UNSPUN: April 24, 2019

Tony Evers says Foxconn's promise to employ 13,000 people is "unrealistic," meanwhile the company insists it will uphold its promises. [WMTV-TV]

MEMO: Where’s the Foxconn money?

The question of the 2018 election season is: how much Foxconn money is pouring into the outside groups who will be supporting Scott Walker and attacking his opponent?

Foxconn taps Black River Falls company

One Wisconsin Now's review shows the owners and their families of the newly revealed subcontractors have donated at least $359,000 to Walker’s campaign. [Eau Claire Leader-Telegram]

Walker Retreats From Foxconn Deal

As One Wisconsin Now, told Stein, if Walker isn’t mentioning Foxconn, it’s because the governor’s internal polling is showing the deal isn’t popular. [Urban Milwaukee]

Paper Peddles Bogus Foxconn Report

Williams connected to Walker after aggressively selling himself to the governor, as university emails reviewed by One Wisconsin Now documented in a press release. [Urban Milwaukee]

Is Foxconn package a gift?

One Wisconsin Now says that the $3 billion being offered by the state to Foxconn would be the largest gift ever given by a state to a foreign company. [WTMJ-TV]

What’s Missing from Foxconn Deal? A Lot.

That same wisdom applies to Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed $3 billion-plus subsidy to induce Taiwanese-based Foxconn to locate a factory in Wisconsin.