess. While on the loathsome Vicki McKenna’s show in December (fyi — she called OWN “soulless”), Gableman said, ‘€œI did prosecute everything from child sexual assault cases, arson cases, white collar crime, and domestic abuse.’€ But two media outlets have analyzed Gableman’s claims, which are currently being […]

What Happens in Vegas…

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) is opposing the Senate Democrats’€™ economic development plan, Wisconsin Invests Now. The plan seeks to invest in Wisconsin’€™s infrastructure for future growth and quickly provide more well paying jobs. The good news is that the plan would be paid for by closing the corporate tax loophole known as the ‘€œLas […]

Does WMC Really Care about Crime?

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has been running radio ads supporting their choice for State Supreme Court, Michael Gableman. This week they launched their first television ad backing Gableman. Using the same formula that has been successful for them in the past, the WMC ad focuses on crime and paints Gableman as some sort of crime […]

OWN on the Radio!

Hey everyone…tune in to here Scot on a radio near you: Scot on the Eric Von Show (1290 AM Milwauke), today at 4:30 pm. You can listen online at http://www.1290wmcs.com/. Scot on WPR with Joy Cardin, 8 am tomorrow. Thanks!

Picket to tell WMC: Keep your hands off Supreme Court

This from our friends at Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice: Are you fed up with rich folks and corporations buying elections? Please take action! Join us Fri., Feb. 29th, from 8-10:30 AM in Downtown Milwaukee to protest the WI Manufactures & Commerce “money collection” meetings. ISSUE: Right now the WMC is in the process […]

Esenberg Shows Public Defenders Some Love

Since talk radio is so disproportionately dominated by the rabid right wing, I find myself listening to one of the few alternatives available. One station that I enjoy is Milwaukee’€™s WMCS 1290 AM. The station has a very strong African American audience, but has been doing a great job of broadening their audience in recent […]

WMC’s Road Show to Highlight Strategy for Buying State Supreme Court

If you’ve got a big fat corporate check to spare Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has an event for you! Over the next couple weeks, the state’s big business lobby is going to be traveling around the state hosting member events to rally support and cash in its efforts to restore corporate fealty to the state […]

Gableman a Chip Off the Old Block?

Note to Mike Gableman: You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps.   Oft-overturned judge and Supreme Court candidate Mike Gableman made a questionable visit at this weekend’€™s Americans for Prosperity dittofest. The host organization, the big-oil funded Americans for Prosperity is run by Mark Block, who is no stranger […]

Help Thy Self

If you have ever heard of the state of Wisconsin’s largest lobbying group, Wisconsin Manufactures Commerce, it was probably in reading some article about a corporate taxation bill or the Annette Ziegler controversy. However, what the average Wisconsinite doesn’t read about is how the state’s largest business lobbying group is voting against the people of […]

WMCheerleader to Monitor WMC?

Yesterday the Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee announced that it was bringing on two new members, both conservatives.   Although they appointed two yesterday, bringing on John Torinus raises the most concerns and questions.  This is a committee focusing on the judicial code of ethics, yet Torinus has used his space in newspaper columns to excuse […]

“Taxes” Ties Not Sure in New Poll

One would think that after constant Wisconsin bashing from WMC and others on the right that residents would rank “taxes” higher on the items that they care about.  According to a new Wispolitics/Checkpoint poll, taxes are listed as one of the lowest factors that respondents will use in picking a presidential candidate.  Concern about taxes […]

John Torinus: WMCheerleader

John Torinus writes a regular column for the The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s business page.  He is a reliable WMCheerleader who regularly fills the pages of the state’s largest paper with all of the latest Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) talking points.   Although he feeds this steady diet to readers he rarely discloses his deep involvement […]

Resolutions for Every List

While everyone is talking about New Year resolutions, it seems appropriate to suggest a few for Wisconsin progressives. Below are a few items that should make every list. Real Health Care Reform It is certainly no secret that Wisconsin pays some of the highest health care costs in the nation. These out of control costs […]