Sean Duffy

Government Shutdown Doesn’t Deter Duffy’s D.C. Cash Grab

MADISON, Wis. — While voting to shut down the federal government it appears U.S. Representative Sean Duffy is keeping his campaign’s fundraising operation open for business. On the ninth day of the Tea Party initiated federal government shutdown, Duffy is slated to appear at a $1,000 per person dinner fundraiser at the Washington D.C. home […]

Wisconsin House GOP Has Koch Addiction

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Republican House members Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy and Reid Ribble managed to score $11,000 in campaign money from the Koch PAC last month, according to fillings at the Federal Election Commission. Koch PAC, funded by the big oil profits of the nation’s second largest privately-owned company, has a notorious anti-worker, anti-middle […]

Saucy Twitter pics wouldn’t cut seniors off Medicare, Sean Duffy would

As the GOP and right-wing bloggers try to distract the America with non-issues, Wisconsin Republicans Paul Ryan and Sean Duffy are trying to cut hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens off Medicare. In Duffy’s district alone, 480,000 citizens would lose access to Medicare. Obviously, they’re not happy about it: 100-plus demonstrators against and in favor of revising […]

How to Divorce Your Wife While She’s Recovering from Cancer Surgery and Other Wisdom Sean Duffy Can Get from Newt Gingrich

Sean Duffy, the former Republican Ashland County District Attorney will welcome disgraced ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich to a big-money Wausau fundraiser Friday. Duffy has not said whether it was Gingrich’s repeated adultery, ethics imbroglios or his negotiating of his divorce from the first of his three wives while she lie in a hospital bed recovering […]

Is Americans for Prosperity endorsing Sean Duffy for Congress?

It’s common knowledge that non-profit organizations can’t endorse political candidates, to everyone except Americans for Prosperity’s executive director Mark Block, that is. Block, who in 2000 was fined $15,000 and banned from volunteering or working on political campaigns for 4 years, has raised new questions about activities being conducted by his organization. According to the […]

Why Wouldn’t Sean Duffy Investigate Gableman?

In April 2008, One Wisconsin Now requested Ashland County District Attorney Sean Duffy investigate allegations that Mike Gableman, while serving as Ashland District Attorney, made illegal fundraising calls from his state office for then-Gov. Scott McCallum. As the DA where the alleged violations took place, Duffy’s office would be the most logical place for the […]