Voting Rights & Election Protection

UNSPUN: December 12, 2018

Tensions are running high in state politics as Governor Scott Walker considers a package of bills passed in a special legislative session. [WMTV-TV]

Power Grabs in Wisconsin & Michigan

Power Grabs in Wisconsin and Michigan. Guest 1: Analiese Eicher, Program Director, One Wisconsin Now. [Progressive Voices Network]

Activist group eyes legal action

One Wisconsin Now says Republicans are attacking access to voting by placing new limits on early voting. [WISN-TV]

Capitol “coup”

One Wisconsin Institute is considering challenging the new early voting restrictions. [Isthmus]

33 Election Winners and Losers

Winner: One Wisconsin Now and Josh Kaul: The historically high early voting in Milwaukee and Madison were key to the victory of Kaul and Evers. [Urban Milwaukee]