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Five Debate Questions for Brad Schimel

In advance of this afternoon’s first Attorney General, One Wisconsin Now has proposed a series of questions Schimel should answer to the people of Wisconsin.

Justices face questions as ‘John Doe’ probe lands in Supreme Court

One Wisconsin Now said the four-year-old rules are a “get-out-of-court-free card” for powerful interests that spend heavily in Supreme Court races. His group has called on the four justices to recuse themselves from any John Doe case. “There’s an $8 million weight on the scales of justice spent to elect these justices,” Ross said. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Corporate Special Interests, Gov. Walker Buy Supreme Court Victory Over Workers, Voters

MADISON, Wis. — Today’s state Supreme Court decisions supporting Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on workers and voters were spearheaded by a four-member majority bloc that was elected through $8 million in spending by two of Walker’s biggest special interest supporters – Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. “The corporate special interests like Club […]

DA: Lawmakers, donors working together expected

A Republican prosecutor running for attorney general suggested it’s not unusual for legislators to work with campaign donors on legislation, calling the collaboration the “essence” of government, an email a liberal group released Wednesday shows. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel’s remarks indicate he believes lawmakers can […] [Associated Press]

Legal Filings Show Walker Ousted GAB Chair After Board’s Unanimous Vote to Proceed with John Doe Investigation

MADISON, Wis. — Just released filings related to the ongoing John Doe investigation into allegations of illegal coordination between Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and a host of conservative organizations show Gov. Walker withdrew his own 2011 appointment of then-Government Accountability Board Chair David Deininger following a unanimous vote by the board to proceed with an investigation […]

Liberal group asks Supreme Court to stay out of John Doe case

One Wisconsin Now sent the court a letter saying two groups involved in the investigation — Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s chamber of commerce — helped get the court’s four conservative-leaning justices elected. The two groups have spent a combined $7.3 million to support Annette Ziegler, David Prosser, Michael […] [Associated Press]

Scott Walker campaign asks Supreme Court to intervene in ‘John Doe’ investigation

Citing numbers from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, OWN executive director Scot Ross noted the four-member conservative majority on the court had benefited from millions of dollars in outside spending by the groups targeted by the investigation. “The parties that Gov. Walker’s legal appeal would protect from investigation have spent millions to put a right-wing majority on […] [Wisconsin State Journal]

Gov. Walker and Special Interest Pals Go Venue Shopping for Friendly Court

MADISON, Wis. — Defense lawyers for Gov. Walker are reportedly appealing to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and its right-wing majority, to try to protect him from prosecutors investigating alleged illegal coordination between his campaign and right-wing groups. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross questioned whether the conservative court majority might be too friendly with Gov. […]

New Republican Voter ID Bill Nothing More Than ‘James Crow, Esq.’

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the latest Republican effort to suppress the votes of legal voters through a “revised” voter identification bill. This latest attack on voter rights comes as the Republican-controlled Senate Elections Committee will have a hearing today on a bill to severely […]

The Fight For Voter Rights Not Over Yet

Wisconsin needs to stay vocal about keeping the voting process open and inclusive to ensure Republicans can't manipulate the laws for personal benefit.

Roggensack Record Earns Her Another Round of Big Corporate Funded TV Ads

MADISON, Wis. — Big corporations and insurance companies favorite Pat Roggensack is the beneficiary of yet another television ad blitz funded by the special interests with whom she often sides on the state’s high court. According to media reports, the big business lobby the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) is footing the bill for a […]

Latest State Supreme Court Case: Pat Roggensack v. Truth?

MADISON, Wis. — Bizarre incidents in which Justice Pat Roggensack misled the public on campaign endorsements and refused to explain recorded statements she made in defense of the erratic behavior of fellow conservative Justice David Prosser are raising questions about her credibility on the court. According to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, “These […]

Is Justice Roggensack’s ‘Experience’ Open Pit Mine Bill Backer’s Insurance Plan?

