Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Man in Ukraine

Ron Johnson has bumbled his way into the center of an impeachment investigation and looks very much like one of Donald Trump’s men in Ukraine.

UNSPUN: September 29, 2019

We talk the U.S. Houses impeachment inquiry against President Trump, and the special election in Wisconsin for the 7th District. [WMTV-TV]

UNSPUN: July 17, 2019

Trumps Twitter controversy, Wisconsins new budget and a preview of the 2nd Democratic debate in Detroit. [WMTV-TV]

Trump Circus Comes to Town

Politicians like Scott Walker, desperately seeking a ride to relevance in the Donald Trump clown car, are complicit in failure.

UNSPUN: February 6, 2019

NBC15’s Leigh Mills sat down with two political analysts to review the key takeaways of the State of the Union. [WMTV-TV]

“Here we go again.”

Shortly after President Trump announced his pick for Supreme Court, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now sent an email with the subject line: “Trump, Walker will criminalize abortion.” “If he is not blocked, Brett Kavanaugh will be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and do what Scott Walker has been trying to do […] [Isthmus]