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Scott Walker’s Record on Race & Ethnicity

Gov. Scott Walker Has Eschewed Any Effort to Reach Out to Communities of Color

While conventional wisdom indicates the GOP needs to reach out to the growing percentage of minority voters in order to be successful in a national election, Gov. Scott Walker has eschewed any effort to reach out to minority voters. In fact, Walker’s track record of policy decisions in Wisconsin shows a candidate who often actively pursues stances that would undermine racial and social justice.

Wisconsin was ranked as the ‘worst state for black Americans.’ Studies show that Wisconsin leads the nation in incarceration of African-Americans, and that in Milwaukee County, more than half of all African-American males in their 30s and 40s had served time in state prison.

Despite the numerous studies showing that Wisconsin has a serious problem with racial disparities, Scott Walker has not led on this issue. In fact, his history shows that instead of leading on solving racial disparities, he is a supporter of policies that continue to contribute to disparities and that he is seemingly uninterested in a recognizing a diverse community.

Scott Walker Hypocrisy Reaches ‘Biblical Proportions’

Gov. Scott Walker has expressed his concern about who an as yet unannounced Democratic gubernatorial challenger met with while as the Mayor of Madison more than 40 years ago. But according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, Walker has failed to express any remorse for his own appearance as a featured speaker, sharing a stage with white nationalists, at a conference in Florida a mere three weeks ago.

[One Wisconsin Now, 01/08/2018]

Walker plan to attend conservative event criticized

Scot Ross with the liberal activist group, One Wisconsin Now calls Gorka, a former assistant to President Donald Trump, “an actual Nazi.” “It’s unbelievable that Scott Walker is going to do this,” Ross said. “With a lineup like this, will Scott Walker be delivering his remarks under the glare of a spotlight, or under the glow of a tiki torch?” [Wisconsin Radio Network, 11/28/2017]

PoltiFact: Scott Walker veers on NFL national anthem protests

There appears to be a wider political connection. The day after Walker released his letter, the Republican Governors Association, of which Walker is chairman, sent out a fundraising solicitation announcing "I Stand" bumper stickers were available in exchange for a campaign contribution to the association. The email says the stickers are available for a donation of $5 or more. The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now pointed out the timing. For a partial change in position, we give Walker a Half Flip. [PolitiFact, 10/25/2017]

Scott Walker's Long Record of Attacking Rights of People of Color

Gov. Scott Walker’s unwillingness to criticize Donald Trump by name for coddling of white nationalists in the wake of the horrific violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend is a shameful addition to Walker’s appalling record on issues of race. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross pointed to Walker’s record stretching back two decades to his days in the State Assembly as evidence his silence is not just cowardice, but a pattern of behavior.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/16/2017]

Scott Walker Silence on Trump Racism Deafening, Walker Record Speaks Volumes

Gov. Scott Walker’s unwillingness to criticize Donald Trump’s coddling of white nationalists in the wake of the horrific violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend is a shameful reminder that Walker will always put his own partisan political interests ahead of doing what is right for all peoples of Wisconsin. This includes a series of unconstitutional and racist attacks on the right to vote in Wisconsin for people of color.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/16/2017]

Scott Walker’s Record Has Been Disastrous for Milwaukee African Americans

With the eyes of the nation focused on racial unrest in Milwaukee, Gov. Scott Walker has provided no leadership on bringing communities together and healing racial wounds. Quite the contrary, Walker’s career has been built on and is embodied by fomenting racial strife in Milwaukee, according to a review of Walker’s 24-year record as an elected official conducted by One Wisconsin Now.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/15/2016]

Scott Walker is still unsure whether Obama is Christian

Fielding questions at the Koch network’s donor summit here Saturday night, the Republican presidential candidate reiterated the controversial position of uncertainty that he staked out in February. “You’re not going to get a different answer than I said before,” the Wisconsin governor said. “I don’t know. I presume he is. … But I’ve never asked him about that. As someone who is a believer myself, I don’t presume to know someone’s beliefs about whether they follow Christ or not unless I’ve actually talked with them.” [Washington Post, 08/01/2015]

Walker Removed African-American Art, Silent on Voter Suppression Billboards

As Governor and as Milwaukee County Executive, Scott Walker personally had artwork depicting African Americans removed from public buildings, one piece featuring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. standing near a dove with a sign reading “Vote!” and another featuring a multicultural group of children playing together in a Milwaukee neighborhood. Yet just this weekend, Walker refused to call for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol, claiming it was a “state issue.”

[One Wisconsin Now, 06/24/2015]

What About Walker Inspired Seven Donations From A White Supremacist?

Yesterday Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced he would return seven contributions to his campaign totaling $3,500 from Earl Holt, the leader of a white supremacist organization that reportedly inspired the individual that massacred nine black churchgoers in a racially-motivated terror attack in Charleston, South Carolina. However, Walker failed to explain how it was he accepted seven contributions over four years from Holt with no questions, or what it was that inspired the white supremacist leader to become a regular donor to Walker’s campaign.

[One Wisconsin Now, 06/23/2015]

Walker Must Return Contributions From White Supremacist

 Earl Holt, a white supremacist leader whose organization's racist rants reportedly influenced the individual that massacred nine black churchgoers in a racially-motivated terror attack in Charleston, South Carolina, has made at least seven donations totaling $3,500 to Wisconsin governor and presumed 2016 presidential candidate Scott Walker. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross demanded Walker return the money and call for the immediate removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina's capitol grounds.

