Donald Trump

Rexnord workers caught in Trump vs. union war of words

“Tax credits are the government putting their finger on the scale,” said Jenni Dye, research director for One Wisconsin Now, a liberal public policy group in Madison. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Clarke meets with Donald Trump in New York

This guy, who spends more time chasing media appearances than doing his job, has no business anywhere close to a job with responsibility for protecting national security. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

UNSPUN: November 11, 2016

Political analysts' Bill McCoshen and Mike Browne talk about President-Elect Donald Trump and the transition into his administration. [WMTV-TV]

Race tightens in home stretch

Many experts are already projecting that Hillary Clinton will win. But are there battleground states that could shift the map in Donald Trump’s favor? [MSNBC]

#Thanks, Obama!

Failed Republican presidential candidate and current Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has refused to condemn documented plagiarism by the Donald Trump campaign.