MacIver Institute

Inside Scott Walker’s Secret Brain Trust

"The MacIver Institute is a propaganda factory for the failed Walker policies that have put Wisconsin near the bottom of the Midwest in job creation.” [Daily Beast]

Following the money behind ‘right-to-work’

The watchdog group One Wisconsin Now released research on the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, headed by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair. [Wisconsin Gazette]

S is for Shill

This report exposes the web of right-wing funders advancing a radical school privatization agenda through the use of Wisconsin-based front groups, with special focus on the Bradley Foundation, headed by Scott Walker's campaign co-chair Michael Grebe.

Koch group selling Walker agenda ahead of recall

Koch Industries and its front group Americans for Prosperity spent roughly a million dollars helping to put Scott Walker in the governor’s mansion and another half a million dollars protecting his recalled state senators. Now, Koch’s AFP and their sister organization the MacIver Institute are teaming up to help Scott Walker yet again. Just in time […]

One Wisconsin Now files open records request to anti-working family Senators

One Wisconsin Now filed the following Open Records request today with the 18 Wisconsin Senators who illegally passed Gov. Walker’s attack on the rights of working families in March. We look forward to seeing what comes back in the most timely fashion. Dear Senators: This letter is to request the following records, under the state’s […]

The latest “That’s Debatable” — Fundraisers, FEMA and Trains

“That’s Debatable” is a weekly column published by featuring One WI Now’s Scot Ross debating Brian Fraley from the conservative MacIver Institute on the ‘hot topic’ of the week. This week’s topic: Fundraisers, FEMA and Trains…but mostly about trains, and how Scott Walker apparently doesn’t want to bring 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin with the […]

That’s Debatable: Supreme Court Decision on Patient Compensation

Gentlereaders, submitted for your approval or outrage, the latest head-to-head by the MacIver Institute’s Brian Fraley and yours truly. This week’s subject: the Supreme Court’s decision on the state’s patient compensation fund. All the yummy goodness is here:

More scientists cleared of any wrong doing in “Climategate”

When the “TRUTH!!” about “THE CONSPIRACY!!!” behind “THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX!!!” was finally “revealed,” right-wing groups and their cronies in the corporate media practically trampled each other in their excitement to report the PROOF that the fix was on when it came to global warming. Climategate! Wisconsin’s leading corporate public relations firm, sorry, right-wing think […]

Bailed out banksters hatched callous overdraft scheme

While millions of Americans are fighting for survival ‘€“ whether it’€™s to keep their homes or keep their jobs ‘€“ it appears financial industry banksters have been lining their pockets through a heartless scheme that capitalizes on financially struggling folks.A Vernon County, Wisconsin resident has filed suit against Green Bay-based Associated Bank for ‘€œrearrang[ing] the […]

Play-by-play: Walker playing politics with job creation

Try to follow along as Scott Walker, Fred Luber (MacIver Institute Chair, Super Steel Chair, and Scott Walker Campaign Finance Co-Chair), and right-wing leaders play politics with job creation. Let’€™s watch. Right off the bat we see a little hypocrisy as the CEO of Fred Luber’€™s Super Steel admits the company ‘€œwould benefit from a […]

Thompson “Dithering”

Yet another story has popped about Republican Tommy Thompson maybe/maybe not throwing his hat in a race somewhere in Wisconsin. But the real question is: will the right wing call it “dithering”?The right fell in love with “dither” late last year when Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was mulling his gubernatorial run. Brian Fraley—from over at […]

That’s Debatable: MacIver’s Ideological News Service

Here’s the latest WisOpinion “That’s Debatable” featuring One WI Now’s Executive Director, Scot Ross on the MacIver Institute’s fake news service — check it out!

Progressive Alert: MacIver Institute’s Phony ‘Reporting’

Over the past months, a staffer from the conservative MacIver Institute has been attending press conferences in Madison and Milwaukee, armed with a camera to take footage and attempt to get interviews with legislators and other elected public officials. Be warned: The MacIver Institute is a not a news service. It is not a member […]

That’s Debatable: Most Hyped Story of 2009?

Here’s the latest WisOpinion feature ‘That’s Debatable’ in which One WI Now Executive Director Scot Ross takes on Brian Fraley from the conservative MacIver Institute. This week’s topic is the most hyped story of 2009 — check it out! You can also keep up on the latest from ‘That’s Debatable’ on Facebook here.

That’s Debatable: Sarah Palin’s recent visit to Milwaukee

Each week on, One WI Now Executive Director Scot Ross goes toe-to-toe with conservative Brian Fraley from the MacIver Insitute — here’s a link to the latest post on Sarah “Her Quitship” Palin’s visit to Milwaukee.

MacIver Defense of Tax Foundation Just More Right Wing Backscratching

The right wing water cooler was abuzz this week over the effrontery of the Institute for Wisconsin’€™s Future. IWF, one of Wisconsin’€™s few think tanks that doesn’€™t hock regressive tax policy, was criticizing the Tax Foundation for a garbage tax plan that would stick it to the middle class in the name of more George […]

More Jobs Coming to Wisconsin: WMC scare tactics = #epicfail

Once again despite the efforts of the states most notorious corporate tax loophole lobby group, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, more jobs are coming to Wisconsin. Republic Airways to add up to 800 jobs in Milwaukee This isnt the first company to do so either ” as I pointed out earlier, there have been quite a […]

MacIver Also Watching Stimulation Closely

Scott Walker got called out recently for sitting by and watching as Wisconsin and the U.S. stimulate Milwaukee County’€™s economy for him. Now the conservative MacIver Institute has created a project called the Wisconsin Stimulus Watch that will also pay close attention and put its spin on the jobs coming to Wisconsin via the American […]

Principles for sale: ACU-FedEx, WIL-K12 Inc?

The American Conservative Union (ACU) was put on the defensive this week after POLITICO revealed it attempted netting $3 million from FedEx in exchange for executing a huge campaign to support FedEx-friendly legislation. This makes me wonder: was Brian Fraley’€™s Wisconsin Institute for Leadership (WIL) playing the same pay to promote game when it took […]

Hate-speech in 140 characters or less

Stories about conservative public figures disseminating racist “jokes” have grown in the past six months. And thanks to a story in the MJS we can now add the conservative MacIver Institute’€™s resident blogger Fred Dooley to the list. Via Twitter, Dooley wrote:      “Got my stimulus package in the mail today. It contained watermelon seeds, […]

The MacIver Institute for Public Policy charts a bold new policy path…

…by proposing the same failed Bush policies that ran our economy into the ground in the first place. The MacIver Institute of Public Policy’s criticism of the recently passed budget reads like a loving tribute to the past 8 years of failed Bush fiscal policy. Their only solution to the record $6.6 billion budget deficit: […]

MacIver: Questionable Study, Questionable Timing

A joint study from the conservative MacIver Institute and the anti public school Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice makes the claim that high school dropouts are a burden to taxpayers of Wisconsin. Fair enough. But the source and timing of the study raise some serious eyebrows.Besides being a conservative think tank with a staff of […]

Fernandez, Koschnick join the conservative circus

There’€™s a huge rift in conservatism these days. On the one hand, you have a faction that looks back in dismay at three losing election cycles and is trying to retool their message in hope for a better outcome in the future. On the other hand, you have a faction too stubborn to abandon their […]