Glenn Grothman

On the Capitol: Everybody’s working on the weekend?

“Scott Walker’s legislative confederate, who wants to eliminate the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and voted to water down child labor laws, now has ending the weekend in his legislative crosshairs,” Ross said. “To do the bidding of their corporate donors, is restoration of indentured servitude coming next from the Walker Republicans?” [Wisconsin State Journal]

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin GOP Senator, Fights For A Seven-Day Workweek

Grothman’s proposing legislation that “would allow an employee to voluntarily choose to work without one day of rest in seven,” according to an email sent by his office to other state lawmakers on Friday. The email, which was sent to The Huffington Post by the progressive group One Wisconsin Now, was asking lawmakers to cosponsor […] [Huffington Post]

Power Mad GOP Legislators Latest Scheme Turns Judicial System Upside Down

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding a legislative scheme to undermine the authority of courts to stop enforcement of unconstitutional laws proposed by Republican State Representatives Craig and Ott and Senators Grothman and Vukmir: “The provisions of the Wisconsin State Constitution are not inconveniences that can be suspended at […]

Senator Alberta Darling Admits No Proof of Fraud

MADISON, Wis. — Senator Alberta Darling made national news after the November election by suggesting that fraud accounted for some or all of President Obama’s 200,000 plus vote victory in Wisconsin. In response to One Wisconsin Now’s demand that she produce proof to back up her astounding claim, Senator Darling’s office has admitted via letter, […]

One Wisconsin Now Renews Demand Rep. Vos and Sen. Darling Prove It

MADISON, Wis. — On the heels of yesterday’s admission by Sen. Glenn Grothman that he “can’t prove” his allegations of voting impropriety, One Wisconsin Now renewed its demand that incoming Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Joint Committee on Finance co-chair Alberta Darling produce the evidence to back up similar claims they have made. One Wisconsin […]

Senator Grothman Introduces Bill to Eliminate Campaign Donation Disclosure Rule

Allegations that Gov. Scott Walker improperly reported campaign contributions over 1,000 times since 2009 have come back into the spotlight with the introduction of SB 292. Liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now has filed two complaints with the Government Accountability Board over what they say are more than $500,000 in improperly reported contributions to Walker’s campaigns – […] [Dane 101]

GOPer Glenn Grothman gripes absentee voters, votes absentee himself

The GOP’s leading anti-student voter senator, Sen. Glenn Grothman, issued a press release basically intimidating student voters who may wish to vote absentee. Sen. Grothman always seems to have something disparaging to say about exercising the right to vote. And this isn’t even the first time he’s complained about the abillity to vote absentee. Funny […]

Grothman has a dream

State Sen. Glenn Grothman has a dream – a dream to stop state workers from having time off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Critics have been quick to point out that Grothman has a history of what some would call “culturally insensitive” legislation. [Wisconsin State Journal]

Sen. Grothman: Voter Protection assists ‘the lazy or uninformed’

The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act (WVPA) is a great piece of legislation that will, among other things, ensure veterans and their families have an equal chance to participate in the democracy they fight to defend. It also addresses unconscionable acts of voter intimidation and voter suppression. Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) says it assists ‘€œthe lazy […]

Grothmans Obsession Continues

Seriously, what is it with State Senator Glenn Grothman and his unhealthy obsession with race? Monday, it was reported that he is planning yet another whack at affirmative action in Wisconsin. He is planning to introduce an amendment similar to the one passed in Michigan banning affirmative action. Grothman defends the idea by appealing to […]

Grothman Wants to Make it Easier to Fire Teachers

This from the Wisconsin Radio network: Wisconsin school boards would have an easier time firing teachers if State Senator Glenn Grothman has his way. The West Bend Republican is drafting legislation to let districts get rid of what he calls “lemons” in the classroom, without going through years of legal disputes. Grothman says it’s getting […]