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Wisconsin progressive groups rally, call for a Prosser leave of absence

There is a reason the rest of the country has its eye on Wisconsin, said Scot Ross, executive director of liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now. Ross said Prosser has brought “dishonor” to the state’s highest court because of his violent behavior. “This is classic workplace bullying, and it’s got to stop,” Ross said. One Wisconsin […] [Isthmus]

Women’s rights rally against Prosser

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, will also speak. The liberal advocacy group has collected more than 10,000 petition signatures calling for Prosser’s resignation. [Isthmus]

Petition aims to oust Wis. SC justice after alleged attack

A Wisconsin non-profit, non-partisan advocacy group is calling for state Supreme Court David Prosser to resign. On Tuesday, One Wisconsin Now delivered to the Court the names of more than 10,000 people calling for Prosser’s removal after accusations that he choked a fellow justice. [Legal Newsline]

WI Justice Encouraged to Resign

An activist group says it has collected 10,000 signatures demanding that state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser resign after fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley accused him of grabbing her neck in a chokehold. “Prosser took his bullying to a new level of unacceptable conduct and now he must go,” said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director […] [Ms Magazine]

Group’s Petition Urges Justice Prosser to Resign

The progressive group One Wisconsin Now says it delivered more than 10,000 names to the state Supreme Court Tuesday, calling for the resignation of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. One Wisconsin Now says “there is no excuse for David Prosser’s conduct.” The group also condemns Prosser for previous incidents, including one in which he […] [WUWM]

Liberal Group Calls for Prosser’s Resignation

The liberal group One Wisconsin Now said Tuesday it gave the state Supreme Court a list of over 10,000 names of those who are asking Justice David Prosser to resign because of a recent physical altercation he had with another justice. The group has spearheaded the effort to force Prosser off the bench after Justice Ann Walsh Bradley said Prosser put her […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

WI Supreme Court: 10,000 petition Prosser to resign

One Wisconsin Now, a political action group in the Badger state, announced yesterday that their petition calling on Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, and possible felon, David Prosser to resign has gathered 10,000 signatures since going live last Monday. One Wisconsin Now includes this video montage on their petition page, including footage of Prosser charging a Democratic colleague while serving in […] [DailyKos]

The people of Wisconsin have decided it’s time for Prosser to go

More than 10,000 concerned citizens have signed One Wisconsin Now’s petition launched Monday calling for the resignation of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. One Wisconsin Now started the petition after Justice Ann Walsh Bradley said Prosser put her in a “chokehold” during an argument over Prosser’s effort to muscle through a court decision in […] [Democratic Underground]

Group calls for Prosser resignation

The group “One Wisconsin Now” claims to have 10,000 signatures already on a petition calling for Prosser to step down. A criminal and ethics investigation both underway after a physical altercation Prosser had with fellow justice, Anne Walsh Bradley.  [WDJT]

Mahoney Turns over Supreme Court Investigation

Scot Ross of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now said conservatives never raised the alarm when Prosser ruled on the collective bargaining law even though he was endorsed by numerous Republican lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau. “Sheriff Mahoney has always called balls and strikes and put the law first,” Ross said. [La Crosse Tribune]

Political Group Asking Prosser to Resign

In light of the accusations that Justice David Prosser choked fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, a local political group is calling for him to resign. One Wisconsin Now is circulating a petition asking Prosser to step down. Executive Director Scot Ross says the allegations sparked a big response. “In less than 24 hours, we already […] [WXOW]

One WI Now statements on latest Prosser allegation

The people of Wisconsin are past the point where they are willing to tolerate for one moment longer, the abusive and alarming conduct of Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. Enough is enough with the abusive temper of David Prosser. If allegations Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser recently grabbed the neck of fellow Justice Ann […]

Divided They Sit

While a recall would not be able to change the composition of the Supreme Court, it would help to prevent anything similar to the collective bargaining legislation passing in the Legislature in the future.

Chief Justice Abrahamson Sums Up Partisan GOP Supreme WMCourt

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:   But Abrahamson wrote that the order seems to open the court unnecessarily to the charge that the majority has “reached a predetermined conclusion not based on the facts and the law, which undermines the majority’s ultimate decision.” The majority justices “make their own findings of fact, mischaracterize the parties’ […]

The Flaming Nazi Gasbag attacks.

