School Privatization Category Archive

  • Voucher Programs Expand, Creating Debates About Public School Funding

    “A closer look at the data shows many of the students receiving vouchers aren’t changing from a public to a private school, they were already attending private school.”

    Daily Cardinal, 10/21/2019
  • Private School Vouchers Cost $350 Million

    A closer look reveals that most of the private-school students who make up that 81% were already in the voucher program last year.

    Urban Milwaukee, 10/18/2019
  • Over 81 Percent of Students Snagging Taxpayer-Funded Private School Vouchers in Statewide Program This School Year Attended A Private School Last Year

    Nearly 82 percent of students in the statewide expansion of the program in the 2019-20 school year attended a private school in the previous school year.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/17/2019
  • Support for Parts of Evers’ Education Budget Struggles in Poll, Conservative Group Says

    One Wisconsin Now said WILL isn't an organization producing unbiased information because they're ... a lobbying organization.

    Capital Times, 04/09/2019
  • Top Republican Legislator Admits GOP Tax Scheme Could Lead to Cuts to Public School Funding

    Robin Vos’ scheme to protect a tax loophole that unfairly benefits the wealthiest could result in cuts to public school funding

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/12/2019
  • Private School Voucher Backers Top $7.5 Million in Donations to Wisconsin Politicians

    With state campaign finance reports in, school privatization backers have larded campaign accounts with $7.5 million in campaign contributions since 2008.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/10/2018
  • A New Public Education Movement Is Emerging in Wisconsin, a Rebuke to Gov. Walker’s War on Labor and School Privatization

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) launched a war on labor in 2011, enacting a law called Act 10 that decimated the power of public employee unions to bargain, and it also cut...

    Washington Post, 07/03/2018
  • Follow the Money: A Handy Guide to Some of the Organizations on the School Choice Gravy Train

    One Wisconsin Institute compiled a list of the organizations that have been funded by the far-right Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee.

    Diane Ravitch, 09/06/2017
  • Walker’s Tax Handout for Private School Kids

    The annual tuition for Madison Country Day School in Waunakee is $16,490 for first grade and rises to $17,800 for high school. That’s unaffordable, of course, for most people. Wealthy families choose...

    Isthmus, 04/27/2017
  • Tony Evers Election Shows Strong Support for Wisconsin Public Schools

    Tony Evers won overwhelmingly against an opponent whose campaign centered on sending more of our tax dollars to private voucher schools.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/04/2017
  • State Payments Per Pupil for Private School Vouchers Set to Exceed Public Schools

    As reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin public schools are now feeling financial pressure as the voucher program drains resources from them

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/23/2017
  • Voucher Money to Republicans Buys Voucher Cartel More of Our Money

    The school privatization industry has given millions of dollars to Scott Walker’s political campaigns and he’s returning the favor.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/20/2017
  • Memo: Voucher Schools Receive More State Funding Per Student

    Private voucher schools would receive an additional $1,000 or more in state funding per student compared to public schools under Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget, although voucher school advocates say that only...

    WPR, 03/20/2017
  • Scot Ross: New Research, Old Problem: Voucher Schemes Might Work for Pols, but Not Kids

    We ought to be able to agree that investment in our children’s education is of critical importance locally, as a state and as a nation.

    Capital Times, 03/09/2017
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Latest John Humphries-Lowell Holtz Revelation

    One Wisconsin Now released the following statements on the latest revelations about the sleazy deal between the two school privatization supporters.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/17/2017
  • Has Private School Voucher Pander Paid Off for John Humphries?

    Mere days after his transparent political pander, pro-voucher money is on the move and $10,000 of it finds its way into John Humphries’ campaign coffers.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/15/2017
  • Wisconsin State Superintendent Has Questions About DeVos

    The group has spent at least $4.5 million on campaigns in Wisconsin to elect Republicans... according to the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now.