[One Wisconsin Now, 06/22/2015]

Walker would reverse Obama executive order on immigration

Asked Monday if he would get rid of Barack Obama’s executive orders right away, Walker said: “Yes…if I were to run, that would be a key part of what we’d be talking about.” He noted that he was one of the first to sign onto the lawsuit challenging the president’s actions on immigration and said he’s “obviously concerned” about any potential deal with Iran. “We’d be looking at any and all executive actions he took and see which ones we could pull back on,” he said. [Politico, 03/17/2015]

Days before Tony Robinson shooting, Wisconsin DOJ requested more funds to investigate officer-involved deaths

Just a few days before an unarmed, 19-year-old black man was shot and killed by a Madison police officer, Wisconsin's attorney general had asked lawmakers to fund more positions to investigate officer-involved deaths...Gov. Scott Walker last April signed into law a bill requiring outside agencies to investigate officer-involved shootings. The legislation was championed by Reps. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, and Gary Bies, R-Sister Bay, in response to three high-profile officer-involved deaths in the last decade. Wisconsin was the first state in the nation to pass such a law. In order to implement the law, the state Department of Justice under then-Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen requested $352,600 in 2015-16 and $386,000 in 2016-17, and 5 full-time positions annually, to investigate officer-involved deaths and review public records associated with those investigations. Walker did not fund the request in his biennial budget, introduced in February.

[Capital Times, 03/10/2015]

Attorney general wants positions for officer-involved deaths

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel wants the Legislature's budget committee to give the state Justice Department more positions in the state budget to deal with officer-involved death investigations. Lawmakers signed a bill last year that requires outside agencies to lead investigations of officer-involved deaths. Attorney General Brad Schimel told the Joint Finance Committee on Monday that more agencies are turning to the DOJ to handle such investigations. The agency asked Gov. Scott Walker to include funding for five new positions -- three agents and two records specialists -- to help with the workload. Walker didn't include the request in his budget proposal.

[WMTV-TV, 03/02/2015]

Scott Walker on immigration: ‘My view has changed’

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says his views have changed on immigration — and he doesn’t support amnesty for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. Pressed about previous statements in which he allowed that immigrants who are currently in the U.S. illegally could stay if they paid certain penalties, Walker said in an interview aired on “Fox News Sunday”: “My view has changed, I’m flat-out saying it. Candidates can say that, sometimes they don’t.” “I don’t believe in amnesty, and part of the reason that I made that a firm position is because I look at the way this president has mishandled that issue,” Walker said, explaining his views changed after talking to border-state governors and others close to the immigration issue.

[Politico, 03/01/2015]

Walker Refuses to Condemn 'Dog Whistle Racism'

For the second time in two weeks, Gov. Scott Walker is refusing to condemn alarming comments made by prominent Republicans on his behalf or in his presence. The latest, failed GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who said during a Walker meet and greet in New York that he doesn’t believe President Obama “loves America.”

[One Wisconsin Now, 02/19/2015]

Walker budget would eliminate Special Transfer Program

Currently, under the Special Transfer Program (commonly known as Chapter 220), the state provides aid to school districts to support voluntary efforts by school districts to reduce racial imbalance. Aid is provided for both interdistrict and intradistrict pupil transfers. This bill closes the Special Transfer Program to new pupils. Under the bill, however, any pupil who attended a school under the program in the 2014−15 school year may continue to participate in the program. [2015 SB 21, 01/01/2015]

Fundraising component of Walker inauguration draws liberal criticism

The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now was critical of Walker's decision to give proceeds to the state party rather than donate them to charity. It dubbed the event a "pay to pray" fundraiser, a nod to the $25 prayer breakfast. "Scott Walker has one foot out the door for a 2016 run for the GOP nomination for president. It’s all politics all the time for him," said One Wisconsin Now executive director Scot Ross. "One shudders to think what Gov. Walker will do with a $70 billion state budget when he’s willing to require a political donation to ice skate or pray with him." "The Republican Party of Wisconsin isn't being inaugurated and the idea Wisconsinites have to donate to a political party to participate in activities like this is another disgraceful example of a governor whose only concern is partisan political politics," Ross continued. Ross said it was "reprehensible" that Walker recently had a "photo op" with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County when the group won't receive any inaugural celebration proceeds.

[Capital Times, 12/18/2014]

Scott Walker’s Hanukkah Message: ‘Molotov’!

Molotov In an undated letter posted by the Capital Times Wednesday, Walker wrote to a constituent that he would be happy to display a menorah at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. At the time, he was serving as county executive. But what stands out most is his closing line. From the letter: Thank you for your letter regarding the Menorah Display. Yes we would be happy to display the Menorah celebrating "The Eight Days of Chanukah" here at the Courthouse. [...] Thank you again and Molotov.

[Huffington Post, 12/10/2014]

Walker Joins Immigration Lawsuit

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a potential 2016 Republican president candidate, has signed on to a lawsuit that seeks to block President Barack Obama's recently announced unilateral immigration actions. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, is being led by Governor-elect Greg Abbott in Texas and includes at least 17 states. It represents a test for Republican governors considering 2016 White House bids who need to balance their efforts to appease the party's base with the risk of appearing anti-immigrant and hurting their prospects with the nation's burgeoning Hispanic and Asian populations. "The immigration system is broken, but this is an issue that should be addressed through collaborative federal action, not unilateral action by the president," Walker said in a statement. "President Obama’s actions represent a violation of his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws and exceed the limits of his administrative powers."

[Bloomberg, 12/03/2014]

Gov. Scott Walker defends voter ID law in first debate

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his voter ID law Friday night during the first gubernatorial debate with Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Walker said that the voter ID law, which the U.S. Supreme Court just blocked from being enforced, is worthwhile if it stops one person from fraudulently casting a ballot. Burke pointed to studies that show some 300,000 Wisconsin residents lack the necessary forms and identification, disproportionately people of color, and said there’s no evidence of fraud. She called it “shocking” that he’d stop 300,000 people from voting to stop one instance of fraud.

