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Ryan hasn’t had much of an explanation. “Paul Ryan has put partisanship and political expediency before principle and patriotism,” charges Scot Ross.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

This guy, who spends more time chasing media appearances than doing his job, has no business anywhere close to a job with responsibility for protecting national security.


One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne made an appearance on UNSPUN to discuss and analyze 2016 election results.

Shepherd Express

Analiese Eicher, program and development director for One Wisconsin Institute, said the voter ID law had an impact on voter turnout.


One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross made his regular appearance on UNSPUN to discuss and analyze Election Night 2016.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Jenni Dye [research director for One Wisconsin Now] sees a value to organizing around issues like college debt relief that resonate with voters.


Many experts are already projecting that Hillary Clinton will win. But are there battleground states that could shift the map in Donald Trump’s favor?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Scot Ross said the statements by Vos suggested Republicans realize they may not get Peterson’s ruling on the voting rules overturned.