Tax Breaks

Republicans Discover the Middle Class

As research by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now has found, “Vos’ financial disclosures reveal his personal wealth... [Urban Milwaukee]

Study: Manufacturing tax credit added 21,000 jobs

One Wisconsin Now sought records from the Department of Revenue to back up a claim that the credit was creating jobs. The department said it did not have any records. [Milwaukee Business News]

Rexnord workers caught in Trump vs. union war of words

“Tax credits are the government putting their finger on the scale,” said Jenni Dye, research director for One Wisconsin Now, a liberal public policy group in Madison. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Guest view: Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is no model to follow

People who read Gov. Scott Walker’s recent column deserve to know the truth about his record on the economy. Tax cuts for corporation do not create jobs. Education creates jobs, which creates customers for small businesses. [Holmen Courier-Life]


As governor, Scott Walker’s approach has been to reward the wealthy and corporations with tax cuts, both in the budget and through special legislation.

Scott Walker Polling Voters on Presidential Run

Walker’s campaign is polling voters on his planned presidential run, asking favorability questions about various Republican and Democratic candidates, including fellow Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan.

Walker Cut UW Tuition and Student Loan Debt

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, who has become a national leader on student loan debt issues, decried Walker’s “stunning lack of leadership.” “Wisconsin’s student loan debtors had a pathway to real tax relief, but Governor Walker is only interested in tax breaks for corporations and the rich,” said Ross. “Drastic cuts to the […] [Capital Times]

Prelude to a Raid?

Right-wing finger-pointing over reports of University of Wisconsin System surpluses is distracting from the real crisis, the trillion dollar plus student loan debt crisis.

One Wisconsin Now Statements on the Two Year Anniversary of Scott Walker as Governor

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements on the two-year anniversary of Scott Walker as Governor: “Scott Walker used his gubernatorial inauguration in 2011 as a shockingly unseemly fundraiser for his own campaign and the state Republican Party. His cash grabs, pursuit of partisan political power and crony […]

Candidate for Wisconsin schools chief backed biggest education spending cuts in state history, liberal group says

The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Nowhas long been critical of state Rep. Don Pridemore, especially when blasting bills he authored that would affect police treatment of immigrants and require voters to present photo identification. Now that Pridemore, a Republican from suburban Milwaukee, is challenging state schools superintendent Tony Evers in the April 2013 election, One Wisconsin Now has […] [PolitiFact]

Wisconsin Business Owner in Romney Super PAC Ad Paid No State Corporate Income Tax During Obama’s First Term, Likely Not Impacted by Tax Plan Asking Millionaires to Pay Fair Share

MADISON, Wis. — A recent pro-Romney super-PAC television ad features Joseph Buechel of Wisconsin, who identifies himself as a small business owner, decrying the Obama Administration’s tax policy. However, tax records obtained by One Wisconsin Now show Buechel’s business, Natural Stone Veneers International, Inc., has paid nothing in state corporate income taxes in any of […]

Walker promotes public land accessibility

Wisconsin private landowners have registered more than a million acres in an open-managed forest program for recreational public use in exchange for tax subsidies. The report from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation indicated that in certain areas public use has been denied. Monday, legislators promised legislation to remove the legal loopholes in the hope of preventing […] [Badger Herald]