[Politico, 10/11/2014]

Walker talks up voter id, budget in visit to Lake Hallie

Gov. Scott Walker praised a court ruling that requires voter identification at polls and offered details regarding new state budget proposals Tuesday during his visit to Lake Hallie. “The bottom line is we want it to be easy to vote and hard to cheat,” Walker said in remarks to the media after a grand opening ceremony for Mid-State International Trucks of Wisconsin. Walker said the state has removed the cost barriers to getting an identification card. “We’d want (a drug test), at minimum, upon entry into the system,” Walker said Tuesday. “The best way we can help them out is make them able to be employed.” Walker’s plans also call for a requirement that able-bodied people without children be eligible for unemployment benefits for no more than four years. In addition, he said he will push for continuation of a higher education tuition freeze he hopes to expand to include the state’s technical colleges. [Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 09/16/2014]

Scott Walker’s sinister “voter ID” lifeline: How a new ruling could save his hide

Friday morning, a three-judge panel heard Walker’s appeal to the federal ruling that previously struck down his Photo ID voting restriction law. By afternoon, almost immediately following the hearing, the three GOP-appointed federal judges (a Reagan appointee, and two George W. Bush appointees) restored the restrictive voting measure [PDF] in advance of the November general election...The ruling overturns the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Adelman which had struck down Wisconsin’s “Act 23″ in April. At the time, in his landmark federal ruling, Adelman, a Bill Clinton-appointee, found that some 300,000 registered voters in the state, approximately 9% of all registered voters, lacked the state-issued Photo ID necessary to legally vote under the new statute. That number, he noted, was far larger than the margin of victory enjoyed by Walker and other statewide officials in the 2010 election.“To put this number in context,” Adelman wrote, “in 2010 the race for governor in Wisconsin was decided by 124,638 votes, and the race for United States Senator was decided by 105,041 votes. Thus, the number of registered voters who lack a qualifying ID is large enough to change the outcome of Wisconsin elections.”

[Salon, 09/15/2014]

Emails Show Walker Involved in Voter Intimidation Billboard Campaign

Then-Milwaukee County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker directed his assistant administrator to “please help him out,” after being asked by Stephen Einhorn for information that was ultimately used in dozens of voter intimidation billboards that were placed around Milwaukee in the weeks leading up to Walker’s election as governor.

[One Wisconsin Now, 09/12/2014]

Executive behind voter fraud billboards sought Scott Walker advice

A venture fund manager consulted with then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker about state and federal voting laws in 2010, just weeks before the businessman began posting controversial ads on billboards in Milwaukee that warned "Voter Fraud is a Felony." "Scott, I need to know the rules for illegal voting in Wisconsin," Stephen Einhorn wrote in an email on July 22, 2010. "Please check into the rules, including federal statutes. I need to know what the law is, if you violate it." Einhorn continued, "I need this for some work that I am doing, and would appreciate your prompt response." Walker forwarded the email to Cheryl Berdan, an assistant administrator in his office with the instructions, "Please help him out."... Einhorn and his wife, Nancy, have given Walker $50,350 over the past decade, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Michael Grebe, head of the Bradley Foundation and Walker's campaign chairman, has acknowledged that the foundation helped underwrite the cost of the billboards in Walker's 2010 race through a $10,000 grant to the Einhorn Foundation. Einhorn said his foundation received the money from the Bradley Foundation after the billboards had already been posted. Previously, Einhorn said he footed the bill for the 2012 race. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 09/11/2014]

Youth Activists Call For Restoration Of In-State Tuition For Undocumented Immigrants. Previous Walker Budget...

Valeria Gonzalez, who is part of the student-led organization Youth Empowered in the Struggle, said Gov. Scott Walker was wrong to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants in the 2011- 2013 state budget. Because of the repeal, undocumented students attending a University of Wisconsin school or technical college in Wisconsin must pay out-of-state tuition. “We believe that Governor Scott Walker still has the opportunity to change what he has done,” said Gonzalez. “If he wants Latinos to vote for him, he needs to bring back in-state tuition.” Republicans argue that taxpayer-funded benefits should not be given to people who have come to this country illegally.

[Wisconsin Public Radio, 07/09/2014]

Walker championed “truth in sentencing” law while in the Legislature

Neighboring Minnesota has a similar crime rate to Wisconsin and similar demographics, but thanks in part to Walker's harsh sentencing law, Wisconsin has two-and-a-half times as many people in prison. Minnesota has more people on parole or in community-based corrections, and because those alternative approaches cost twenty times less than incarceration, Minnesota spends significantly less than Wisconsin on corrections. And, Minnesota locks up far fewer African-American men than Wisconsin: 5.8 percent in Minnesota versus 13 percent in Wisconsin. [Truth-out, 06/23/2014]

One Wisconsin Now Calls for Feds to Deploy Election Observers in Wisconsin

 In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, One Wisconsin Now is requesting the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) send observers to Wisconsin for the November 2014 General Election. Federal DOJ election observers were previously in the state in 2012, and One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross cited recent law changes and the state GOP's record of animus towards select groups of voters in requesting their presence again.

[One Wisconsin Now, 05/06/2014]

Walker Turns Back on Public, Voting Rights

 Despite widespread public opposition, Gov. Scott Walker quietly signed into law new restrictions on early voting today. Walker's acquiescence to the latest racist, anti-voter scheme by Republicans eliminates weekend early voting in Wisconsin and outlaws municipalities offering citizens the ability to vote in the two weeks prior to Election Day before 8am or after 7pm.

[One Wisconsin Now, 03/27/2014]

Walker signs early-voting bill; partial veto slightly extended voting hours from legislative version

Acting out of the public eye on controversial measures, Gov. Scott Walker signed asbestos liability legislation Thursday opposed by a number of veterans groups and used a partial veto to loosen new restrictions on early voting opposed by Democrats. Wielding his pen privately on a stack of 31 bills, Walker approved a number of elections bills Thursday, including the absentee voting measure and another one to give lobbyists more time to give campaign donations to state officials. In the early-voting measure, Walker used his partial veto powers — the most powerful in the nation — to nix language restricting early voting hours in Milwaukee and other cities to 45 hours a week while leaving in place a provision to prohibit early voting on weekends. Democrats and Milwaukee officials have decried those voting limits as the latest effort by the GOP to make it harder for minorities, veterans, the elderly and students to vote, saying it amounted to "fixing elections" rather than problems.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/27/2014]

Will Gov. Walker Stop The Fraud?

 Late Thursday night the Assembly approved and sent to Gov. Scott Walker new restrictions on voting branded as “racist, hypocritical and fraudulent” by One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. In response One Wisconsin Institute is circulating an online petition, already signed by several thousand citizens, urging Gov. Walker to veto the bill and has delivered a letter to Gov. Walker urging the same.