    Associated Press, 02/07/2017
  • Scott Walker, Lowell Holtz and John Humphries Standing by Their Woman, Betsy DeVos

    When these three continue to stand by Betsy DeVos it’s clear they’re most interested in the impact she can have on their campaign war chests.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/01/2017
  • If It’s a Day That Ends in ‘Y’ John Humphries Has a Scheme to Take Public School Funding and Give It to Private Voucher Schools

    It’s no surprise today we see another version of the same old plan to take more of our public tax dollars and send them to less accountable private schools.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/26/2017
  • Why Would Gov. Scott Walker’s Campaign Chair Host Fundraiser for Walker Recall Petition Signer John Humphries? Follow the Money.

    John Humphries pledged his loyalty to Michael Grebe’s agenda to take money from public schools and give it to private voucher schools in exchange for support.

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/19/2017
  • Support for Betsy DeVos As Federal Education Secretary Another Lesson About John Humphries’ Priorities

    We’re Learning the Only Thing You Can Trust is That Humphries Will Put His Political Ambition Before Best Interests of Wisconsin Schools and Kids

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/19/2017
  • Scott Walker Endorses Political Benefactor Betsy DeVos

    AFC has spent at least $4.5 million on campaigns to elect Republicans and other candidates who are proponents of school choice, according to One Wisconsin Now.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 01/17/2017
  • Field Set for Private School Voucher Industry Campaign Cash Chase

    The race to appease the big spending private school voucher industry is on between candidates John Humphries and Lowell Holtz

    One Wisconsin Now, 01/04/2017
  • Tony Evers Faces Re-election Amid Big GOP Wins, Union Membership Losses

    Jenni Dye of One Wisconsin Now, which has studied the influence of pro-voucher groups on Wisconsin politics, said she expects heavy spending to defeat Evers.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 12/02/2016
  • John Humphries Wastes No Time Pledging Allegiance to Private School Voucher Cartel

    John Humphries has wasted no time in pledging his allegiance to the private school voucher cartel. He’s interested in the campaign cash of special interests.

    One Wisconsin Now, 12/02/2016
  • Trump’s DeVos Appointment Means More School Privatization, More Failure, Less Accountability

    Betsy DeVos has been a driving force for privatization of our schools. She’s used her family’s wealth to reward politicians who support her agenda.

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/23/2016
  • Trump Taps SC Gov Haley and Charter School Backer DeVos

    “Betsy DeVos has been a driving force for the privatization of our public schools,” said Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    Associated Press, 11/23/2016
  • Wisconsin School-choice Supporters Cheer DeVos Pick

    AFC spent almost $5 million on Wisconsin elections alone since 2010, according to liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, which railed against DeVos.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/23/2016
  • Why Would an Arkansas Billionaire Write Dan Feyen a $1,000 Check?

    While Jim Walton almost certainly never met Dan Feyen, it seems he’s acquainted with his willingness to sell out public schools to help private voucher schools.

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/03/2016
  • Private School Voucher Special Interest Group Tops $1 Million in Campaign Spending to Elect Compliant Legislators

    American Federation For Children Spends Big to Try to Elect Legislators Who’ll Keep Public Tax Dollars Flowing to Less Accountable Private Schools

    One Wisconsin Now, 11/01/2016
  • Unaccountable Private School Voucher Backers Up the Ante With Six Figure TV Ad Buy to Boost Rep. Todd Novak in 51st Assembly District Race

    American Federation for Children will spend whatever it takes to try to keep legislators in office who’ll keep tax dollars flowing to private voucher schools.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/28/2016
  • WEAC: New Style of Vouchers ‘back-door Scheme’ to Defund Public Schools

    Scot Ross [said] Republican lawmakers “are willing to sell out our public schools” in exchange for campaign donations from pro-voucher supporters.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 10/07/2016
  • New Private School Voucher Scheme Surfaces As Pro-Voucher Front Group Spending to Elect Republican Legislators Tops $500,000

