Scott Walker’s Record on Labor Issues

Gov. Scott Walker Vaulted to National Prominence Over His Attacks on the Rights of 175,000 Wisconsin Workers

Gov. Scott Walker vaulted to national prominence over his attacks on the rights of 175,000 Wisconsin workers shortly after taking office in 2011. His divisive attacks on hardworking Wisconsinites continue to polarize the state. In 2015 he continued his agenda of attacking working families and unions when he signed a wrong for Wisconsin right to work law, undermining the strong relationships built between private unions and their employers.

But the politically motivated union-busting attacks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Walker’s anti-worker stances. As Milwaukee County executive, Walker balanced his budgets on the backs of workers and made consistent efforts to privatize public services.

As governor, Walker’s anti-labor positions range from layoffs and privatization to opposing increasing the minimum wage and an equal pay enforcement laws.

A comprehensive analysis entitled “D is for Dismantle,” authored by the non-partisan One Wisconsin Institute shows that despite claims from Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin schools are not failing, instead his budget cuts and disastrous education policies endanger our proud tradition of excellent schools. []

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Gov. Scott Walker’s scheme to allow the government to take away the rights of Wisconsin workers is part of an unbalanced and potentially unconstitutional proposal that would add at least $30 million to the state’s credit card and allow the Governor’s health agency director to slash health care access and raise costs without the approval of the legislature. []