[One Wisconsin Now, 03/21/2014]

GOP Electoral Equation: Early Voting Restrictions Equals Less Voting

 An analysis of early voting patterns in Wisconsin in 2012 shows that longer waits for voters would have resulted had state Republican’s efforts to restrict the hours of early voting been in place. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted that urban areas like Milwaukee would have been particularly hard hit compared to the rest of the state.

[One Wisconsin Now, 03/19/2014]

GOP Restrictions Target Minorities, Seniors, Students, Persons w/ Disabilities

 A June 2012 news report in the Wall Street Journal featured a look at the efforts of Gov. Walker and other right wing groups to target Republicans to vote early in the 2012 recall elections, and speculated it could serve as a model for other states. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted that Republicans have added a heaping dose of hypocrisy to their updated voter turnout plan by seeking to suppress the votes of seniors, minorities and working families with new restrictions on early, in-person voting.

[One Wisconsin Now, 03/17/2014]

This Week in Voter Suppression: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is in a close race with his Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Yet his primary concern seems to be on voter ID requirements in the state. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross joins the Melissa Harris-Perry panel to discuss why. [MSNBC, 03/15/2014]

Wisconsin is the latest swing state to target early voting

Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin passed a bill Wednesday to scrap weekend voting—and the rationale they used to support the move may set a new standard for cynicism. A day earlier, Republican Gov. Scott Walker vowed to go to the mat for the state’s controversial voter ID law...As Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican, put it in comments to reporters Wednesday just after the bill had passed: It’s difficult for people to turn on Channel 6 in Milwaukee … and there’s a shot of someone voting during a time when it’s not available to people in rural areas. In other words: Rural counties don’t need weekend voting. But their residents might feel left out if they see others voting at a time when they can’t. So no one should vote on weekends. Unmentioned in this, of course, is that voters in heavily populated urban counties are disproportionately minorities and Democrats.

[MSNBC, 03/13/2014]

GOP Effort to Roll Back Early Voting Creates Additional Barriers

 Legislation before the state Senate today to severely restrict early in-person voting and ban weekend voting in Wisconsin could create more hurdles for minorities, seniors and persons with disabilities who want to exercise their state constitutional right to vote. State election regulators and non-partisan watchdogs have reported serious issues with the accessibility of physical locations used for voting on Election Day and serious delays to vote in many polling places in urban areas.

[One Wisconsin Now, 03/11/2014]

Walker encouraged anti-immigrant rant: ‘Don’t hold back.’

Documents released this week show that Gov. Scott Walker told one of his closest advisers "Don't hold back" after she forwarded an anti-immigrant screed to top members of his political inner circle in July of 2010. Dorothy Moore, Walker's scheduler in his Milwaukee County executive's office who came to Madison with his gubernatorial staff, forwarded a supposed description of Mexican immigration policies, mocking the use of the term "undocumented." The email can be found on page 10,236 of WalkerDocs 1. The forwarded message outlines Mexican immigration laws that human rights activists call immoral, such as felony charges and years of imprisonment for undocumented immigration into the country. Here's a screenshot..."What is wrong with this picture???" Walker's aide asks. "The new word for supervisors today 'undocumented'!!! I would really love to send this to them. Read what they do in Mexico if it was reversed." "Don't hold back," Walker replies.

[The Progressive, 02/21/2014]

What did Walker aides think was funny? Racism, apparently.

In April 2010, Walker's former deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch received an emailed joke from a friend about someone whose dogs supposedly qualified for welfare because they are "mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddys are." Rindfleisch wrote back: "That is hilarious. And so true!" [...] In another email, sent in July 2010, Thomas Nardelli, Walker's chief of staff for Walker at Milwaukee County, forwarded Rindfleisch and others a joke about someone who has what he calls a "nightmare" about turning into a black, Jewish, disabled gay man who is unemployed. "Oh God, please don't tell me I'm a Democrat," the email concludes. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/20/2014]

Walker campaign aide’s racist tweets revealed

In December, Walker fired Taylor Palmisano as his campaign's deputy finance director after Journal Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice contacted the campaign about tweets made by Palmisano. In one, Palmisano, 23, complained about an individual who was doing custodial work in a library in which she was working. "I will choke that illegal mex cleaning in the library. Stop banging (expletive) chairs around and turn off your Walkman," she posted on March 9, 2011. Two months earlier, she went to Twitter to write about her bus trip from Pasadena, Calif., to Las Vegas after watching the Wisconsin Badgers play in the Rose Bowl. "This bus is my worst (expletive) nightmare Nobody speaks English & these ppl dont know how 2 control their kids #only3morehours #illegalaliens." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/20/2014]

Walker Transportation Department Assistant Deputy Secretary’s racist Facebook rant

In August, Walker fired Steven Krieser, assistant deputy secretary at the state Department of Transportation, after he likened illegal immigrants to Satan during a Facebook debate over a bumper sticker declaring open season on foreigners living in the United States without documentation. That case was also brought to light by Bice. "You may see Jesus when you look at them," Krieser wrote. "I see Satan." Krieser wrote that a "stream of wretched criminals" is crossing the border without obstruction. These individuals, he said, "completely ruined" entire states and industries, breeding "the animus that many American citizens feel toward them." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/20/2014]

Newly disclosed emails reveal racist jokes by Scott Walker’s ex-aides

Even while arguing for racial outreach from his party, Gov. Scott Walker has had to deal with recent disclosures of racially charged statements from aides, with the latest two examples coming Wednesday in a massive dump of unsealed court documents….Unlike past cases, the newest examples coming to light Wednesday in the unsealed documents involved Walker staff members who served as his No. 1 and No. 2 aides while he served as Milwaukee County executive. In April 2010, Walker's former deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch received an emailed joke from a friend about someone whose dogs supposedly qualified for welfare because they are "mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddys are." Rindfleisch wrote back: "That is hilarious. And so true!"...In another email, sent in July 2010, Thomas Nardelli, Walker's chief of staff for Walker at Milwaukee County, forwarded Rindfleisch and others a joke about someone who has what he calls a "nightmare" about turning into a black, Jewish, disabled gay man who is unemployed.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/20/2014]

Walker aide fired after tweets demeaning Hispanics

For the second time in less than four months, Gov. Scott Walker has fired an aide for making demeaning comments about Hispanics on social media. Walker — who has been calling on fellow Republicans to do more to reach out to minority voters — ousted Taylor Palmisano as his campaign’s deputy finance director on Tuesday. The first-term governor made the move after No Quarter contacted his campaign regarding the inflammatory tweets. In one, Palmisano, 23, complained about an individual who was doing custodial work in a library in which she was working. "I will choke that illegal mex cleaning in the library. Stop banging (expletive) chairs around and turn off your Walkman," she posted on March 9, 2011. Two months earlier, she went to Twitter to write about her bus trip from Pasadena, Calif., to Las Vegas after watching the Wisconsin Badgersplay in the Rose Bowl: "This bus is my worst (expletive) nightmare Nobody speaks English & these ppl dont know how 2 control their kids #only3morehours #illegalaliens.”

