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  • Policy Changes To Look For With Wisconsin’s New Democratic Attorney General

    Analiese Eicher of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now hopes Kaul does change how the state deals with the opioid crisis.

    WUWM-FM, 11/26/2018
  • One Wisconsin Now Congratulates Attorney General-Elect Josh Kaul

    One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the victory of Attorney General-Elect Josh Kaul.

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/07/2018
  • Louise Lyall: Brad Schimel Fails Women and Victims

    Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel has proved time and time again that his first and most important priority is supporting the conservative agenda at the expense of women and of rape survivors.

    Capital Times, 11/04/2018
  • Will Brad Schimel Dress Up Like Scott Walker for Halloween?

    One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross suggested Attorney General Brad Schimel could dress up as Scott Walker for Halloween.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/26/2018
  • Brad Schimel Fails Women and Victims

    Brad Schimel has proved time and time again that his first and most important priority is supporting the conservative agenda at the expense of women and of rape survivors.

    Louise Lyall, 10/26/2018
  • Democrats Accuse Brad Schimel of Being Lenient in Prosecuting Child Sexual Assault Crimes

    "This ... is part of a pattern of behavior with Brad Schimel," said One Wisconsin Now, about the cases that involve sentences far below maximum penalties.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/26/2018
  • Brad Schimel Wants TV Ad Exposing Deals for Sex Criminals When He Was District Attorney Pulled From Airwaves

    According to media reports, now that Brad Schimel is the subject of campaign ads noting his failures, he is trying to get the spots taken off the air.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/25/2018
  • Brad Schimel’s Pipeline to Campaign Cash

    Recently filed campaign finance reports reveal Attorney General Brad Schimel has tapped a big pipeline to campaign cash.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/08/2018
  • Donald Trump Attacks Victim of Sexual Assault, Again. Scott Walker and Brad Schimel Silent, Again.

    One Wisconsin Now Program Director Analiese Eicher demanded Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel speak out on behalf of sexual assault survivors.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/03/2018
  • Scott Walker, Brad Schimel Stand With Brett Kavanaugh and Sexual Assault

    Scott Walker and Brad Schimel want to put a man who committed sexual assault on the United States Supreme Court for the next 30 years.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/28/2018
  • Brad Schimel: Brett Kavanaugh Apologist

    The fact Brad Schimel still thinks Brett Kavanaugh is qualified is an indication that Brad Schimel is not qualified to be Wisconsin's attorney general.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/27/2018
  • Brad Schimel As Prosecutor on Sexual Assault Cases: Light Sentences and Alarming Comments About Victims

    A news report today adds disturbing context to Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel’s current coddling of an accused assault perpetrator.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/25/2018
  • Brad Schimel Did Not Seek Jail Time for 17-year-olds Who Assaulted Younger Teens in Early 2000s

    Brad Schimel's comments drew a rebuke from Joanna Beilman-Dulin, research director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 09/25/2018
  • Atty. General Brad Schimel Is an Incompetent, Corrupt and Self-aggrandizing Stain on His Office

    The liberal group One Wisconsin Now summed up the shameless behavior with the quip, “Schimel put the AG in swag.”

    Wisconsin Gazette, 09/21/2018
  • Will Scott Walker and Brad Schimel Denounce Donald Trump’s Sickening Attack on Assault Victim?

    The choice for Scott Walker and Brad Schimel is simple: denounce Donald Trump immediately and unequivocally, or join him as unfit to serve in public office.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/21/2018
  • Another Brad Schimel Blunder: Attorney General’s Pick to Run Office of School Safety Stands to Personally Profit From Fund She Oversees

    Days before being announced as Brad Schimel’s pick to run the Office of School Safety, Kristen Devitt incorporated a business offering school safety trainings.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/17/2018
  • Another Attorney General Not Named Brad Schimel Sues Opioid Manufacturer

    The GOP A.G. of Colorado is suing Purdue Pharma, alleging the drug manufacturer engaged in “fraudulent and deceptive marketing of prescription opioids.”

