Bradley Foundation

Big Money Donors Prepare to Open Wallets

Joy Reid and One Wisconsin Now's Scot Ross look at how the Supreme Court obliterated post-Watergate campaign finance protections against "big money" trying to buy American elections. [MSNBC]

Will Scott Walker Run in 2016?

Governor Walker has access to an ungodly amount of money. His campaign co-chair runs the $500 million right wing funding Bradley foundation. His largest donor is the wealthiest woman in Wisconsin. [MSNBC]

S is for Shill

This report exposes the web of right-wing funders advancing a radical school privatization agenda through the use of Wisconsin-based front groups, with special focus on the Bradley Foundation, headed by Scott Walker's campaign co-chair Michael Grebe.

One Wisconsin Now begins 20-day report on Walker’s “depressing failures”

Scott Walker is marking his 20th year serving in office in Wisconsin. So to commemorate the occasion, One Wisconsin Now has begun a 20-day report on Walker’s “depressing failures” while in office. It begins with the governor’s “cozy relationship” with the Bradley Foundation and other school privatization advocates which are aimed at destroying public education. [Capital Times]

#WalkerAt20: Failing Democracy

The rights of voters to participate in free and fair elections, and have confidence that their vote will be counted is fundamental to our democracy. No one has failed them more than Gov. Walker.

Fast Food Workers in 5 Cities Stage High Profile Strikes

Fast food workers in Milwaukee went on strike this week demanding a doubling of the minimum wage. How successful will their efforts be as they join a growing movement for better pay? Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now Scot Ross joins the Melissa Harris-Perry panel. [MSNBC]

Right-wing groups made Wis. their testing ground for school choice

One Wisconsin Now recently published a detailed report on the Bradley foundation. Scot Ross states that Bradley is “the most powerful organization in America that no one seems to know about.” One Wisconsin Now calls the Bradley Foundation a “massive, pro-priviatization propaganda campaign” that attempts to turn people against the public school system. [Isthmus]

The Wisconsin ‘Money Badger’s’ Bad Night

Last night proved that, in a fair fight, progressives win and the people of Wisconsin will reject right-wing policies that take their rights and favor the wealthy and corporations over the middle class and working families.

VC sends voter fraud message via billboards

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now (a civil rights group), issued a statement Monday raising several questions for the Einhorns. [Upstart Business Journal]

This Week in Voter Supression highlights dark money investigation

On this week’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, Perry highlighted a joint investigation by theGrio and One Wisconsin Now that uncovered the secret funderbehind a series of billboards that popped up in minority areas around Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2010 and 2012 warning of the consequences of alleged “voter fraud.” [theGrio]