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/03/2013]

Gov. Walker vs. 'I Have a Dream'

Fifty years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his iconic “I Have a Dream Speech” calling for racial equality and economic justice on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted how the “divide and conquer” politics of Gov. Walker and the policies he and the GOP-led legislature have pursued are universally antithetical to Dr. King's message.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/27/2013]

Will Gov. Walker Share Anti-Voter Tips on Alabama Visit?

 In announcing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would travel to Alabama as he continues his “stealth campaign” for the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2016, that state's Republican party touted his “Alabama values.” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross wondered if Walker will also share tips from Wisconsin on his efforts to manipulate the rules on voting to benefit himself politically.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/22/2013]

Wisconsin GOP Determined to Not be Outdone by North Carolina on Anti-Voter Efforts

 Determined not to be outdone by recent anti-voter legislation in North Carolina, Wisconsin State Senator Mary Lazich has fired back, re-introducing a package of bills to make it easier to toss out the legally cast ballots of legal voters for minor clerical errors and injecting more partisanship into election administration. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross termed the depth and breadth of Lazich’s contempt for the most fundamental of democratic rights, the franchise, “disgusting and depraved.”

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/13/2013]

Aide's Earlier Action Reveals That, Under Gov. Walker, Racist Policies Alive and Well

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Governor Scott Walker has fired Steve Krieser, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the state Department of Transportation (DOT), for a stunningly racist Facebook rant in which he said of undocumented people in the US, “You may see Jesus when you look at them, I see Satan.” However, the Walker aide was not fired or disciplined after issuing a directive in 2011 that would have made it more difficult for legal, low-income Wisconsin voters to cast a ballot in elections under a GOP passed voter ID law.

[One Wisconsin Now, 08/08/2013]

DOT official likens illegal immigrants to Satan, then quickly fired

In a stunning online rant, a top Gov. Scott Walker official likened illegal immigrants to Satan during a Facebook debate over a bumper sticker declaring open season on foreigners living in the United States without documentation. "You may see Jesus when you look at them," Steven Krieser, assistant deputy secretary at the state Department of Transportation, wrote Tuesday regarding illegal immigrants. "I see Satan." Krieser wrote that a "stream of wretched criminals" is crossing the border without obstruction. These individuals, he said, "completely ruined" entire states and industries, breeding "the animus that many American citizens feel toward them." Walker's response was swift and dramatic. Less than two hours after his office was informed of the rant, Walker fired Krieser. He had been paid $96,628 a year as the No. 3 official at DOT.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 08/08/2013]

#WalkerAt20: Failure to Respect Diversity

In his twenty years in office, Scott Walker has amassed a truly astounding record of failure. To commemorate the looming anniversary of his first election to office, One Wisconsin Now is highlighting a different and depressing failure of Gov. Walker every day, for twenty days. The title “Governor of the State of Wisconsin” suggests that the holder of the office would consider the diversity of the entire state's population. As judged by his actions in office, Scott Walker has clearly failed in this regard.

[One Wisconsin Now, 06/20/2013]

#WalkerAt20: Bradley Foundation Errand Boy

In his twenty years in office, Scott Walker has amassed a truly astounding record of failure. To commemorate the looming anniversary of his first election to office, One Wisconsin Now is highlighting a different and depressing failure of Gov. Walker every day, for twenty days. Today, we look at the right-wing machine behind the man, the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, headed by Gov. Walker's campaign co-chair, Michael Grebe.

[One Wisconsin Now, 06/12/2013]

#WalkerAt20: Failing Democracy

In his twenty years in office, Scott Walker has amassed a truly astounding record of failure. To commemorate the looming anniversary of his first election to office, One Wisconsin Now is highlighting a different and depressing failure of Gov. Walker every day, for twenty days. In today's installment, Gov. Walker's anti-voter record is “highlighted”.

[One Wisconsin Now, 06/09/2013]

Is Grebe Paying Fox News Head for Coverage of His Favorite Wis. Politicians?

Roger Ailes, Fox News Chair and CEO, is in line for a big payday courtesy of Wisconsin's “Money Badger” Michael Grebe, head of the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation and co-chair of Gov. Scott Walker's campaign. According to news reports, Ailes will receive a $250,000 no strings attached “Bradley Award” in a ceremony next month.

[One Wisconsin Now, 05/13/2013]

Einhorns Expand Their State Political Scandal Portfolio

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross called on state and federal authorities to immediately open an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Capital Midwest being granted management of $1 million of taxpayer funds through the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). Capital Midwest is run by Stephen Einhorn who, along with his wife Nancy, donated $25,000 to Gov. Walker's campaign a mere month before being awarded management rights over the public funds by the WHEDA board, a majority of whose members are appointed by Walker.

[One Wisconsin Now, 12/09/2012]

Money Badger's Paw Prints Uncovered In Attack on Worker Rights in Michigan

Wisconsin's 'Money Badger', Michael Grebe, appears to have his paws in the attack on worker rights in Michigan according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. Grebe, who runs the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, has doled out nearly $2 million to three organizations taking leading roles in promoting the attack on worker rights launched by Michigan Republicans in a lame duck session of their state legislature.

[One Wisconsin Now, 12/06/2012]

Will 'Money Badger' Back Walker's Presidential Super PAC Cash Quest?

