Ron Johnson

Wither Sen. Johnson?

With the U.S. Senate moving toward acting on legislation to repeal the increase in interest rates on federal student loans, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has fallen strangely silent.

Ron Johnson says poor blacks are responsible for financial crisis

Cody Oliphant on the One Wisconsin Now blog reports on Sen. Ron Johnson’s latest broadside against our “dependent” nation in which he complains about everything from food stamps to Social Security. So, in case you missed it, he says, poor black people are responsible for the country’s financial crisis, and unless we throw them to the wolves […] [Capital Times]

Gun control filibuster: Ron Johnson picks losing side

One Wisconsin Now, which has been hammering Johnson through its website, Our Dumb Senator, chimed in on Twitter: “#OurDumbSenator RoJo wants to protect “right” to sell guns to criminal without background check.” [Capital Times]

Is Walker-Ryan Relationship on the Rocks?

Ryan’s call for the repeal of ObamaCare, and Johnson’s support for legislation to defund health insurance exchanges, seem targeted to undermine Walker’s latest health care scheme

He Said What?

It is almost unbelievable that a single elected official could make so many wrongheaded, ill-informed and outright offensive public statements in such a short time.

Right-Wing Irony Parade Adds Another Act

The ironic cavalcade of right-wing politicians rallying for unaccountable privatization in a publicly run building just upped the ante with the addition of Lt. Gov. Kleefisch to the roster of speakers.

Irony on Parade in Waukesha

From the location to the keynote address, irony will be on parade this weekend in Waukesha according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross as a cavalcade of right-wing organizations promote unaccountable privatization.

Ron Johnson’s Tax Information

Progressive activist group One Wisconsin Now is out this afternoon with Johnson’s tax information. It is saying: “Tax documents obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue by One Wisconsin Now show Oshkosh Tea Party enthusiast and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson and his spouse have reported an estimated $12.2 million in the last 15 years. This would appear […] [MinnPost]

Your Logic is a Farce? Blame Sunspots!

Some of Johnson’s recent comments point to a different reason: he fails to grasp even the most basic concepts of any high school science curriculum.

Ron Johnson’s imaginary health care issues

Ron Johnson, who's taken back half of what he's said since entering the race for U.S. Senate, has had one consistent story he tells on the stump and in interviews.

RoJo’s Sunspot Solution?

Johnson is making news over his head-scratching declaration that sunspots, and not industry-created pollution, is the reason for the global climate change causing historic flooding, severe heat and cold and erratic weather events.

GOP-anointed Johnson fails to get Tea Party support

If you paid any attention to the Republican Party of Wisconsin Convention — and not GOP press releases and media accounts – you would have noticed that the Republican Party establishment-types are STILL the kingmakers of conservatives. Not the Tea Party. Not a single Tea Party candidate emerged victorious. Latest case in point of this […]

UPDATE: Wisconsin Right to Life PAC Endorses Ron Johnson, Who Opposes WRTL Extreme Agenda

Today’s Wisconsin Right to Life PAC endorsement of Ron Johnson shows WRTL is clearly more interested in shilling for the Republican Party rather than intellectual honesty. Please find below a re-send of One WI Now’s release from last week detailing US Senate candidate Ron Johnson’s opposition to Wisconsin Right to Life’s extreme agenda — and […]

Ron Johnson and the Tale of Two Tea Parties

Johnson had a choice: drink from the cups of grassroots Tea Party groups or sip one back with Mark Block, a big business front group, and the old school Republican establishment.

RoJo Seeks MoJo by Paying Liberal Blog?

And how's he spending that personal campaign fortune to win a primary ? He's buying ad space on one the country's top liberal blogs. It's true.