Mark Belling

Anti-Recovery Walkers Highway to the Road Builders Paved with Hypocrisy

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has been was as virulent against the Recovery Act funds for Wisconsin as the dopey ex-Governor of Alaska was about her state’€™s share. You know who hasn’€™t been against the Recovery Act? The Wisconsin Road Builders.Yep, the same gang that Walker is traveling all the way to Florida to grovel […]

The Walker train wreck: Day One

Musings on Day One of Scooter Walker’s second ill-fated run for governor: *** Announcing first on Twitter and Charlie Sykes’s show was a stroke of genius — if you think the hard core lunatic fringe and Walker fanatics are going to be enough to win the election. But creative use of the Sykes show is […]

So Charlie and Mark, Wheres the Thunder on Pridemore?

So should we expect fireworks enthusiast Charlie Sykes, and the Mr. Pibb to his right wing Dr. Pepper Mark Belling, to call for Rep. Don Pridemore to be sent to Gitmo over the press release sent from his state office using state tax dollars attacking DPI candidate Tony Evers and to support anti-public education advocate […]

Could Belling Be More of a Pig?

Whether Mark Belling will say something stupid or offensive or both appears to be a question in the same vein as, “Well, is it a day of the week that has vowels in it?” This one is a doozy, even for him On his show Wednesday, Belling was fired up against legislation to protect moms […]

Is Koschnick’€™s defense of cop killer an issue? Right-wing hypocrisy sure is

As an organization that believes everybody has a right to their day in court, One Wisconsin Now is keenly aware that Wisconsin conservatives have championed the smearing of defense attorneys and the erosion of the rights of the accused. Ask former Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, the subject of millions of dollars worth of attacks […]

Rightwing Radio Takes off on Pedro Coln

You can tell a lot about a political candidate by the enemies he or she makes. In Pedro Coln’s (D-Milwaukee) run for the Milwaukee City Attorney’s race, Coln has gained the enmity of the usual suspects on rightwing radio. Both Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling ripped into Coln Monday though not offering any argument against […]