MADISON, Wis. — As the State Assembly appears poised to approve controversial open pit mining legislation that weakens state environmental protections observers are universally acknowledging a lengthy court fight is certain to follow. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross questioned whether incumbent State Supreme Court candidate Pat Roggensack’s record of siding with corporate special […]

State Court Candidate Roggensack and Special Interest Backers Tout Her Experience … Taking Their Side

MADISON, Wis. — Big special interests’ $600,000 plus advertising blitz supporting the campaign of Pat Roggensack for the State Supreme Court touts her experience, but according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, unless you are a corporation like an insurance company, Roggensack’s experience has been issuing opinions taking their side over yours. Ross […]

Roggensack’s Excuse for Failure to Report $20,550 in Campaign Cash Doesn’t Add Up

MADISON, Wis. — State Supreme Court candidate Patience Roggensack deployed her campaign spokesperson, also a registered contract lobbyist, to attempt to explain away her failure to report over $20,000 in contributions from out-of-state backers of the private school voucher program. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross declared Roggensack’s claims don’t add up. “It’s unseemly […]

The Case of the Missing Contributions: Roggensack Fails to Report Big Money From Out-of-State Private School Voucher Backers in Latest Campaign Finance Report

MADISON, Wis. — A review of campaign finance reports by One Wisconsin Now has uncovered that State Supreme Court candidate Patience Roggensack failed to disclose $20,550 in campaign contributions bundled by backers of the private school voucher program on her latest campaign finance report. While Roggensack’s campaign failed to report the contribution, a separate report […]

Thompson is Sorry Alright! “

“Those who remember Mike Gableman’s campaign that included a roundly-criticized, race-baiting television ad will have to see about the tone the Thompson campaign may take in the final months,” said Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, a Madison-based liberal organization. The controversy didn’t bother only Democrats. Some Republican operatives contacted by the State […] [Cognitive Dissidence]

Meet the Wisconsin Karl Rove

If former Gov. Tommy Thompson defeats U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin in this year’s U.S. Senate race, it will mark not only an impressive coda to his long political career, it will represent yet another victory for the political mind behind his campaign. “Those who remember Mike Gableman’s campaign that included a roundly-criticized, race-baiting television ad […] [Wisconsin State Journal]

Abrahamson asks Appeals to take Prosser case

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Clerk Diane Fremgen declined to comment on the issue and could only confirm the letter was filed, though she did say it is unclear when Abrahamson would make a decision.One Wisconsin Now spokesperson Mike Browne said Prosser’s alleged behavior has not reflected well on the court as a whole.“Justice Prosser’s [alleged] behavior […] [Badger Herald]

Is Voter ID Van Hollen’s October Surprise?

MADISON, Wis. — Continuing a pattern of using his state office to attempt to disenfranchise legal voters, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has filed a formal request for the state Supreme Court to overturn lower courts rulings that the state voter ID law is unconstitutional. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said the […]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Van Hollen Attack on Voting Rights

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements upon news Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen would petition the state Supreme Court to overturn, in advance of the November elections, Circuit Court rulings that the state’s anti-democratic voter identification bill is unconstitutional. “JB Van Hollen has spent years, and […]

Prosser Lack of Payment on Legal Debt Raises Questions

MADISON, Wis. — Recently released public records reveal that Supreme Court Justice David Prosser owes a politically connected law firm over $220,000 in legal bills, but has not paid a dime towards that bill in over a year. The firm in question has had attorneys appear before the court in the time since Prosser racked […]

Ziegelbauer Drops Out of Suit; Vos Still Silent on Legal Fee Scandal

MADISON, Wis. — State Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) is still refusing to disclose who is paying the legal fees for him to appeal a judge’s decision to block implementation of the Republican Voter ID bill. In response to an ethics complaint filed against Vos and Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer (I-Manitowoc) by One Wisconsin Now’s Executive Director […]

One Wisconsin Now Files Ethics Complaint Against Robin Vos, Bob Ziegelbauer over Free Legal Fees

MADISON, Wis. — State Reps. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) Bob Ziegelbauer (I-Manitowoc) violated state ethic laws by accepting free legal counsel related to their efforts to join a lawsuit over the state’s Jim Crow-era voter identification legislation, according to a complaint filed today by One Wisconsin Now with the state’s Government Accountability Board. “The ethics line […]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn’t endorse Gov. Walker’s agenda

Here are some quick examples: Walker, GOP took eyes off the ball on job creation – April 28, 2012 Wisconsin lost nearly 24,000 jobs over the past 12 months – the only state in the union with “statistically significant” job losses over that period, according to a new federal government report. For a governor who promised thousands […]

37 Days Since Gov. Walker Announced He “Lawyered-Up” in Criminal Investigation of Administration, Still No Word On Who Is Paying His Legal Defense Bills

