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Associated Press, 04/05/2016
Despite the big spending on her behalf, Bradley spent most of the campaign on the defensive after liberal group One Wisconsin Now exposed volatile opinion pieces she wrote as a college student for the Marquette Tribune in 1992.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 04/02/2016
Hillary Clinton took aim at state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley during her Saturday night speech... Her writings from her college years were released by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

Isthmus, 03/31/2016
According to One Wisconsin Now, which paid for an ad tracking service, the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, a dark-money group with Republican ties, has already spent $3 million on ads backing Bradley.

Shepherd Express, 03/31/2016
According to attorney Maistelman, Justice Rebecca Bradley’s false and malicious claims [against One Wisconsin Now] were made at a Dane County Bar Association forum earlier in the week.

Hillsboro Sentry-Enterprise, 03/30/2016
The progressive group One Wisconsin Now recently unearthed writings from Bradley’s college days in the early 90s critical of homosexual AIDS victims, feminists and abortion.

Marinette Eagle Herald, 03/30/2016
Throughout the last month, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now brought opinionated writings from when Bradley was in college to light. These writings included critical opinions of homosexual AIDs victims, feminism and abortion.

One Wisconsin Now, 03/24/2016
Rebecca Bradley’s outrageous lie shows a stunning lack of judicial temperament, ethical judgement and personal decency.

The Clarion, 03/23/2016
Recently, the election gained increased national media attention when the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now unearthed some articles Bradley wrote in a school newspaper in 1992.

Associated Press, 03/22/2016
Liberal group One Wisconsin Now said in a news release that Bradley doesn't want to face the Jewish community after she equated abortion to the Holocaust in writings to a college newspaper in 1992.

Wisconsin Gazette, 03/18/2016
Assembly Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley over her inflammatory writings about LGBT people and feminists. The writings were uncovered by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

Isthmus, 03/17/2016
As a Marquette student, she wrote opinion pieces, unearthed by One Wisconsin Now, in which she referred to being gay as “an abnormal sexual preference” and to people with AIDS as “degenerates,” suggesting they deserved to die.

Isthmus, 03/17/2016
Hence the apologies and disavowals from Bradley and Scott Walker after One Wisconsin Now unearthed Bradley’s disgusting rants about “degenerates” and the “abnormal sexual preference” of gay people during her campus bomb-thrower...

Wisconsin Gazette, 03/17/2016
That was before the indefatigable Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, uncovered and shared Bradley’s explosive hate writings from the Marquette Tribune.

Advance-Titan, 03/16/2016
Just weeks before the April 5 elections, the liberal political group One Wisconsin Now discovered several editorial columns, written by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley for the Marquette Tribune in 1992.

Windy City Times, 03/15/2016
Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley has apologized for anti-gay opinion pieces she wrote ... One Wisconsin Now revealed the writings.

Urban Milwaukee, 03/15/2016
As One Wisconsin Now documented, she wrote to Marquette’s student newspaper that Americans were “either totally stupid or entirely evil” for electing President Bill Clinton.