Recent media reports on prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidates' money chase included Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on a list of suitors seeking an audience with GOP mega-donor and Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. But according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, Walker may already have found his Super-PAC sugar daddy, the Wisconsin 'Money Badger', Michael Grebe of the Bradley Foundation.

[One Wisconsin Now, 12/05/2012]

The Wisconsin 'Money Badger's' Bad Night

The day after statewide success for progressives in Wisconsin, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director noted the untold story is the failure of Wisconsin's 'Money Badger,' Bradley Foundation CEO Michael Grebe, and his proteges Governor Scott Walker, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus and U.S. Representative and failed Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan to deliver the state for Republicans.

[One Wisconsin Now, 11/06/2012]

Foundation Behind ‘Voter Fraud’ Billboards Exposed

Thanks to reporting done by The Grio's Joy Reid and the advocacy organization One Wisconsin Now, Melissa Harris-Perry is able to name names for 'This Week In Voter Suppression” in exposing the foundation behind billboards that splashed false information on voter fraud. [MSNBC, 11/03/2012]

Commentary: Voter Intimidation and our Obligation to Fight Back

With the election less than a week away, Black Americans are being hit with near daily attempts to scare, intimidate or simply prevent us from voting. The latest assault was delivered by the Einhorn Family Foundation, the previously anonymous funders who erected more than 100 fear-mongering billboards in low-income, Black and Latino neighborhoods in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Milwaukee. Through investigative work by The Grio, a Black news organization owned by NBC Universal, and One Wisconsin Now, a political organizing nonprofit, it was discovered that the Einhorn Family Foundation – headed by an investment banker that has donated nearly $50,000 to support Wisconsin’s ultra-conservative governor, Scott Walker – was behind the ads. [BET, 10/31/2012]

Bradley Foundation helped pay for 2010 voter fraud sign

The liberal organization One Wisconsin Now was the first to disclose the role the Einhorn foundation had in footing the bill for the billboards. Scot Ross, head of the Madison-based group, called it “reprehensible” that private foundation money was spent on billboards that Ross said were intended to suppress the vote during the 2010 election in which Scott Walker was elected governor. Grebe is the campaign chairman of Walker’s campaign. “It raises serious questions about how the Bradley Foundation spends its money,” Ross said.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/30/2012]

Venture capitalist Einhorn behind ‘voter fraud’ billboards

Billboards warning communities of color in Ohio and Wisconsin that voter fraud can lead to jail time were put up by a group led by a Milwaukee-based venture capitalist and donor to Mitt Romney and the Tea Party movement, an investigation by NBC’s theGrio has found. The billboards—which carried the unnecessary (and some might say, intimidating) warning that “VOTER FRAUD IS A FELONY!”—have been removed by the company that erected them in the first place, Clear Channel...the company gave the client a choice: either reveal yourself, or the ads need to come down. The client chose to have the ads come down, and to remain anonymous. But that anonymity lasted about a week. A joint investigation by our colleagues at theGrio and the issue-advocacy group One Wisconsin Now pulled back the curtain a bit: One Wisconsin Now and theGrio discovered that a little-known non-profit, the Einhorn Family Foundation, based in Milwaukee, was behind the 2010 and 2012 Milwaukee area billboard campaigns. The Einhorn Foundation, led by the family patriarch, Steven Einhorn, is just one of a constellation of conservative organizations that go beyond Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers behind much of the tea party funding, who have become familiar to those watching the rise of “dark money” in American elections since the Citizens United decision in the U.S. Supreme Court.

[MSNBC, 10/30/2012]

Einhorns Confirm Voter Suppression Billboard Investigation

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding news late Monday that the Einhorn Family Foundation confirmed the results of a joint investigation by theGrio news service and One Wisconsin Now and admitted it was the previously-anonymous funder of voter suppression billboards purchased in 2010 and 2012 targeting communities of color.

[One Wisconsin Now, 10/29/2012]

Venture capitalist Einhorn paid for voter fraud billboards

Stephen Einhorn - a Wisconsin venture capital fund manager and major GOP donor - acknowledged Monday that he and his wife Nancy paid for dozens of anonymous billboards in and around Milwaukee and two Ohio cities warning residents of the penalties for committing voter fraud. Democrats and civil rights groups complained that the signs - which were taken down last week - were concentrated in minority neighborhoods and intended to suppress the election turnout, though some were posted as far out as Waukesha and Washington counties...The Einhorns have made campaign donations to many Republican politicians, including Gov. Scott Walker, to whom they have given $49,750 since 2005, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/29/2012]

Investigation Uncovers Anonymous Funder of Voter Suppression Billboards

A joint investigation by theGrio news service and One Wisconsin Now has uncovered that Milwaukee's Einhorn Family Foundation is the “private family foundation” that anonymously funded voter suppression billboards in Wisconsin in September 2010 and again this year. A review of IRS documents also showed Milwaukee's Bradley Foundation, headed by Scott Walker's campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, and one of the largest sources for right wing funding in America, gave the Einhorn Family Foundation a $10,000 grant, at the time the 2010 suppression billboards appeared, “to support a public education project.”

[One Wisconsin Now, 10/28/2012]

Dark Money Fueled by Little-Known Organizations

Scot Ross of "One Wisconsin Now" joins Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests to dig into the details on the Bradley Foundation, what is called the "big granddaddy of political money that no one knows about." [MSNBC, 10/27/2012]

Changes to the undocumented student status occurred as part of Walker’s 2011-13 Wisconsin state budget

The Republican-crafted spending plan reshapes all corners of Wisconsin life, from how much Medicaid will cost to auto title loans to honoring former President Ronald Reagan to even drinking alcohol at the movies. Here’s a look at some of the ways the budget will reshape the state’s priorities and touch lives across Wisconsin:...If you’re a child of an illegal immigrant, going to college in Wisconsin is about to get much more expensive. The budget ends in-state tuition rates for children of illegal immigrants and forces them to pay out-of-state rates. Those changes will apply to anyone who enrolls for classes after Friday.

