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  • The Badger Herald Editorial Board’s Spring 2017 Headliners

    Cue another ethics complaint, this time from liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    Badger Herald, 05/02/2017
  • Tony Evers Easily Secures Third Term As State Superintendent

    Holtz also was accused of illegally using his School District email address to mount his statewide campaign after emails released to... One Wisconsin Now

    Wisconsin State Journal, 04/05/2017
  • Tony Evers Election Shows Strong Support for Wisconsin Public Schools

    Tony Evers won overwhelmingly against an opponent whose campaign centered on sending more of our tax dollars to private voucher schools.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/04/2017
  • State Superintendent Candidates Spar in Final Debate Before Election

    Emails released to reporters and liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now earlier this month showed Holtz used his Whitnall School District email account to discuss campaign strategy with his wife during the...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/31/2017
  • Whitnall School Board: District Will Not Investigate Former Superintendent

    The group One Wisconsin Now had found an email Holtz sent during work hours through these open records request...

    USA Today Network, 03/31/2017
  • Whitnall School District Won’t Try to Recoup Wages From Lowell Holtz

    In February, the offices of the Milwaukee and Rock County district attorneys were contacted by liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, which requested the attorneys review whether Holtz campaigned on district time…Brunette...

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/31/2017
  • Amery Voter Guide: Spring Election Is April 4

    Lowell Holtz, who calls himself the “kidservative,” has promised to embrace local control, improve student performance, and attract and retain high-quality teachers. He was embroiled in a bit of controversy in February...

    Amery Free Press, 03/30/2017
  • Whitnall Schools: DPI Candidate Lowell Holtz Possibly Misused Resources

    One Wisconsin Now requested the district attorneys in Milwaukee County and Rock County investigate whether Holtz broke the law by misusing public resources.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/30/2017
  • Schneider Does Not Rule Out GOP Senate Run in Wisconsin

    Jenni Dye, research director for the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, questioned whether Republicans were interested in Schneider “because they think her money can paper over their party’s flaws.”

    Associated Press, 03/29/2017
  • Evers, Holtz Square Off for State Superintendent Job

    Liberal group One Wisconsin Now has asked two district attorneys to investigate whether Holtz was illegally campaigning on government time.

    Associated Press, 03/26/2017
  • DPI Race Between Tony Evers, Lowell Holtz Centers on Future of Education in Wisconsin

    Evers and the liberal group One Wisconsin Now have hammered Holtz over a proposal he floated to then-candidate John Humphries in the run-up to the February primary.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/25/2017
  • Endorsement: Tony Evers Is the Clear Choice for Superintendent of Public Instruction

    The liberal group One Wisconsin Now found that Holtz had been soliciting wealthy Republican donors during his time on the school district’s clock.

    Wisconsin Gazette, 03/23/2017
  • Lowell Holtz Hopes Conservative Message Can Overcome Baggage in Run for State Superintendent

    One Wisconsin Now has asked district attorneys in Rock and Milwaukee counties to investigate whether Holtz illegally used public resources for campaign purposes.

    Capital Times, 03/21/2017
  • More Emails Show Holtz Discussing Campaign at School

    "Lowell Holtz spent months working on his campaign instead of doing the job he was paid to do by the taxpayers of his school district," said One Wisconsin Now.

    Associated Press, 03/21/2017
  • ICYMI: Personnel Records Detail Troubled Tenure of Lowell Holtz at Beloit School District

    He was reprimanded for ethical lapses and criticized for questionable decisions by a school board that found his willingness to follow district policies lacking.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/20/2017
  • State Superintendent Candidate Once Questioned for Wife Working in District

    Records in Holtz’s personnel file were obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal under the state’s open records law, and from liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/19/2017
  • Media Report Unmasks ‘Business Leader’ Behind Lowell Holtz Sleazy Election Deal to Be Stephen Einhorn

    WisPolitics.com is reporting Stephen Einhorn is one of the “business leaders” Lowell Holtz said encouraged him to try to negotiate a sleazy deal.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/16/2017
  • Elections Commission: State Superintendent Candidates’ Alleged Job Offer Deal Not Election Bribery

    The commission made its determination in dismissing a complaint filed in February by liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/16/2017
  • Failure of Election Commission to Act Doesn’t Make Lowell Holtz’s Proposed Election Bribe Any Less Sleazy

    Inaction by the Wisconsin Elections Commission points to shortcomings in the law, not lack of sleaze in the conduct of Lowell Holtz when he proposed the bribe.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/15/2017
  • Bribery Complaint Against Superintendent Candidate Dropped

    Scot Ross said that the commission's decision to drop the complaint "points to shortcomings in the law, not the lack of sleaze in the conduct of Lowell Holtz."

    Associated Press, 03/15/2017
  • The Latest: Holtz Calls Group Evers’ ‘Hit Squad’

    Lowell Holtz says a liberal advocacy group is the "hit squad" for incumbent Tony Evers. Holtz made the accusation about One Wisconsin Now in a statement Wednesday.

    Associated Press, 03/15/2017
  • Board Member Seeks to Recoup Wages From Lowell Holtz for Alleged Campaign Work on District Time

    Brunette said he is seeking the reimbursement after Holtz’s old emails were released... to reporters and to liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/14/2017
  • Superintendent Candidate Chastised Over Bleacher Donation

    Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now received Holtz's personnel file through an open records request and provided them to The Associated Press.

    Associated Press, 03/13/2017
  • What Does Lowell Holtz Have to Say About American Majority Now? Nothing.

