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GOP ad buy for Walker tops $1 million, liberal group say

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin, said Republicans donors have “pressed the panic button” on Walker’s campaign. ”(Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce’s) million dollar buy didn’t move the needle,” Ross said, referring to another recent ad supporting Walker. “And so now RGA is doing the dirty work and spending in Wisconsin before they’ve dumped money practically […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

United Sportsmen seeks exemption from penalty for faulty tax filings

Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, said United Sportsmen’s sole source of funding appeared to be a conservative political group and that its main spending went to a GOP campaign consultant. “It is clear, based on their track record, that had United Sportsmen gotten state funding as envisioned by Governor Walker […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Gov. Walker Set to Travel to Nebraska to Campaign For a ‘Friend’

MADISON, Wis. — Media reports from Omaha, Nebraska say Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be traveling there on January 27th to campaign on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Ricketts. Ricketts is a multi-millionaire with a reported distaste for paying his fair share of taxes. He ran a largely self-funded and unsuccessful, campaign for U.S. […]

Walker Claims Ignorance On Sweetheart Deal for Group That Endorsed Him

MADISON, Wis. — As part of his 2013-15 state budget Gov. Scott Walker signed into law a provision directing a $500,000 taxpayer funded grant to United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, a group that endorsed him in his 2012 recall election. According to news reports, mega-GOP and right-wing cause funder Terry Kohler personally lobbied legislative leaders on the […]

#WalkerAt20: Failing Democracy

The rights of voters to participate in free and fair elections, and have confidence that their vote will be counted is fundamental to our democracy. No one has failed them more than Gov. Walker.

Conservative law firm sues MATC over labor contract

“Taxpayers can personally thank Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair for this lawsuit, that if successful, will cost them $150 million,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now’s executive director, referring to the cost savings MATC said it achieved through bargaining with the union. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

The Wisconsin ‘Money Badger’s’ Bad Night

Last night proved that, in a fair fight, progressives win and the people of Wisconsin will reject right-wing policies that take their rights and favor the wealthy and corporations over the middle class and working families.

Foundation Behind ‘Voter Fraud’ Billboards Exposed

Thanks to reporting done by The Grio's Joy Reid and the advocacy organization One Wisconsin Now, Melissa Harris-Perry is able to name names for 'This Week In Voter Suppression” in exposing the foundation behind billboards that splashed false information on voter fraud. [MSNBC]

Bradley Foundation helped pay for 2010 voter fraud sign

The liberal organization One Wisconsin Now was the first to disclose the role the Einhorn foundation had in footing the bill for the billboards. Scot Ross, head of the Madison-based group, called it “reprehensible” that private foundation money was spent on billboards that Ross said were intended to suppress the vote during the 2010 election in which Scott Walker was […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Dark Money Fueled by Little-Known Organizations

Scot Ross of "One Wisconsin Now" joins Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests to dig into the details on the Bradley Foundation, what is called the "big granddaddy of political money that no one knows about." [MSNBC]

New Report Details Walker Exploitation of Recall Fundraising Loophole

MADISON, Wis. — A comprehensive report from One Wisconsin Now and United Wisconsin shows how Gov. Scott Walker raised over $7 million by exploiting the unlimited campaign finance recall loophole and provides a detailed perspective on the out-of-state and in-state donors who bankrolled Walker’s win in June. “Scott Walker exploited the recall election rules to […]

Gov. Walker’s Recall Golden Rule: He Who Has the Gold, Rules

An analysis of Gov. Walker’s campaign finances by One Wisconsin Now has revealed he raised $7.3 million from wealthy, mega-donors exceeding the normal $10,000 aggregate contribution limit. The amount raked in by Gov. Walker from just 167 wealthy individuals, is nearly twice as much as the total of all contributions to his recall election opponent. […]

Memo: Follow the Money

You've also probably seen the ads paid for by the special interests benefitting from tax giveaways, consumer protection rollbacks and lax public safety regulation enforcement by the Walker administration.

“Divide and Conquer” Ad Capture Hilarious Walker Whopper

This ad and posting from One Wisconsin Now featuring the hypocrisy in Walker’s “divide and conquer” anti-union disclosure to a billionaire, megabucks campaign donor catches Walker in a classic ‘I mean the opposite’ moment. [The Political Environment]

Billionaires Back Gov. Walker’s One Percent Agenda

MADISON, Wis. — Nine members of the exclusive Forbes U.S. Billionaires List gave nearly $1.4 million to Gov. Walker over the last four months, according to One Wisconsin Now’s analysis of his most recent campaign finance filing. One Wisconsin Now spokesperson Mike Browne commented, “Gov. Walker has spent the last year giving away the proverbial […]