[Associated Press, 07/01/2011]

Walker Reduced Immigrants’ Access to Education

Youth who are the children of undocumented immigrants are no longer allowed to pay the resident tuition rate to attend the UW System or a technical college. They had the right to pay resident tuition, if they are graduates of a Wisconsin high school, have lived in the state for at least three years and have proof they are applying for a visa to be eligible for resident rates. The right to pay at the resident level tuition rate does not cost the state anything, so this change is simply mean spirited and makes it impossible for these youth to afford a higher education. (For example: the 2011-12 resident tuition at UW-Madison is $9,490; the non-resident tuition is $25,240). (2011 Assembly Bill 40, inroduced 3/1/11; Senate Roll Call; Assembly Roll Call) [2011 WI Act 32, 06/26/2011]

Walker Eliminated Foodshare Benefits for Qualified Legal Immigrants

Walker prohibited the Department of Health Services from providing FoodShare benefits to “qualified aliens,” except to the extent that federal supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) benefits are required by federal government. This provision eliminated the state-option FoodShare program (SOFSP) that provides FoodShare benefits to certain legal immigrants who don’t meet citizenship standards for federally-funded benefits. Eligibility under prior law included non-disabled adults who have lived in the US for less than 5 years. Legal immigrants under 18, are disabled, or have lived in the US longer than 5 years, qualify for federal SNAP benefits. In 2010, SOFSP benefits totaled approximately $1.6 million. (2011 Assembly Bill 40, introduced 3/1/11; Senate Roll Call; Assembly Roll Call) [2011 WI Act 32, 06/26/2011]

Walker Repealed Racial Profiling Law

Walker signed into law a bill that repealed a racial profiling law that took effect in January of 2011 that requires police to collect the age, ZIP code, gender and ethnicity of stopped drivers and their passengers to determine if police are engaging in racial profiling. (2011 SB 15, introduced 2/2/11; Senate Roll Call; Assembly Roll Call) [2011 WI Act 29, 06/22/2011]

Walker signed bill ending system tracking possible racial profiling

Police officers will no longer have to collect traffic-stop data to track possible racial profiling, under a bill signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Scott Walker. The bill, which passed the Senate in February and the Assembly June 8, will reverse a state mandate requiring Wisconsin's 600 law enforcement agencies to collect racial and other data on drivers pulled over by officers. Opponents of the mandate say the repeal will eliminate unnecessary paperwork for law enforcement and cut costs, while supporters of the mandate say the data-collection system helps keep track of potential racial profiling. "During tight budget times we need to set priorities in all areas of government, and this bill allows law enforcement agencies to focus on doing their job - protecting and serving the public," Walker said in a statement.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 06/22/2011]

Walker signed bill ending system racial profiling tracking program

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has killed a statewide mandate on police to gather racial data during traffic stops. Walker signed a GOP bill Wednesday that ends requirements that officers collect the age, zip code, gender and ethnicity of drivers and passengers. Democrats passed the requirements when they controlled the Legislature, arguing the data will prove whether racial profiling exists in Wisconsin. Some police have countered the requirements are too time-consuming. Walker issued a statement saying the data-gathering effort is burdensome and police should be allowed to do their jobs.

[Wisconsin State Journal, 06/22/2011]

Before Walker repealed program, about 100 illegal immigrants paid in-state tuition in 2010-11

About 100 illegal immigrants took advantage of a law allowing them to pay in-state tuition at University of Wisconsin System schools in the 2010-11 academic year, according to a State Journal analysis, under a short-lived program that will likely expire July 1.Republican Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign a two-year budget that will ban resident tuition for illegal immigrants, ending a program that former Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, signed into law just two years ago...In a statement, Gov. Scott Walker's spokesman said: "Individuals who do not reside in our state legally should not be getting taxpayer subsidized tuition." [Wisconsin State Journal, 06/21/2011]

Artwork shuffle at governor’s mansion raises eyebrows

Earlier this year, the governor and first lady Tonette Walker took down Lenz's painting "Wishes in the Wind," a realistic portrait of three children - one black, one Hispanic and one white - playing with bubble wands on a Milwaukee street. Commissioned by the foundation that runs the governor's Maple Bluff residence, the painting was completed and placed prominently above the fireplace mantel in the drawing room in November. The governor and first lady have replaced it with a century-old painting of Old Abe, a Civil War-era bald eagle from Wisconsin. Lenz described himself as "deeply disappointed" by the decision to take down his artwork..."This seems symbolic," said Lenz, referring to Walker's proposed cuts in state funding for Milwaukee schools and city and county services, something he said would have a disproportionate impact on low-income youngsters. "You would think we could all agree on the need to support the hopes and dreams of children.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 06/04/2011]

Election officials wary as Walker signs voter ID bill into law

Election officials across Wisconsin are bracing for a difficult transition as the state rushes into place new rules for voting signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker Wednesday — including a controversial measure requiring voters to use photo IDs. Passage of the controversial law, which has been discussed by Republicans for more than a decade, means those charged with enforcing it have just under two months to develop and implement the training needed to handle polls in the coming recall elections...Opponents say it is a solution without a problem. They fear it discourages people from voting, especially college students, seniors, minorities and people with disabilities.

[Wisconsin State Journal, 05/26/2011]

Walker’s budget ended early release programs for prisoners

On the chopping block in Walker’s two-year budget proposal are early release programs for prisoners, in-state college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, mandatory insurance coverage of contraceptives, college financial aid for high school grads who are good citizens and public financing for Supreme Court campaigns...Walker wants to repeal an inmate early release program enacted two years ago and revert to a 1999 truth-in-sentencing law he sponsored as an Assembly member that requires prisoners to serve their entire sentence without time taken off for good behavior. Doyle had touted the early release program as a way to both save money and relieve prison crowding. [Associated Press, 03/09/2011]

Walker’s budget axed in-state tuition for undocumented students

On the chopping block in Walker’s two-year budget proposal are early release programs for prisoners, in-state college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, mandatory insurance coverage of contraceptives, college financial aid for high school grads who are good citizens and public financing for Supreme Court campaigns...Walker’s budget plan also would ax a Democratic initiative approved under Doyle that grants in-state college tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants, so long as the students have graduated from a Wisconsin high school and lived in the state for at least three years.