    A media report details a new scheme to divert public education funding and state tax dollars to unaccountable private voucher schools.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/06/2016
  • Private Voucher School Front Group Reports Spending $500,000 in September Alone to Buy Pro-Voucher Legislature

    The front group for special interests seeking to divert state money to private voucher schools hit the air in its latest attempt to elect legislative allies.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/30/2016
  • Sen. Tom Tiffany Gets His Payoff for Voting to Send Northwoods Tax Dollars to Private Voucher Schools

    Special Interest Private School Voucher Group American Federation For Children to Drop $230,000 On TV Ads Backing Their Man, Tom Tiffany

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/13/2016
  • GOP Insider Rick Graber to Lead Bradley Foundation

    "He certainly checks Bradley's biggest boxes," said Scot Ross, head of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, which closely tracks the foundation.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 06/24/2016
  • Walker Denies Legal Counsel to Agency Sued by His Campaign Chair’s Legal Fund

    Gov. Walker is denying legal counsel to a state agency because the lawsuit was brought by his campaign chair’s legal fund.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/16/2016
  • Private Schools Line Up for Public Cash Through Unaccountable School Voucher Program

    More private schools are seeking to cash in with public tax dollars during the 2016-17 school year through the unaccountable school voucher program.

    One Wisconsin Now, 02/05/2016
  • Right-Wing Bradley Foundation Spent $108M to Privatize Public Education

    A major new report from One Wisconsin Institute finds that the Bradley Foundation spent more than $108 million to privatize public schools in Wisconsin.

    Diane Ravitch, 01/05/2016
  • Bradley Foundation’s Radical Education Privatization Campaign Rolls On

    Updated research exposing the right-wing Bradley Foundation’s spending over $108 million in support of education privatization from provides some answers.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 12/17/2015
  • State Senator Chris Kapenga Endorses Barring A Muslim From Being Elected President While Using Tax Dollars to Support Islamic Religious Schools

    In Kapenga’s mind it’s fine to spend tax dollars for kids to get an Islamic religious education while telling them they shouldn't be allowed to be President.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/23/2015
  • Unaccountable Private School Voucher Program a Billion Dollar Boondoggle Under Gov. Walker and Republican Legislature

    A new analysis finds that under Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature, taxpayers will have to foot a $1.18 billion plus tab for the private school voucher program by the end of the 2016-17 fiscal year.

    One Wisconsin Now, 09/01/2015
  • Walker Scores Big With Koch Brothers, Other Wealthy Donors in Informal Poll

    Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, which opposes school vouchers, described the makeup of the task force as being “packed” with voucher supporters, executive director Scot Ross said in a statement. The group pointed to $20,000 in campaign contributions that went to the GOP members of the committee from pro-voucher groups.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 08/08/2015
  • The Reality of Scott Walker’s Record on K-12 Education

    Gov. Scott Walker’s education policies would earn him an F grade from anyone concerned with quality public education. In his first budget, Walker enacted the largest per student K-12 education cuts in the nation.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/06/2015
  • Assembly Speaker Packs New Education Task Force With School Privatization Lackeys

    A newly created “task force on urban education” features members who have benefitted from campaign contributions and heavy spending by pro-private school voucher special interests.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/05/2015
  • Will Assembly GOP Allow Raid on Public Education to Benefit Unaccountable Private School Voucher Program?

    Will the State Assembly give approval to a scheme to raid funds directly from K-12 public schools to fund an unlimited and unaccountable private school voucher program in the state budget?

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/08/2015
  • GOP-Led State Senate Set to Launch Massive Raid on K-12 Public School Funding to Support Unaccountable Private Voucher Schools

    The private school voucher industry has poured millions of dollars into buying a friendly legislature that won’t demand accountability from the voucher program.

    One Wisconsin Now, 07/07/2015
  • Sen. Ron Johnson Panders on Pet Project of Wisconsin Money Badger Michael Grebe

    Add U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to the list of politicians seeking to feed at the education privatization cartel’s trough.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/19/2015