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/15/2018
  • Brad Schimel Withholding Rape Kit Release Documents

    Brad Schimel admitted at his own press conference he was only concerned about the election and not the victims of these crimes and preventing future crimes.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/12/2018
  • Schimel’s First Ad Features Sheriff Investigated by FBI

    "Brad Schimel is being endorsed by a sheriff who's afraid to face voters this fall because he may be under investigation," Scot Ross, of One Wisconsin Now.

    Associated Press, 09/12/2018
  • Brad Schimel Wants to Put Guns in Schools in the ‘Best Way Possible’

    Brad Schimel, Wisconsin’sNRA-backed Attorney General, said yesterday in Green Bay he supports using federal funds to buy guns for teachers in schools

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/24/2018
  • Wisconsin AG Race Ready to Heat Up, but Will Anyone Watch?

    He served as one of Hillary Clinton’s attorneys ... and is representing liberal group One Wisconsin Institute in a lawsuit challenging the state’s voter ID law.

    Associated Press, 08/19/2018
  • Will Brad Schimel Fire Himself?

    Attorney General Said He Terminated Employee for Violating Open Records Law, But Brad Schimel Himself Sought to Hide Records of Junket to Hate Group Conference.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/13/2018
  • Democratic Party of Wisconsin Files Ethics Complaint Against Brad Schimel

    “Brad Schimel’s campaign finances show how he regularly blurs the lines between his political operation and the Department of Justice,” said Joanna Beilman-Dulin, research director for One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy...

    Capital Times, 07/25/2018
  • Records Show Brad Schimel Quick to Buy Promotional Swag, Slow to Address Growing Delays at State Crime Lab

    Started Buying Swag in February 2015 But Waited Until June 2018 to Hire Contractor to Investigate Growing State Crime Lab Backlog.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/20/2018
  • Brad Schimel Soft on Crime?

    To defend Schimel, the Washington DC-based Republican Attorneys General Association has run an ad with two sheriffs, from Brown and Eau Claire counties, defending Schimel’s record in handling the rape kit backlog....

    Urban Milwaukee, 07/20/2018
  • Brad Schimel Campaign Hits Anti-Consumer Trifecta of Sleaze

    Reporting contributions from the notorious CEO of LoanMax title loans, Attorney General Brad Schimel has hit the “trifecta of sleaze.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/19/2018
  • It Ain’t Just the Russians That Are Laundering Money and Buying WIsGOPs

    The good people at One Wisconsin Now have looked at the recent fundraising figures that have been submitted, and here are some of the standouts. 

    Jake's Wisconsin, 07/18/2018
  • Republican County Sheriffs Defending Brad Schimel on Rape Kit Backlog Have Backlog of Over 630 Rape Kits

    Washington DC-Based Group Taps People Who Are Part of the Problem to Defend Brad Schimel on Rape Kit Backlog.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/16/2018
  • Brad Schimel Wants SCOTUS to Overturn Roe

    Brad Schimel publicly supports jailing doctors and threatening felonies for people who help women get abortions in cases where the mother’s health is at risk.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/12/2018
  • Brad Schimel’s Latest Excuse

    Brad Schimel’s latest excuse for not suing his campaign donor Purdue Pharmaceuticals is a poor one.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/02/2018
  • Brad Schimel Critics Push for a Federal Lawsuit Against Opioid Makers

    One Wisconsin Now, a Madison-based liberal advocacy group, contend Schimel has been lax with efforts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable.

    Capital Times, 06/30/2018
  • Attorney General Uses State Airplane As Schimel Shuttle

    Brad Schimel Has Empty State Plane Fly from Madison to Fetch Him From His Home in Waukesha for Taxpayer-Funded Fly-Around.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/20/2018
  • Attorney General Brad Schimel Touts Obamacare Repeal Lawsuit to Fundraise for Re-election Campaign

    One Wisconsin Now, a Madison-based liberal advocacy group said the lawsuit and fundraising email reflect the moneyed interests that helped put Schimel in office.

