CEO Meeusen could reap $8.4 million if Badger Meter is sold

Reacting to news of the possibility of a sale of Badger Meter, liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now said in a news release that research in other states has shown that when right-to-work is enacted, the result is lower wages, less health care, fewer resources for schools and less workplace safety. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Scott Walker to propose abolishing unions for federal workers

It's no surprise he's now trying to boost his sagging poll numbers by promoting the same kinds of attacks on working people that vaulted him to national prominence while conveniently ignoring how his policies left Wisconsin in shambles. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Labor Issues

Gov. Scott Walker vaulted to national prominence over his attacks on the rights of 175,000 Wisconsin workers shortly after taking office in 2011.

State Senate approves right-to-work bill

The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now said speakers representing seven conservative groups got $3 million in funding from the Bradley Foundation. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Following the money behind ‘right-to-work’

The watchdog group One Wisconsin Now released research on the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, headed by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair. [Wisconsin Gazette]

Right to Work is Wrong for Wisconsin

A right to work law would take us in the opposite direction, and that’s why it’s wrong for families, wrong for workers and wrong for Wisconsin.

Right-to-work group launches after governor, legislators say issue not a priority

“It’s the same playbook from four years ago that tore Wisconsin apart,” Ross said in a statement. “Gov. Walker says anything to get elected and now he and his Republican front groups are ready to launch a frontal assault on Wisconsin’s middle class working women and men.” [Racine Journal Times]

New Report Details Walker Exploitation of Recall Fundraising Loophole

MADISON, Wis. — A comprehensive report from One Wisconsin Now and United Wisconsin shows how Gov. Scott Walker raised over $7 million by exploiting the unlimited campaign finance recall loophole and provides a detailed perspective on the out-of-state and in-state donors who bankrolled Walker’s win in June. “Scott Walker exploited the recall election rules to […]

Beer and Brats: Is Gov. Walker Just Feeding Wisconsin Another Line?

MADISON, Wis. — Citing the age-old adage that actions speak louder than words, One Wisconsin Now is calling on Gov. Scott Walker to take concrete actions to heal the rift in Wisconsin brought on by his “divide and conquer” agenda. One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne commented, “Time and again Gov. Walker has told […]