The Rebecca Bradley Non-Partisan Ruse

Now, thanks to some research by One Wisconsin Now, we find out what appealed to Scott Walker most about Ms. Bradley that made him start wanting to appoint her to any job he could. [Cognitive Dissidence]

Drafting files reveal series of changes to Wisconsin fetal tissue legislation

One Wisconsin Now research director Jenni Dye noted that the provisions of the original drafting request are no longer part of the bill being introduced and said the timing of the addition of the research ban language suggests it was driven by the release of the Planned Parenthood videos. [Capital Times]

Four takeaways from Walker’s showing in the first presidential debate

Liberals were particularly peeved by Walker’s responses to the questions about abortion and targeting of African-Americans. They drew mentions from the websites Huffington Post and Think Progress and from the liberal group One Wisconsin Now. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Scott Walker calls abortion to save a woman’s life a ‘false choice’

Jenni Dye, research director for the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, disputed Walker’s comments. “Absolutely there are situations where a woman’s life is in danger if she continues a pregnancy,” she said. “We need someone with medical training making these decisions, not politicians,” said Dye, who previously served as the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin. “If […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Scott Walker signs anti-abortion bill into law

That even one woman’s life or health may be put at risk so Walker can increase his credibility with the extreme right-wing Republican presidential base is as unacceptable as it is heartbreaking. [Wisconsin Gazette]

Scott Walker signs 20-week abortion ban into law

By signing this bill, Walker has forced pure political calculation to take the place of medicine when it comes to personal decisions about a woman’s pregnancy. [Capital Times]

Women’s Issues

Gov. Scott Walker’s actions have repeatedly undermined women in Wisconsin when it comes to healthcare and economic freedom.

Scott Walker to Sign Ban on Abortions for Rape, Incest

Opponents of the Wisconsin bill, including Jenni Dye of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, charge that the language allowing late-term abortions to protect the life of the mother is too narrow. [Daily Beast]

Walker: No Rush to Condemn Rape Joke

By refusing to speak out now and allowing Rush Limbaugh’s sick comments to stand, Scott Walker is showing us where he really stands.

Liberal group says Brad Schimel ‘trying to have it both ways’ on abortion laws

A liberal advocacy group contends that Brad Schimel, the Republican candidate for attorney general, has voiced conflicting intentions regarding his approach to laws struck down by the courts. “Brad Schimel has been caught in a lie, and he seems to be having trouble deciding who to admit he is lying to,” Dye said. [Capital Times]

Gov. Walker’s Foul Photo Op

Gov. Scott Walker recently appeared at a charity event for teen drug treatment featuring controversial Phil Robertson of the television show Duck Dynasty.

Five Debate Questions for Brad Schimel

In advance of this afternoon’s first Attorney General, One Wisconsin Now has proposed a series of questions Schimel should answer to the people of Wisconsin.

Walker’s campaign site touts Pro-Life Wisconsin endorsement he didn’t receive this year

One Wisconsin Now executive director Scot Ross said touting the endorsement of a group that didn’t grant it for this election is an example of “the alarming pattern of deception with Scott Walker when it comes to women’s health,” noting the governor’s past support of Pro-Life Wisconsin and of laws the group supports. [Capital Times]

One Wisconsin Now Asks: Which Bill, Gov. Walker?

In a recent campaign television ad Gov. Scott Walker, on record as opposed to abortion even in cases of rape or incest, speaks directly to the camera and tries to minimize the impact of “the bill”.

Gov. Walker’s Choice: He Wants it Both Ways

Gov. Walker's 20-year demonstrated record of extremism on women's reproductive health issues and a “100 percent” rating from an extremist group are at odds with his new TV ad.

WMC Doubles Down on Attacks on Wisconsin Women

A top lobbyist at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce unleashed an angry tirade at a Tuesday press conference held by women opposing WMC’s attacks on pay equity in Wisconsin.