[Associated Press, 03/09/2011]

Walker budget cuts in-state tuition for undocumented students

Among the many provisions in his proposed state budget, Gov. Scott Walker wants to repeal a law that allows some undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at public universities. After years of battling to get that measure passed, Gov. Jim Doyle signed it into law in 2009. Before that students who were undocumented were charged out of state tuition, even if they had attended Wisconsin high schools and made good grades…Christine Neumann-Ortiz, the executive director of Voces de la Frontera, an advocacy group that worked for years to get the bill passed, was quick to react. "We fought for the historic inclusion of immigrant youth in higher education, and we will fight to defend their civil rights and dreams," she said in a press release issued Wednesday. She called the measure part of Walker's "cynical attempt to scapegoat workers and students for the economic troubles caused by many of his own corporate backers."

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/02/2011]

Walker aide’s tweet brings racism charge

Democrats are accusing Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker of racism after a campaign aide tweeted a link to a video that some found offensive.Walker spokeswoman Jill Bader quickly took down the offending Twitter post and apologized Monday, but Democrats continued their assault Tuesday, demanding that Walker, the Milwaukee County executive, personally address the issue. MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann seized on the controversy, naming Bader his "worst person in the world" on Monday night's "Countdown." The flap started when Bader retweeted a post from Michael Brickman, another Walker press aide, that in turn relayed someone else's comment that President Barack Obama's response to Walker's stand against high-speed rail was contained in a video. The video was a clip of African-American dancers singing, "C'mon, Get on the Train," from the old "Soul Train" television series.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 08/17/2010]

Walker gave speech opposing affirmative action and in-state tuition for undocumented students

“Now more than ever Wisconsin needs a leader who is going to put Wisconsin families at the top of the list, for a place in the UW system basing appointments on merits and keep in state tuition affordable not allocating slots based on quotes or giving in state tuition to those who are here illegally. And let me be clear I would sign Arizona legislation on illegal immigration.” (2010 Republican Convention Speech)

[Scott Walker, 05/22/2010]

Walker reverses position on Arizona immigration law

Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker reversed himself on Arizona's controversial immigration law over the weekend, first expressing serious concerns about it then saying he would be comfortable signing it into law. The flip came after Walker was barraged with negative comments on his Facebook page following an Associated Press story reporting on his concerns about the law that critics say could lead to racial profiling. Walker's change in position was the result of him doing more research on the issue, not reacting to upset supporters, his campaign manager Keith Gilkes said on Monday. (Note: Walker never followed through, resulting in a “promise broken” rating from Politifact)

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 05/17/2010]

Scott Walker Flip Flops on Immigration; Refuses to Explain Giveaway to the Rich

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's pandering flip flop on the racist Arizona immigration law has One Wisconsin Now asking whether a similar strategy could get him to answer the question he has refused to answer: How will Scott Walker pay for his $2 billion tax giveaway to benefit the rich and big business? Walker flipped his position from a weekend Associated Press story after his Facebook page was riddled with criticisms by tea party types.

[One Wisconsin Now, 05/16/2010]

Walker 2006 campaign 100 Day Agenda included attacks on voting rights

First 100 Day Agenda:
  • Jim Doyle and the Democrats have refused to protect the integrity of the ballot box in Wisconsin’s electoral system. Scott Walker will not allow this to continue.
  • Scott will work with the state legislature and pass a law that requires a State of Wisconsin issued Photo ID to vote.
  • Scott will work with the state legislature to repeal .same-day. voter registration.
  • Return absentee ballots to their original purpose - people who are absent on Election Day.
  • Require that those who register voters be trained by local clerks or elections officials.”
[Scott Walker, 06/05/2006]

Walker Called Concerns Voter ID Might Disenfranchise Elderly & Poor Voters a “Lame Excuse”

“This is the third time that Doyle vetoed the voter ID bill and it’s time to get him out of office...Doyle’s lame excuse? It might ‘disenfranchise elderly and poor voters. Apparently, this did not stop him from signing the Meth Bill that requires some cold medicines to be put behind the counter and requires customers to show ID to get it. Apparently, no elderly or poor people get colds...” (Walker Weekly XXVII) [Scott Walker, 08/12/2005]

Walker pulls mural from Courthouse rotunda

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on Friday directed that a newly hung mural depicting African-American struggles be taken down from the Courthouse’s busy public rotunda and moved to a low-traffic area...The controversy stunned officials at the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University. They recently lent the mural to Milwaukee County, and had exhibited it this winter without a whiff of controversy. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 05/09/2003]

Bill would make photo ID requirement to vote

A state representative has proposed a bill that would require Wisconsin voters to show photo identification before voting, but another lawmaker said the rule would disenfranchise minorities and other voters. State Rep. Scott Walker, R-Wauwatosa, asked an Assembly committee Thursday to recommend passing his bill because he said it could reduce voting irregularities like those that occurred during November's presidential election. It would also maintain the integrity of the ballot, Walker said...State Sen. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, said the bill would threaten the freedoms of disenfranchised voters, such as minorities, women, senior citizens, people with disabilities, college students and the poor...“These are the same sort of onerous obstacles that we saw in Southern states … that were put into place to try to prevent minorities from voting,” Moore said. “It is like a poll tax.”

[Beloit Daily News, 09/14/2001]

Walker pushed for private prisons

Rep. Scott Walker sees the future for Wisconsin's overburdened prison system, and it doesn't involve a massive building campaign by the state. Instead, Walker, R-Wauwatosa, the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Corrections and the Courts, envisions a landscape dotted with shiny new corrections facilities, built and operated by private prison companies. And he's introduced a pair of bills that would pave the way. Walker's proposals go way beyond pending legislation to buy or lease the Stanley prison from a private company. That prison would be operated by the state. One of Walker's proposals would hand over the operation of Wisconsin state prisons to private companies, allowing them to take on a responsibility the state has held exclusively since 1851. No action has been taken yet on that bill. His other proposal would clear the way for private companies to incarcerate convicts from other states, opening Wisconsin to a free-market trade in U.S. prisoners. That bill passed through Walker's committee last week and may reach the full Assembly in November. [Capital Times, 10/28/1999]