Milwaukee to increase number of early voting sites

Tom Barrett joined One Wisconsin Institute in announcing the city approved funds for eight places where Milwaukee resident can vote absentee in person. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Devil’s Advocates Radio: October 4, 2017

The Devils ask Scot Ross about provisions and vetoes in the state budget. They also talk Foxconn and the university free speech bill. [Devil's Advocates Radio]

Devil’s Advocates Radio: September 19, 2017

Apparently, the Republican Governors Association, led by Scott Walker is spreading Russia-style fake news. The Devil’s talk to Scot Ross about it. [WRRD-AM]

Wisconsin Student Loan Debt at Staggering Level

"One thing that really stood out to us at One Wisconsin Institute was the amount of debt that graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh have." [Public News Service]

Clarke Appears To Be Job Hunting With Trump

Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, said the problems should disqualify Clarke from a higher position. [Wisconsin Public Radio]

Dems want court monitoring of ID law

The liberal group One Wisconsin [Institute] wanted Peterson to invalidate the voter ID law because of the problems. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Judge Orders Immediate Voter ID Education

The judge declined to completely block Wisconsin’s voter ID requirement, a move requested by liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin [Institute]. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Judge Unhappy About False Voter ID Info

Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin [Institute] is calling for the law to be put on hold, following reports that DMV staff gave out wrong or incomplete information. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Latest court challenge to Wisconsin Voter ID

Judge Peterson will hold a hearing Wednesday to consider a filing by One Wisconsin [Institute], which seeks to invalidate Wisconsin’s voter ID law completely. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

UW Credit Union Ups Membership Criteria

The effort drew criticism from Scot Ross with One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group that has been a strong proponent for reforms in the student loan system. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

No further appeals to block early voting

Scot Ross with One Wisconsin Institute, one of the groups that challenged the election law changes made by Republicans in recent years, applauded the move. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Schimel seeks stay on election law ruling

Scott Walker has shown he will do whatever he can to rig our elections by denying legal voter access to ballot box based on their race or partisan affiliation. [Wisconsin Radio Network]

Federal Judge Strikes Down New Wisconsin Voting Rules

Opponents, including the group One Wisconsin Institute which sued, have argued that fraud is extremely rare and the real intent of the new rules has been to disenfranchise voters in Democratic areas. [WUWM-FM]

Conservatives launch Center for Competitive Federalism

One Wisconsin Now criticized the announcement, [calling it] an effort by Governor Scott Walker’s campaign chair to do what the governor has been unable to accomplish with his policies. [Wisconsin Radio Network]