From educating our children to incarcerating criminals and everything in between Gov. Scott Walker is willing to outsource public functions to private contractors. That his dogmatic dedication to privatization has often left workers losing wages and benefits while taxpayers pay more for the same or reduced services and get less accountability matter little.

No wonder when you realize Walker has handsomely padded his campaign account with contributions from the beneficiaries of his willingness to hand over public tax dollars to private business. As a state legislator Walker defended shipping Wisconsin prisoners to private facilities in other states, despite serious questions about how these facilities operated and pushed to build a private prison in Wisconsin. As Governor he’s led the charge to expand a private voucher school industry that is taking millions of tax dollars out of public schools.

All along Walker benefited from the financial largesse of the privatization special interests, including his campaign co-chair who heads one of the biggest funders of right-wing, pro-privatization propaganda the Bradley Foundation.