Labor & Worker Rights

Following the money behind ‘right-to-work’

The watchdog group One Wisconsin Now released research on the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, headed by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair. [Wisconsin Gazette]

Right to Work is Wrong for Wisconsin

A right to work law would take us in the opposite direction, and that’s why it’s wrong for families, wrong for workers and wrong for Wisconsin.

Right-to-work group launches after governor, legislators say issue not a priority

“It’s the same playbook from four years ago that tore Wisconsin apart,” Ross said in a statement. “Gov. Walker says anything to get elected and now he and his Republican front groups are ready to launch a frontal assault on Wisconsin’s middle class working women and men.” [Racine Journal Times]

Five Debate Questions for Brad Schimel

In advance of this afternoon’s first Attorney General, One Wisconsin Now has proposed a series of questions Schimel should answer to the people of Wisconsin.

WMC Doubles Down on Attacks on Wisconsin Women

A top lobbyist at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce unleashed an angry tirade at a Tuesday press conference held by women opposing WMC’s attacks on pay equity in Wisconsin.

Leaders Tell WMC Equal Pay is Good for Business

It’s offensive that WMC is trying to raise money off the suggestion that equal pay is a radical idea and it’s disappointing to think that Wisconsin businesses would contribute to such campaign.

Lawsuit challenging teacher contracts politically motivated, says One WI Now

A lawsuit accusing the Madison School Board of engaging in illegal collective bargaining to the detriment of children and taxpayers was filed by a Milwaukee-based conservative legal group that is a “front” for Gov. Scott Walker, says the director of a Madison progressive advocacy group. [Capital Times]

Issue of the Week: Walker and Kleefisch’s War on Workers

Recently, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch led a closed-door roundtable discussion about taxes with some business leaders in Beloit. After viewing footage of the meeting obtained by One Wisconsin Now, we can see why Kleefisch and the Walker administration didn’t want the public to hear what they discussed. [Shepherd Express]

On the Capitol: Everybody’s working on the weekend?

“Scott Walker’s legislative confederate, who wants to eliminate the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and voted to water down child labor laws, now has ending the weekend in his legislative crosshairs,” Ross said. “To do the bidding of their corporate donors, is restoration of indentured servitude coming next from the Walker Republicans?” [Wisconsin State Journal]

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin GOP Senator, Fights For A Seven-Day Workweek

Grothman’s proposing legislation that “would allow an employee to voluntarily choose to work without one day of rest in seven,” according to an email sent by his office to other state lawmakers on Friday. The email, which was sent to The Huffington Post by the progressive group One Wisconsin Now, was asking lawmakers to cosponsor […] [Huffington Post]

Jerry Bader Jumps on the Right-Wing Bully Bandwagon

MADISON, Wis. — Green Bay radio talk show host Jerry Bader, on his June 18 show, jumped on state Republicans’ bullying bandwagon in the debate over a series of radical anti-women’s health care bills rushed through the legislature. Bader, previously suspended from the air for comments about another woman elected official, launched a bullying attack […]

Fast Food Workers in 5 Cities Stage High Profile Strikes

Fast food workers in Milwaukee went on strike this week demanding a doubling of the minimum wage. How successful will their efforts be as they join a growing movement for better pay? Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now Scot Ross joins the Melissa Harris-Perry panel. [MSNBC]

John Macco On Equal Pay for Women: Doesn’t Get It or Doesn’t Care?

MADISON, Wis. — At a public forum this week, State Senate candidate John Macco supported the repeal of Wisconsin ‘s equal pay law. Despite reports that full-time working women lose over $9 million annually in Wisconsin as a result of a gender pay gap and a new, national study finding women were paid only 82% […]

Simple Questions Rick Gudex Must Address

There’s no question Rick Gudex supports some of the most extreme policies we’ve seen in recent memory in Wisconsin. He needs to come clean and explain to the public why he does and why he’s been lying to them about it.

Walker’s petition initiative undermines Supreme Court

In response, an activist group known as One Wisconsin Now has started its own petition initiative to match Walker’s fundraising efforts. The organization asks signers to “Stand with the Constitution,” referring to the ruling made by Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas, who believed Walker’s law violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. […] [Badger Herald]

The Real Ryan Record: Failure, Fraud, Fealty

Rep. Paul Ryan’s carefully crafted wonkish persona belies an abysmal record of failure and regressive social and economic agenda. The Real Ryan Record is failure, fraud and fealty to party bosses.

New Report Details Walker Exploitation of Recall Fundraising Loophole

MADISON, Wis. — A comprehensive report from One Wisconsin Now and United Wisconsin shows how Gov. Scott Walker raised over $7 million by exploiting the unlimited campaign finance recall loophole and provides a detailed perspective on the out-of-state and in-state donors who bankrolled Walker’s win in June. “Scott Walker exploited the recall election rules to […]