Tag: Brad Schimel

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 09/10/2017
“As attorney general, Brad Schimel is putting the ‘AG’ in swag,” said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross in a news release.

Associated Press, 06/26/2017
Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel's Dept. of Justice has denied a liberal group's request for records detailing promotional purchases during his tenure.

Green Bay Press-Gazette, 02/02/2017
"It's an outrage that the misplaced priorities and reckless spending by Brad Schimel have left thousands of rape kits untested," said Analiese Eicher.

Urban Milwaukee, 08/23/2016
Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel dusted off an old and discredited “states’ rights” argument in his most recent court filing in the One Wisconsin Institute voting case.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 07/29/2016
"That line between campaign and the actual public office of the attorney general's office is being erased," said Jenni Dye, research director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.