Voter ID

Kaul makes case for Attorney General

Kaul is now the lead attorney challenging the voter ID law and other election laws in a lawsuit brought by One Wisconsin Institute. [Rice Lake Chronotype]

Voter Suppression Works Too Well

Frank v. Walker as well as One Wisconsin Institute, Inc., et al. v. Mark Thomsen, et al., both cases that contest Wisconsin’s photo-ID laws. [American Prospect]

Wisconsin’s “epidemic” of voter suppression

Scot Ross of the liberal One Wisconsin Institute, says restrictive voting laws could have turned the state red for the first time in 32 years of presidential elections. [Isthmus]

Did Voter ID Hand Wisconsin to Trump?

Analiese Eicher, program and development director for One Wisconsin Institute, said the voter ID law had an impact on voter turnout. [Shepherd Express]

Dems want court monitoring of ID law

The liberal group One Wisconsin [Institute] wanted Peterson to invalidate the voter ID law because of the problems. [Wisconsin Radio Network]