MADISON, Wis. — In early February, Gov. Scott Walker announced he had “lawyered-up” in the ongoing criminal investigation of his administration, retaining two high profile criminal defense attorneys. His continuing refusal to disclose how he is paying for his lawyers, whose billing rates could approach $1,000 per-hour, raises troubling ethical concerns, according to One Wisconsin […]

Value of Gableman’s Legal Services Disputed

In addition to working on Gableman’s ethics case, McLeod assisted Gableman in responding to a public records request from the Journal Sentinel and in a complaint filed by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now against Gableman with the Office of Lawyer Regulation. Gableman and Michael Best have not said whether Gableman paid for those services. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Gableman voted with law firm after receiving free legal services

Separate from the formal ethics charge in 2008, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now filed a complaint that same year against Gableman with the Office of Lawyer Regulation. McLeod represented Gableman in that matter, according to correspondence from the Office of Lawyer Regulation. The agency dismissed the complaint against Gableman in April 2009. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Powerful GOP majority doesn’t create jobs bills, claims it was powerless

Wisconsin has a Republican governor, a Republican majority in the state Senate, and a Republican majority in the state Assembly, not to mention a conservative stronghold in the State Supreme Court. Yet, the GOP is claiming they are powerless to pass any key job creation legislation this session: Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans […]

Newspapers across WI pan Scott Walker’s special jobs session

Here are some clips from various newspapers criticizing Scott Walker and the GOP majority for refusing to do anything of substance about Wisconsin’s rising unemployment during their so-called special jobs session: From the Sheboygan Press: [T]he biggest news out of the session was the passage of the “castle” bill that gives presumed immunity to people who […]

One WI Now filed open records request related to ‘Smoking Gun’ voter ID memo

One Wisconsin Now has filed an open records request with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to obtain all communications and emails related to the issuance of state identification cards for the purposes of voting under the state’s voter identification bill. One Wisconsin Now made the request after a memo surfaced in which the top political […]

Prosser’s Conduct: Next Steps

One Wisconsin Now is filing an open records request to obtain any written and electronic communications between the four conservative justices, David Prosser, Mike Gableman, Annette Ziegler and Patience Roggensack, and Scott Walker’s office, the office of Mike Huebsch, and Scott and Jeff Fitzgeralds’ offices. [Illusory Tenant]

Excerpts from full report on Prosser’s unacceptable conduct

The full report of the incident involving Justice David Prosser allegedly putting Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold was released this afternoon. The evidence is clear that Justice David Prosser put his hands on Justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s neck, which is why One Wisconsin Now is standing firm with the 10,000 petitions calling for […]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Sauk County DA Decision in Prosser Choke Incident

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now released the following statements on the Sauk County District Attorney’s decision in the choking incident with Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser and fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. “The Sauk County District Attorney’s decision that there was not a crime committed by Justice David Prosser prosecutable in a court […]

Justice Prosser won’t be Charged in Alleged “Chokehold” of Colleague

Last month the progressive group One Wisconsin Now delivered thousands of names to the Supreme Court, urging Prosser to resign. The group was upset with him over the alleged “chokehold” case, as well as previous incidents, including one in which he threatened to “destroy” Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. [KSDK]

In Light of Prosser Case, Chief Justice Wants More Openness for High Court

One Wisconsin Now, which says it submitted more than 10,000 petition signatures last month calling on Justice Prosser to resign, had this to say about the special prosecutor’s decision “The Sauk County District Attorney’s decision that there was not a crime committed by Justice David Prosser prosecutable in a court of law in no way […] [WBAY]

Women’s rights rally to call for Prosser Retirement

The women’s groups aren’t the only ones calling for Prosser to step down. Last week, a Wisconsin non-profit, non-partisan advocacy group called for the justice to resign. One Wisconsin Now — which also was expected to participate in Tuesday’s rally — delivered to the Court the names of more than 10,000 people calling for Prosser’s […] [Legal Newsline]

Wisconsin progressive groups rally, call for a Prosser leave of absence

There is a reason the rest of the country has its eye on Wisconsin, said Scot Ross, executive director of liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now. Ross said Prosser has brought “dishonor” to the state’s highest court because of his violent behavior. “This is classic workplace bullying, and it’s got to stop,” Ross said. One Wisconsin […] [Isthmus]