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  • Did Sen. Randy Hopper Vote Illegally?

    Here’s why I ask: In March, news broke that Randy Hopper’s (ex-)wife accused him of cheating on her with a mistress and revealed that he was no longer living in his Fond...

    Cody Oliphant, 08/03/2011
  • ‘Swinging’ Kim Simac Signed Shockingly Strict Marriage Declaration

    Because spouse-swapping Simac has such a peculiar personal past, the public has a right to call foul over her hypocrisy in signing the abhorrent Manhattan Declaration.

    Cody Oliphant, 07/10/2011
  • Oshkosh Tax Avoider Hosts Fundraiser for Tax Avoider Randy Hopper

    MADISON, Wis. — State Sen. Randy Hopper, who paid state net income tax but once over a 10-year period, is having a big money fundraiser this evening hosted by a developer who...

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/14/2011
  • GOP Admits GOP Senators Can’t Run on Their Records Alone

    With the public so overwhelmingly against taking away workers’ rights while handing out huge tax breaks to corporations, the Republican state senators in Wisconsin that voted for Scott Walker’s plan to do just...

    Cody Oliphant, 06/05/2011
  • More Lies From the GOP Noise Machine on Cronon Attacks

    Never  allowing facts to get in the way of its smears, the right wing is trying to create a false moral equivalency between retaliatory actions taken by the Republican Party of Wisconsin...

    Scot Ross, 03/28/2011
  • Did Hopper Vote for a Job for His Alleged Mistress?

    In today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dan Bice revealed that the alleged mistress of State Sen. Randy Hopper, was given a taxpayer-financed job in the state Department of Regulation and Licensing at the...

    Scot Ross, 03/20/2011
  • BREAKING: GOP Senators Also Fleeing (from Gov. Walker’s Extreme Bill)

    Public opinion might be influencing this group of senators to flee from Gov. Walker’s extreme attempt to take away the rights of workers.

    Cody Oliphant, 03/07/2011
  • Tax-Shy Randy Hopper’s $250 Million Yearly Capital Gains Giveaway

    MADISON, Wis. — Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac), who paid net state income taxes once in ten years, has proposed an end to capital gains taxes, which primarily benefit the wealthy...

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/13/2011
  • Ed Thompson to Take Wealthcare Pledge

    Ed Thompson announced today that he’€™d be singing Grover Norquist’€™s ‘€œTaxpayer Protection Pledge.’€ In his latest press release, Thompson raises the roof for Norquist and his group, Americans for Tax Reform, for...

    Cody Oliphant, 03/04/2010
  • Randy Hopper: The Lesson From Merc Debacle? WI Needs More Corporate Welfare

    Will enough ever be enough for corporate piranhas and their lackeys in the conservative caucuses at the State Capitol? Apparently not for Randy Hopper, whose column in the Oshkosh Northwestern this weekend...

    Robert Doeckel, 09/14/2009
  • Tax Avoider to Lead Taxpayer Caucus

    This is good. So Grover Norquist’€”who’€™s regularly full of bad ideas (see: Reagan Day)’€”had a brain fart a few years back from which came the Taxpayer Protection Caucus. But here’€™s the real...

    Cody Oliphant, 05/06/2009
  • Hopper Wants to Pay Less Taxes Than He Already Doesnt

    Making its rounds at the capitol this year is AB38: a bill devised to exclude from taxable income gains from a Wisconsin business. As the Legislative Reference Bureau understands it, a corporation...

    Cody Oliphant, 04/20/2009
  • Tiffany’€™s Imaginary Tax Burden

    Last week I wrote about Republican State Senate candidate (18th SD) Randy Hopper and how he was complaining about taxes and suggesting that the current tax structure has been unfair to him....

    Cory Liebmann, 10/28/2008
  • Hopper’€™s Credibility Problem on Taxes

    Republican State Senate candidate (18th SD) Randy Hopper is running a pretty standard campaign for a conservative. In a recent debate he complained about taxes and suggested that the current tax structure...

    Cory Liebmann, 10/23/2008