Justice System

Is Ron Johnson Doing His Job?

It’s a yes or no answer to the question of whether Sen. Ron Johnson is doing his job, and we’ve launched a new site to provide people with the answer.

Sorry You Missed Sen. Johnson’s Party!

One Wisconsin Now joined activists at Sen. Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee office to throw him a birthday party and to tell him it’s time to end his partisan obstruction and give fair consideration to President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. [People for the American Way]

Bradley left Supreme Court early for speech

"Instead of doing her job, Rebecca Bradley left a hearing to run off and pledge 'I am your public servant' to the state's big business lobby," said One Wisconsin Now. [Associated Press]

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Obstruction)

Allowing our courts to become deadlocked for petty political reasons would be unprecedented. It’s time Sen. Ron Johnson stop playing games and start doing his job.

Walker taps Bradley for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, said, “This appointment is about one thing only, allowing Rebecca Bradley and the special interests who will spend on her behalf in exchange for her fealty to use the words ‘Supreme Court Justice’ in front of her name when they run their campaign ads.” [Associated Press]

Rebecca Bradley kicks off high court campaign

A hand-picked crony whose past campaigns have been closely overseen by Walker’s political machine seeking more power raises all kinds of red flags. [Associated Press]

Justice System Issues

For Gov. Scott Walker, the justice system is not about ensuring all are equal before the law, but rather how can he manipulate the system for his benefit.

James Daley, Justice For Sale?

Dispensing with any pretense of judicial independence, Daley signaled early in his campaign that he was willing to rubber stamp Gov. Walker and the GOP's legislative agenda.

Scott Walker Just Pulled Off a Supreme Court Coup in Wisconsin

One Wisconsin Now called the decision a “get-out-of-jail-free card” for powerful interests that invest in Supreme Court races. “The vast majority of spending to elect these four justices was done by these entities,” Ross said. [Daily Beast]

Wis. Supreme Court changes proposed

One Wisconsin Now testified today as well writing that the Republican-controlled legislature is just trying to gain control of the court. [WMTV-TV]