    Capital Times, 06/12/2018
  • Brad’s Bad on Healthcare Consumer Protection

    Attorney General Brad Schimel’s Lawsuit Could Cost Wisconsinites Protection From Higher Rates For Pre-Existing Conditions and Losing Coverage if They Get Sick.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/08/2018
  • Wisconsin’s GOP Attorney General Secretly Attended an Anti-gay Hate Group Conference — and Just Got Busted

    One Wisconsin Now further uncovered that the conference held at a Ritz Carlton resort in California instructed attendees to keep details “confidential”.

    Raw Story, 06/06/2018
  • Documents Show State Attorney General Brad Schimel Was Following Hate Group’s Instructions in Concealing Appearance at Conference

    One Wisconsin Now uncovered documents showing a hate group encouraged attendees, including Brad Schimel, to keep appearances at their conference secret.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/05/2018
  • Brad Schimel and Scott Walker Repeat Mistakes Past; Refuse to Take Legal Action Against Opioid Manufacturers

    Scott Walker has not authorized the DOJ to pursue legal action against the manufacturers behind the opioid crisis. Brad Schimel is opposed to filing a lawsuit.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/04/2018
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Attorney General Brad Schimel’s Handling of Untested Rape Kit Backlog

    Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel today tried to distract from criticism over his failure to address a backlog of untested rape kits in a timely manner.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/29/2018
  • Gov. Scott Walker’s State Lawyer Secretly Joined Attorney General Brad Schimel, Department of Justice Lawyers at Hate Group Conference

    A top lawyer in Scott Walker’s office joined Attorney General Brad Schimel attending a controversial conference hosted by the Alliance Defending Freedom.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/21/2018
  • Devil’s Advocates Radio: May 18, 2018

    Which attorney general is the only one to take money from Big Pharma? These questions and more when Scot Ross joins the Devils.

    WRRD-AM, 05/18/2018
  • DOJ Spent $1,000 to Send Attorney to ADF Conference

    "There's no legitimate reason for Gov. Walker's lawyers or Brad Schimel and DOJ staff to be at a hate group conference," said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now.

    Associated Press, 05/18/2018
  • Brad Schimel Election Ad Blames Families, Not His Pharmaceutical Donors for Opioid Crisis

    In his first campaign tv ad, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel blames families for the current opioid crisis, not pharmaceutical drug manufacturers.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/17/2018
  • 15 Judges Object to State Funds for Federalist Society Conference Where WI AG Brad Schimel Plugged Campaign, Praised Hate Group

    One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group, pointed out that the conference was at a luxury resort in California and is demanding information about that trip.

    Center for Media and Democracy, 05/11/2018
  • Wisconsin Republican State Convention Features ‘Pay to Pray’ Event With Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel

    Gov. Scott Walker’s Republican Party of Wisconsin (RPW) will be charging $50 per person for a “pay to pray” breakfast on Sunday.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/11/2018
  • What Did Brad Schimel Say to Hate Group at Their Conference?

    Brad Schimel had a lot to say trying to justify his paid appearance before the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/10/2018
  • Democrats Rip Brad Schimel for Going to Anti-gay Group’s Forum

    “Brad Schimel taking a first-class junket from a special interest group that has brought lawsuits against state entities is alarming,” said Scot Ross.

    Associated Press, 05/09/2018
  • Attorney General Brad Schimel Threatens Crackdown on CBD Oil Instead of Holding Opioid Manufacturers Accountable

    Brad Schimel is sitting on his hands in holding manufacturers behind the opioid addiction crisis accountable.

    One Wisconsin Now, 05/09/2018
  • Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel Was Paid $4,000 by Anti-LGBT Hate Group

    Brad Schimel needs to come clean on why he took over $4,100 for first class travel and accommodations to appear before a hate group.

    PinkNews, 05/09/2018