No, not the Hindenburg. That’s just a zeppelin. Rush Limbaugh launched a false and inflammatory attack against One Wisconsin Now on Friday, because he wants a Wisconsin Supreme Court that supports Scott Walker, and not us.   Rush is in a snit because One Wisconsin Now has called for an investigation into Waukesha County Clerk […]

More Than 10,000 Call for Van Hollen Bipartisan Investigation of Waukesha Vote

MADISON, Wis. — More than 10,000 concerned Wisconsin citizens are calling for a bipartisan investigation by Attorney General JB Van Hollen into the actions of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus related to the changing vote totals in the State Supreme Court race between David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg days after the election. One Wisconsin Now […]

Van Hollen-Chisholm Election Integrity Task Force Must Investigate Largest Potential Election Fraud Case in Wisconsin History

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Election Integrity Task Force, headed by Attorney General JB Van Hollen and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, must lead an immediate and complete full investigation of the allegations of election fraud surrounding Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus and her adding of 14,000 votes days after the polls closed on […]

Election Returns: What Went On in Waukesha?

“Wisconsin deserves elections that are fair, clean and transparent,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “There is a history of secrecy and partisanship surrounding the Waukesha County Clerk and there remain unanswered questions.”

Wisconsin judge gains 7,500 votes when ‘human error’ is found

A conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is likely keep his job after a county clerk announced Thursday that she found 7,500 more votes for him, putting the incumbent ahead of a challenger who declared victory on Wednesday. The election drew national attention because it was seen as a referendum on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal […] [Bellingham Herald]

Newly discovered Waukesha County votes would give win to Prosser

Today’s announcement by Nickolaus drew immediate suspicions from Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, a liberal activist group. “Wisconsin deserves elections that are fair, clean and transparent,” Ross said. “There is a history of secrecy and partisanship surrounding the Waukesha County Clerk and there remain unanswered questions.”[ [Biz Times]

Corrected Brookfield tally puts Prosser ahead after 7,500-vote gain

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) raised the possibility of an independent investigation over the recovery of the votes.”This is a serious breach of election procedure,” he said. “We’re going to look further. She waited 24 hours to work this. And she waited until after she verified the results, making it that much more difficult […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Scholars Laud Correct Spelling, Proper Election Date in Sarah Palin’s Pro-Prosser Tweet

A coalition of respected scientists from countries spanning four continents praised this morning’s “tweet” supporting Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser from cable reality show washout Sarah Palin for not only its proper spelling, but also for correctly identifying the date of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election. “We have come expect from Sarah Palin factual error, […]

Michelle Litjens: the Fox Valley’s Convenient Christian

Wisconsin homes are getting an interesting robo-call from Assembly Republican sheep team member Rep. Michelle Litjens. Enjoy the noxious hyperbole and sanctimony and then we’ll talk more: This is Michelle Litjens, I’m a Republican state representative from the Fox Valley.  Recently, a Democrat legislator threatened my life on the floor of the Capitol.  He apologized […]

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Returning the Favor for Prosser’s Recusal Vote

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which spent $5 million to elect scandal-plagued Annette Ziegler and ethically-challenged Mike Gableman, is taking to airwaves on behalf of current Justice David Prosser, launching a smear attack against his opponent. Prosser cast the deciding vote to adopt rules in 2009, written part by WMC, that says campaign […]

David Prosser’s Endless Excuses Do Not Add Up on Pedophile Case

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser continues to offer an endless series of excuses about his failure to prosecute pedophile priest John Feeney in 1978, but all evidence assembled contradicts Prosser’s effort to rewrite his failed record in the high-profile case, according to an analysis by One Wisconsin Now. “David Prosser continues […]

Rightwing MJS’ Columnist Patrick McIlheran’s Downplays Sexual Assault of Children to Defend Prosser Inaction

Rightwing Republican talking-point stenographer Patrick McIlheran has outdone himself on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website today. McIlheran, a prolific contributor to the opinion page and the print version of the MJS outdoes himself on the site in a column defending David Prosser’s unwillingness to prosecute a sexual abuse of children by a priest with prominent […]

Prosser’s “Enviable” Record of Keeping our Families Safe?

“In a question about their experience, Prosser said Kloppenburg “is incredibly envious of my record” of handling criminal cases as Outagamie County district attorney and his years serving in the Assembly and state Supreme Court.” http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/118410829.html Actually, no, I don’t think Kloppenburg or anyone with any knowledge of Prosser’s complete record would be envious. Not […]

David Prosser: The Partisans’ Partisan in Six Acts

There’s no denying former Republican Assembly Speaker and failed Republican Congressional nominee David Prosser is a long-time partisan cog in the Republican machine. But is he the most partisan state Supreme Court Justice Wisconsin has ever had? The answer would be a resounding “yes.” And when looking at his record on the Supreme Court, it’s […]

