Voter ID

Judge Unhappy About False Voter ID Info

Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin [Institute] is calling for the law to be put on hold, following reports that DMV staff gave out wrong or incomplete information. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

New lawyers sought in voter ID fight

The lawsuit was brought by the liberal groups One Wisconsin Institute and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Latest court challenge to Wisconsin Voter ID

Judge Peterson will hold a hearing Wednesday to consider a filing by One Wisconsin [Institute], which seeks to invalidate Wisconsin’s voter ID law completely. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Hearing scheduled in voter ID suit

One Wisconsin Institute says, state DMV centers gave out wrong or incomplete information about how to apply for photo ID cards. [WGBA-TV]

DMV retraining workers on voter ID

James Peterson, who in July found a host of Wisconsin's election laws violate voting rights. The lawsuit was brought by the liberal groups One Wisconsin [Institute] and Citizen Action Education Fund. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Report: 7 Wisconsin DMVs gave false voter ID info

Some of the remarks captured in the recordings contradict Peterson’s July court order, issued in response to a legal challenge to the voter ID law by the liberal group One Wisconsin Institute. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Judge orders DMV to investigate voter ID incident

In ruling on a lawsuit brought by One Wisconsin Institute... Peterson in July found the state’s process for providing IDs to people who don’t have birth certificates violates voting rights. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Wisconsin Fights Voter ID Injunction in 7th Circuit

One Wisconsin [Institute] headed up the underlying challenge, taking up the mantle for older black citizens born in the South who were never issued a birth certificate. [Courthouse News Service]

All Citizens Have a Right to Vote

The ruling by Judge Peterson, in One Wisconsin Institute v. Thomsen, makes it easier to obtain a free ID. [Urban Milwaukee]