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Targeting One of the Largest Funders of Right-Wing Causes in America

One Wisconsin Now has used research, communications and rapid response to bring attention the nation’s largest foundational giver to right-wing causes, the Bradley Foundation. Led by Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, the $830 Million Bradley Foundation doles out tens of millions of dollars every year to finance all aspects of the national right-wing infrastructure.

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One Wisconsin Now ·
Gov. Scott Walker announced longtime ally and right-wing Bradley Foundation CEO Michael Grebe will chair his presidential campaign. The Bradley Foundation, with over $830 million in assets, doles out $30 to $40 million annually to right-wing think tanks, propaganda outlets and voter suppression organizations that shape Walker’s policy agenda. Bradley’s largesse also insulates him from criticism by the vast network of leading right-wing influence peddlers that Bradley finances.
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One Wisconsin Now ·
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is demanding documents and threatening to use the oversight authority of the Senate committee he chairs in an apparent attempt to derail an ongoing federal Department of Justice investigation into the private school voucher program in Wisconsin. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said Sen. Johnson’s pandering is a blatant attempt to curry favor with the $800 million-plus right-wing Bradley Foundation and payback for a sweetheart deal for legal representation from the Bradley-funded Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL).
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Associated Press ·
An $800 million foundation with Milwaukee roots bankrolled Walker's future conservative allies. "The Bradley Foundation millions have bought Scott Walker an insurance policy from criticism by the intellectual right," said Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group.

One Wisconsin Now ·
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker touts himself as purveyor of big, bold ideas for the public good in his pursuit of the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. But according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, Walker has instead advanced his own political career by pledging allegiance on pet issues for major right-wing funders the Bradley Foundation, run by his gubernatorial campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, and the Koch family foundations of notorious right-wing billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch.
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One Wisconsin Now ·
Out-of-state backers of the failed 25-year school privatization racket will be descending upon Madison today for what will likely be among many events designed to “commemorate” the quarter-century failed school privatization experiment in Wisconsin. The event is being hosted by the Federalist Society with a featured speaker from the Goldwater Institute, both of which have received huge financial support from the pro-privatization Bradley Foundation, which is headed by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair, Michael Grebe.
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Wisconsin State Journal ·
The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now said speakers representing seven groups that got $3 million in funding from the conservative Milwaukee-based foundation went to the head of the line at Tuesday’s hearing, which lasted for 8 1/2 hours.

One Wisconsin Now ·
Seven groups that received funding from the Bradley Foundation, run by Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair, were at the head of the line to have their say at yesterday’s public hearing on a wrong for Wisconsin right to work law. Meanwhile a large numbers of Wisconsin citizens who would be hurt by the law and waited all day to have their say were denied their right to speak when the committee chair abruptly ended the hearing.
united auto workers
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Capital Times ·
While union leaders focused their criticisms on ALEC, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now tied the right-to-work push to the conservative Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation. An OWN review of federal tax records found in 2012 and 2013, the Bradley Foundation gave $8 million to support about three dozen groups that supported right-to-work policies, including ALEC.
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Wisconsin Gazette ·
With hearings and protests taking place on “right-to-work” legislation, the watchdog group One Wisconsin Now released research on the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, headed by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair.
Michael Grebe of the Bradley Foundation
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One Wisconsin Now ·
Late last week, while traveling out of state, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped his pre-November 2014 election charade of opposition to a right to work law that could cut the average Wisconsin family’s wages by over $5,000 per year. One Wisconsin Now’s research of the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, headed by Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair, reveals the stage has been set for Walker’s latest assault on Wisconsin’s middle class for his personal political benefit with a well-financed propaganda campaign utilizing a nationwide web of front groups.
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by Scot Ross ·
The efforts of both Assembly and Senate Republicans fall woefully short of protecting our children and tax dollars, instead putting ideology and political payback before helping our schools be the best that they can be.
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The Progressive ·
According to a report by One Wisconsin Now, the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation is a major underwriter of the anti-education propaganda effort.
Right to Work for Less protest

One Wisconsin Now ·
A Republican state legislator who says he will introduce a controversial, so-called “right-to-work” bill is basing his case in part on statistics produced by a right-wing group that receives significant support from the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the source for statistics being cited by the presumptive bill author, has raked in nearly $500,000 over the last decade from the Bradley Foundation.
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The Progressive ·
“The wallet and fingerprints of Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair Michael Grebe are all over this last-second desperate smear against Mary Burke,” says One Wisconsin Now executive director Scot Ross. “The $500 million Bradley Foundation empire views promoting Scott Walker and his radical right wing agenda as central to its mission,” says Ross.
anatomy of a right wing smear campaign

by Cody Oliphant ·
The wallet and fingerprints of Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair, Michael Grebe, are all over this last-second desperate smear against Mary Burke.
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One Wisconsin Now ·
 The fingerprints of the Wisconsin Money Badger Michael Grebe, Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair and head of the $500 million right-wing Bradley Foundation, are all over the latest sleazy political smear launched against Walker’s opponent just six days before the election. A review of IRS records and Bradley Foundation reports reveals they have provided significant financial support for the media outlet that first reported on the smear, along with funneling millions to other groups working to advance the political interests of Gov. Walker.

One Wisconsin Now ·
 College Republicans have produced a series of bizarre ads ostensibly intended to help embattled GOP governors, reportedly including Scott Walker in Wisconsin, appeal to women voters. The ads, based on the TV program “Say Yes to the Dress,” equate casting a vote for governor with picking out a dress. According to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, College Republicans aren’t the only allies of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with sexist opinions about women and their dress.
Racist Voter Suppression Billboard

One Wisconsin Now ·
Then-Milwaukee County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker directed his assistant administrator to “please help him out,” after being asked by Stephen Einhorn for information that was ultimately used in dozens of voter intimidation billboards that were placed around Milwaukee in the weeks leading up to Walker’s election as governor.
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One Wisconsin Now ·
 While studies of the voucher program have failed to demonstrate higher achievement for students, pandering to the voucher industry has been lucrative for career politician Scott Walker’s campaign account. According to One Wisconsin Now executive Director Scot Ross that may account for Gov. Walker’s call yesterday to further expand the unaccountable private school voucher program.