Follow the money… or the attorney getting the money

Back to attorney Jim Troupis. One Wisconsin Now uncovered who this man really is in 2009. They found significant business relationships with David Prosser and Legislative Republicans, big clients of Troupis’ legal career. [Mark Pocan]

David Prosser coddled pedophile priest

The priest, John Patrick Feeney, who is now 81, went on to abuse other children before he was sent to jail in 2004. Hell of a guy, that David Prosser. He does “work hard” and “write well.” One Wisconsin Now was on this last year. [Brew City Brawler]

Diverse Voices Register Opposition to Unneeded Voter Identification Bill

MADISON, Wis. — Opponents of proposed legislation to restrict voter access to the polls, gathered at the State Capitol Wednesday to condemn so-called Voter ID legislation as a costly, unnecessary plan, which could lead to the disenfranchisement of untold tens of thousands of eligible voters in every corner of Wisconsin. Leon Burzynski, President of the […]

Why Voter ID is bad for Wisconsin

Many of you have written in response to our email yesterday about the voter ID bill. Some of you were very enthusiastic in your support of our efforts to fight back against this assault on our voting rights. But others of you had questions about the bill, and wondered why we oppose requiring qualified voters […]

Leibham Admits Voter ID Bill Will Cost Big Money

“That will potentially cost some additional money to the state and to state taxpayers…” [Sen. Leibham, WUWM News, 1/12/2011] MADISON, Wis. — State Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) admitted to reporters the Republican Voter ID bill will deepen Wisconsin’s $3.3 billion budget deficit. Leibham has refused to give Wisconsin a total cost for this plan, nor […]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Successful Defense of First Amendment Rights of Non-Profit Organizations

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements on a stipulating reached late Tuesday in advance of Thursday’s hearing in federal court over its lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s adopted rule 1.28, which would prohibit free speech expression of non-profit organizations in Wisconsin within […]

That’s Debatable: Supreme Court Decision on Patient Compensation

Gentlereaders, submitted for your approval or outrage, the latest head-to-head by the MacIver Institute’s Brian Fraley and yours truly. This week’s subject: the Supreme Court’s decision on the state’s patient compensation fund. All the yummy goodness is here: http://www.wisopinion.com/index.iml?mdl=article.mdl&article=29098

Shocker: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ad False, Pulled from Stations

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has pledged to spend an ungodly amount of money in an attempt to finish the GOP’s efforts to wreck the national economy, upped the lies in its typical campaign ads. Tough luck though for the Chamber of Economic Horrors in Pennsylvania, though, as false ads running against U.S. Senate […]

Outgoing WMC head decries ‘polarized politics,’ apparently suffers from severe memory loss

If you ever need proof that conservatives are the masters of self-delusion, look no further than Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal interview with outgoing Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce CEO and President Jim Haney. When asked if there was anything he regretted about his tenure of leadership at WMC, Haney said “I’ve seen this extraordinary polarization of […]

WMC Partner Begins Statewide Ad Campaign for Walker

MADISON, Wis. — A special interest group that calls itself a partner of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) will begin spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television starting Friday to promote Scott Walker in the Republican primary for governor. The statewide ad buy, estimated at over $200,000 over two weeks, is being paid by […]

How Did AJP Get Walker Footage from WMC Event?

The source of video used in the American Justice Partnership (AJP) ads in support of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, in the midst of his tight GOP primary with Mark Neumann, suggest a more formal role for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) than the group has indicated. WMC needs to come clean about its role […]

Group coordinating with Van Hollen on health reform suit funded by health insurance industry

The Republican State Leadership Committee, the 527 group that coordinated with Republican Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen, is largely funded by the health insurance and big pharmaceutical industries. Records show the RSLC has taken millions of dollars in political donations from the health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, including the American Tort Reform Association. Below […]

The $57 Million Smoking Gun on Van Hollen’s Health Care Lawsuit

It’€™s not news to One Wisconsin Now that JB Van Hollen is a partisan hack. After all, this is the guy who not only tried to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters in 2008 after John McCain and the Republican Party begged him to try. And this also the guy whose office allegedly let every […]

Van Hollen Documents Show DOJ-GOP Coordination on Health Reform Lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. — The top deputy to Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen sought direction from a $57 million Republican campaign committee that supports Republican attorneys general leading up to the Wisconsin Department of Justice attempt to file a partisan lawsuit against the federal health reform act, according to a handful of records obtained by […]

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Justice Prosser and the pedophile priest

Will the rising tide of scandal about pedophile priests, and the Catholic church’s handling of them, splash up on,or perhaps even sink, State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser’s re-election campaign next year? There is every reason to think that the issue, which has reached all the way to Pope Benedict XVI, will be one Prosser […]