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  • Lazich Will Not Seek Re-election

    Liberals said they were happy to see her go, and One Wisconsin Now's entire staff released a joint statement to that effect.

    Lakeland Times, 03/25/2016
  • Senate President Lazich Won’t Seek Re-election

    Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now ripped Lazich in a statement Monday, calling her a “reliable reactionary voice to promote intolerance, racist dog-whistling and making women second-class citizens in our economy and at the doctor’s office.”

    Associated Press, 03/21/2016
  • Fifteen GOP Senators Supporting Attack on Early Voting Have Themselves Voted Early

    A review of publicly available records reveals 15 of the 17 state Senators who supported legislation to restrict early voting hours in Wisconsin have themselves voted early.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/13/2014
  • Republicans’ Latest Witch Hunt Against Voting in Wisconsin Gets Hearing in State Senate

    It is appalling that Republicans would even consider passing a law that would ban communities from making it easier and more convenient for their citizens to legally participate in elections.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/31/2013
  • Wisconsin GOP Determined to Not Be Outdone by North Carolina on Anti-Voter Efforts

    State Senator Mary Lazich has fired back, re-introducing a package of bills to make it easier to toss out the legally cast ballots of legal voters for minor clerical errors and injecting more partisanship into election administration.

    One Wisconsin Now, 08/13/2013
  • Protecting the Right to Vote in Wisconsin

    Voting is not only our right; it is our duty. It is how we have a say in the direction of our community, our state and our country. Voting is the one time everyone is equal. Young or old, rich or poor, on Election Day everyone gets the same say.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 05/12/2013
  • Is There an Omnibus-load of New GOP Attacks on Voters’ Rights Headed Our Way?

    MADISON, Wis. — In a weekend television appearance, Rep. Duey Stroebel, author of a bill to restrict early voting in Wisconsin, revealed that his proposal along with other GOP sponsored attacks on...

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/30/2013
  • Latest Lazich Racist Voter Attack Effort to Undo Election Results Republicans Didn’t Like

    The latest attack by longtime voting rights opponent Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin), specifically targets legal minority voters to purge them from the rolls.

    One Wisconsin Now, 12/17/2012
  • One Wisconsin Now Calls on State Senators With Taxpayer-Funded Memberships to Dump Affiliation With Right-Wing ALEC

    One Wisconsin Now sent letters today to 9 current Wisconsin State Senators asking them to revoke their membership in the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/09/2012
  • Major Corporations Cutting Ties With Right-Wing Organization, Will Wisconsin Legislators Follow Suit?

    MADISON, Wis. — Titans of corporate America Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft Foods and Intuit have all recently announced they are severing their ties with the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC was...

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/08/2012
  • D Is for Dismantle

    There is a long-held belief among many conservatives that public schools are simply not an appropriate role of government and should be privatized through the use of vouchers. One of the staunchest supporters of this extreme view is Gov. Scott Walker.

    One Wisconsin Institute, 12/20/2011
  • Wisconsin GOP Stumbles in Effort to Rig Recalls

    Republican efforts to inoculate themselves against recall hit a snag Monday when a moderate Republican announced his opposition to a plan that would permit recalls to happen in newly-drawn partisan districts. Scot...

    PR Watch, 11/01/2011
  • Lazich Voted for to Kill Notary Requirement She Now Wants for Walker Recall

    When it comes to sheer partisan hackery, there is no substitute for GOP Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin. Lazich, an author of the Jim Crow-era voter suppression ID bill, has now...

    Scot Ross, 10/30/2011
  • Republican Senator Schultz to Vote Against Recall Changes.

    Sen. Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center) told the Associated Press on Monday that he would not votefor a bill introduced on Friday by Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) that would immediately put into...

    Dane 101, 10/30/2011
  • Mary Lazich Versus Democracy

    One Wisconsin Now’s Scot Ross summed things up well when he said: “Mary Lazich believes that only Republicans should get to vote. She believes that only Republicans should be able to use...

    Capital Times, 10/27/2011
  • One Wisconsin Now Statements on Latest Lazich Voting Rights Assault

    One Wisconsin Now released the following statements regarding Sen. Lazich’s latest attempt to thwart the recall of Gov. Walker — a never-before considered requirement for officially notarized recall signatures.

    One Wisconsin Now, 10/26/2011
  • More Lies From the GOP Noise Machine on Cronon Attacks

    Never  allowing facts to get in the way of its smears, the right wing is trying to create a false moral equivalency between retaliatory actions taken by the Republican Party of Wisconsin...

    Scot Ross, 03/28/2011
  • Lazich Also an Exaggerater on Constituent Contacts

    Rep. Marlin Schneider got called out by the Associated Press for a claim he made on the number of constituents who contacted him about his laughably-unconstitutional bill limiting the public’€™s right to...

    Scot Ross, 02/09/2010
  • Gay Iowa Lottery – Which WI Leggie Will Be First With Anti-Iowa Statement?

    Who Do You Think Will be the First WI State Leggie to Issue Anti-Iowa Press Release? Nass? Krusick? Gundrum? Lazich? Suder? Hubler? Grothman? Vukmir? Fitzgerald (lil’ or big) Who? Gonna be a...

    Scot Ross, 04/02/2009
  • Guess What Mary? We Don’t Care

    Frothing political lifer Mary Lazich has just urped up her latest list of things she won’t vote for in the coming session. Health care of course, is tops on her no-way list....

    Scot Ross, 01/08/2009
  • Accurate Tax Facts: Wisconsin Is Middle-of-the-pack

    Once again, elected officials have pounced on a report by the Tax Foundation to mislead taxpayers into thinking that Wisconsin can’t afford to adequately fund its public institutions. The latest cases are...

    Cory Liebmann, 08/17/2008
  • Dislike of Doyle Blinds Bucher in Judicial Race

    As they say in the military, there’s always that 2 per cent that doesn’t get the word. Case in point: A number of conservative Republicans find themselves supporting — horrors! — one...

    Bill Christofferson, 03/08/2008
  • Lazich-faire Attitude on Big Money for the Rich

    Senator Mary Lazich is miffed at One Wisconsin Now.  Recently, she offered up some mangled criticisms of Wisconsin Now’€™s effort to reinstate the estate tax for Wisconsin’€™s wealthiest, which expired earlier the year. As soon...

    Scot Ross, 02/28/2008