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The original case the lame-duck grievance was filed under is still awaiting a decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

Analiese Eicher & Bill McCoshen weigh in on the governor’s powers and what he might line-item veto.

Earlier this year, a federal judge also sided with One Wisconsin Now after being blocked by three state assembly Republicans.

Executive Director Analiese Eicher of One Wisconsin Now said the proposal was a test to see how Republicans might vote on it.

[One Wisconsin Institute] challenged the early-voting restrictions in federal court in December.

Scott Walker couldn't get enough people to pay to cruise Alaska with him when he actually had power and influence.

In the second federal lawsuit filed by One Wisconsin Institute... [James Peterson] blocked early-voting limits.

There is no debating that $1.5 trillion in student loan debt is a national economic crisis.

One Wisconsin Institute even estimates the average length of repayment at a little over 21 years.

"Dan Kelly is as right wing as you get," said Joanna Beilman-Dulin, research director for the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

Meanwhile, One Wisconsin Now Research Director Joanna Beilman-Dulin slammed Kelly for being "as right-wing as you get."

Joanna Beilman-Dulin ... said [Dan Kelly's] experience is rooted in Republican politics, which shouldn't be on the court.

One Wisconsin Institute found that the average length of repayment for student debt borrowers is 21.1 years.

Republicans are suggesting less additional funding for K-12 schools, as part of their discussion on Governor Tony Evers' Budget

According to a study from One Wisconsin Institute, it takes an average of 19.7 years to pay off a 4-year degree.

Taxpayers likely will have to pick up the legal fees of a liberal group that sued Republican lawmakers for blocking it on Twitter.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher appeared on WRRD-AM to discuss the student loan debt crisis.

In one of the suits, filed by One Wisconsin Institute [a judge] blocked early-voting limits contained in the lame-duck bills.

[One Wisconsin Institute] persuaded U.S. District Judge James Peterson ... to strike down the limits on early in-person voting.

Indeed Walker himself apparently faced this problem, as Analiese Eicher, Executive Director of ... One Wisconsin Now, points out.

Tony Evers says Foxconn's promise to employ 13,000 people is "unrealistic," meanwhile the company insists it will uphold its promises.

One Wisconsin Now, a progressive non-profit advocacy group, called him “one of, if not the, worst politician in America for women.”

In 2016, a federal court in Wisconsin struck down the requirement that college or university IDs be unexpired.

Analiese Eicher, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, said Tuesday's disclosure made Republican lawmakers look bad.

The ruling echoed Judge Peterson’s previous 2016 injunction he handed down after One Wisconsin Institute sued ... over voting laws.

However, while Republicans were decrying Evers’ remarks, the progressive state group One Wisconsin Now welcomed them.

One Wisconsin Now said WILL isn't an organization producing unbiased information because they're ... a lobbying organization.

One Wisconsin Now revealed that Hagedorn founded a school that prohibits anyone working there from being in a same-sex relationship.

One Wisconsin Institute... asked U.S. District Judge James Peterson to enforce his earlier [early voting] decision.

"Whatever the outcome is, the electorate is going to be older, whiter and more conservative. That's just who shows up to these races."

The dust settled on Wednesday following the 2019 spring election. NBC15’s Leigh Mills sat down with two political analysts to discuss.

Joanna Beilman-Dulin ... has hammered Hagedorn over founding a school that has policies against gay relationships.

“It’s a pretty dramatic expansion,” said Mike Browne of One Wisconsin Now — a liberal group that clashes frequently with WILL.

Analiese Eicher, the Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now stopped by NBC15 News at 5 for “Unspun.”

The Madison Seminar scholars also met with ... Analiese Eicher, the executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now ... has so far identified about $500,000 that Republicans have spent on broadcast television.

Banning people is just as problematic "online as it is at a town hall meeting," she told the Post.

The state Democratic Party and liberal group One Wisconsin Now have each filed a lawsuit in federal court.

A federal judge concluded three state representatives had violated the First Amendment by blocking One Wisconsin Now.

[One Wisconsin Institute] convinced U.S. District Judge James Peterson to block the early voting restrictions in January of this year.

[One Wisconsin Institute] convinced U.S. District Judge James Peterson to block the early voting restrictions in January of this year.

A federal judge ruled in favor of One Wisconsin Institute ... in a challenge against the provisions of the extraordinary session laws

A federal judge ruled in January in favor of One Wisconsin Institute and Citizen Action of Wisconsin in a challenge...

[One Wisconsin Institute] challenged the early voting restrictions as part of a larger federal lawsuit...

“Brian Hagedorn is more extreme ...  than any recent Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate we’ve seen,”

Liberal advocacy group [One Wisconsin Institute] challenged the law’s early-voting restrictions in federal court.

“Student loan borrowers are Democrats and Republicans, young and old, rural and urban, men and women, people of color and white.”