Gov. Scott Walker’s education policies would earn him an F grade from anyone concerned with quality public education. In his first budget, Walker enacted the largest per student K-12 education cuts in the nation. He has also aggressively pursued privatization, pushing more money towards unaccountable taxpayer funded voucher schools while cutting money from Wisconsin’s public schools.

Of the students attending voucher schools through a limited statewide expansion of vouchers in the 2013 budget, roughly 75 percent were already attending private schools without a taxpayer-funded voucher. Walker’s 2015 budget proposed removing any cap on vouchers, allowing unlimited statewide expansion of unaccountable voucher schools.

Walker has close ties to voucher advocates, snagging nearly $2 million in gubernatorial campaign contributions from voucher backers since 2008. In addition, Walker’s campaign co-chair, Michael Grebe, heads the Bradley Foundation, which has funded a $31 million-plus propaganda campaign in support of education privatization in Wisconsin.