Kim Simac

In Her Own Extreme Words: Some of the Worst ‘Stuff Simac Says’

MADISON, Wis. — Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac has continually refused to talk to the media about her record of tax avoidance and her out-of-touch viewpoints. Many of these controversial statements, some of which Simac has tried to pull down from the internet, are catalogued and being added to daily at One Wisconsin Now’s website […]

One Wisconsin Now Launches Website: ‘Stuff Simac Says’

MADISON, Wis. — The controversial, extremist and out of touch statements made by Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac are now catalogued and being added to daily at One Wisconsin Now’s website: “Kim Simac can’t hide from her extremist past, no matter how much her paid political operatives try to rewrite her history,” said Ross. […]

Kim Simac’s disappearing act

First, Kim “Leader Who Won’t Run Away” Simac started running from public debates. And now it appears, she is disappearing altogether. See, Kim Simac (R-Northwoods) is the founder of the fanatical tea party group, the Northwoods Patriots. The group has a website NorthwoodsPatriots.blogspot and a related radio program, Northwoods Patriot Radio, hosted by Simac. In other […]

Introducing S***f Simac Says

Whether its Michele Bachmann’s history lessons, Sarah Palin’s death panels or Glenn Beck’s every word, extremely out-of-the-mainstream conservatives are known for saying some pretty outrageous stuff. Wisconsin is lucky to have its very own political entertainer in Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac (R-Northwoods). Unfortunately though, most of the time she’s making us laugh, she’s actually […]