    Lowell Holtz was quick to brag about American Majority working for him but is failing to denounce the vile racism and sexism their executive director .

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/03/2017
  • Liberal Group Asks District Attorneys to Investigate Lowell Holtz

    One Wisconsin Now said they provided three emails and news articles ... that show what they say is a pattern of misusing public resources to benefit Lowell Holtz’s campaign

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/01/2017
  • Do Lawmakers Still Support Lawbreaker Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction?

    Why are Republicans yet to speak out against Lowell Holtz in light of evidence of his repeated violations of state law prohibiting campaigning on public time.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/01/2017
  • Wisconsin Superintendent Candidate Unsure Email Broke Law

    “It never crossed my mind that I was going to be violating anything, and I’m still not sure if I violated anything,” Holtz said.

    Associated Press, 02/28/2017
  • Liberal Advocacy Group Calls for Investigation of Holtz Email Use

    "We’ve uncovered a handful of instances where he seemed to be using his official email for campaign related business ..."

    Wisconsin Radio Network, 02/28/2017
  • Two Tall Men Duel Over Schools

    the biggest story to come out ... was whether challenger Lowell Holtz should be investigated for sending a political e-mail from a district account during school time

    Urban Milwaukee, 02/28/2017
  • Liberal Organization Requests Investigation of Superintendent Candidate

    A Wisconsin nonprofit asked district attorneys ... to start an investigation of state superintendent candidate Lowell Holtz for allegedly using public resources for his campaign.

    Daily Cardinal, 02/28/2017
  • One Wisconsin Now Requests Investigation of Lowell Holtz by Milwaukee, Rock County District Attorneys

    One Wisconsin Now provided District Attorneys evidence that Lowell Holtz misused public resources to boost his campaign in possible violation of state law.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/28/2017
  • School Candidate Risks Violating State Law

    One Wisconsin Now recovered a campaign-focused email explaining Holtz's support among Republicans ... violate state laws prohibiting use of government resources for political campaigns

    WSAU, 02/26/2017
  • State Candidate Sent Campaign Email From Schools Account

    The email sent in May appears to be in violation of the state law prohibiting the use of government resources for campaign work.

    Associated Press, 02/25/2017
  • DPI Candidate Lowell Holtz Used School Email for Political Letter

    Jenni Dye said the email shows Lowell Holtz was once again using public resources scheming to solicit support for his campaign.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 02/25/2017
  • Lawmaker Considering Bill to Make Job Offer Deals Between Candidates Illegal

    One Wisconsin Now filed a complaint with the state Elections Commission alleging election bribery, but ... the alleged deal is not covered by current state law

    La Crosse Tribune, 02/24/2017
  • State Superintendent Race Pits Choice Advocate, Public School Defender

    One Wisconsin Now has filed a complaint with the state Election Commission, alleging a deal between Holtz and former candidate John Humphries

    Wisc News, 02/23/2017
  • Tony Evers, Lowell Holtz Advance in State Superintendent Race

    One Wisconsin Now to file a complaint with the state Elections Commission alleging the job offer deal amounted to election bribery.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 02/22/2017

    One Wisconsin Now research director Jenni Dye said ... "an abysmal lack of ethics and commitment to public service in pursuit of his personal political ambitions and enrichment."

    Associated Press, 02/22/2017
  • DeVos Supporter Emerges From Primary to Run for Wisconsin Schools Chief

    DeVos ... has spent at least $4.5 million on campaigns in Wisconsin to elect Republicans and other school choice advocates, according to One Wisconsin Now

    Wisconsin Gazette, 02/22/2017
  • Lowell Holtz Expected ‘Outside Groups’ to Handle Fundraising and Organizing for His Campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Claiming someone else is doing the work for him is apparently not limited to the election bribe caper, according to records obtained by One Wisconsin Now.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/22/2017
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on State Superintendent of Public Instruction

    The message from voters tonight is that they support our public schools and want someone with integrity to lead the Department of Public Instruction.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/21/2017
  • Attorney General Should Investigate School Superintendent Bribery

    One Wisconsin Now has filed a complaint with the state Elections Commission, alleging that the proposal is possibly illegal.

    Shepherd Express, 02/21/2017
  • Tony Evers, Lowell Holtz Easily Advance Out of Wisconsin DPI Superintendent Primary

    One Wisconsin Now filed an ethics complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission.

    Sheboygan Press, 02/21/2017
  • Lowell Holtz Makes the Case That Lowell Holtz Can’t Be Trusted to Stand Up For Public Schools

    State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lowell Holtz attempted to absolve himself of responsibility for a bungled and possibly illegal election bribe.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/20/2017
  • John Humphries Suggested Consulting Contract to Rival in Superintendent’s Race

    Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now ... filed a complaint with the state Elections Commission alleging Holtz and Humphries engaged in election bribery.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 02/17/2017
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Latest John Humphries-Lowell Holtz Revelation

    One Wisconsin Now released the following statements on the latest revelations about the sleazy deal between the two school privatization supporters.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/17/2017
  • One Wisconsin Now Files Ethics Complaint Against Two State Superintendent Challengers

    Advocacy group One Wisconsin Now has filed a complaint... alleging that the two challengers to State Superintendent Tony Evers may have violated the law.

    WEAC, 02/17/2017
  • Evers, Liberal Group Rip Humphries and Holtz Over Meeting About Mutual Support

    A liberal group filed an ethics complaint Thursday alleging that state voting laws were broken when state school superintendent candidates discussed a taxpayer-funded job in exchange for support.

    Daily Tribune, 02/16/2017