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  • One Wisconsin Now Calls Out Rebecca Bradley For Conflicts in Case of Bullying Professor

    One Wisconsin Now called on Rebecca Bradley to recuse herself from the case of bullying Professor John McAdams suing to get his job back at Marquette University.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/18/2018
  • Will Rebecca Bradley Refuse to Recuse From Case Involving Campaign’s Top Booster?

    To continue on a case where she has such obvious conflict of interest would show that her ethics are as warped as her views she expressed on the LGBTQ community.

    One Wisconsin Now, 06/21/2016
  • Bradley Win Adds Another Conservative Vote to Supreme Court

    One Wisconsin Now hit Bradley the hardest, exposing writings Bradley authored while she was in college in 1992 bashing gays, AIDS sufferers and feminists.

    Associated Press, 04/06/2016
  • New Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley’s Homophobic Quotes Are Despicable

    In college newspaper columns — unearthed by One Wisconsin Now — Bradley referred to gay people as "degenerates" who participated in "AIDS-producing sex."

    Mic, 04/06/2016
  • Wisconsin’s New Supreme Court Justice Once Sneered At “Queers,” “Degenerates” Who Were Dying Of AIDS

    One Wisconsin Now tracked down some of Bradley’s opinion columns she wrote while a student at Marquette University in the early 1990s.

    Queerty, 04/06/2016
  • UNSPUN: April 06, 2016

    One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross made his regular appearance on UNSPUN to discuss and analyze the Wisconsin Primary Election

    WMTV-TV, 04/06/2016
  • GOP Surge Helps Carry Bradley to Wisconsin Supreme Court Win

    Liberal attack group One Wisconsin Now landed the biggest blow against Bradley, exposing volatile opinion pieces she wrote as a college student for the Marquette Tribune in 1992.

    Associated Press, 04/06/2016
  • Bradley Wins Full Term On Wisconsin Supreme Court

    Bradley especially took heat after the liberal group One Wisconsin Now unearthed newspaper editorials that she penned as a college student.

    Wisconsin Public Radio, 04/05/2016
  • Bradley, Kloppenburg Will Find Out Who Gets High Court Seat

    Despite the big spending on her behalf, Bradley spent most of the campaign on the defensive after liberal group One Wisconsin Now exposed volatile opinion pieces she wrote as a college student for the Marquette Tribune in 1992.

    Associated Press, 04/05/2016
  • After Taking Nearly $70,000 in Campaign Donations From State Republican Party and Local Chapters, Rebecca Bradley Decries Partisanship in State High Court Race

    With nearly $70,000 in contributions, the Republican Party is the biggest single funder of Rebecca Bradley’s campaign for the state high court.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/04/2016
  • Hillary Clinton Attacks Rebecca Bradley Saturday Night

    Hillary Clinton took aim at state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley during her Saturday night speech... Her writings from her college years were released by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 04/02/2016
  • No Joking Matter, Legal Professionals Rate State Supreme Court Justice “Unqualified” and Less Than Satisfactory for “Character and Integrity” and “Fairness and Impartiality”

    In a poll of attorneys conducted by the Dane County Bar Association, Rebecca Bradley received less than satisfactory ratings in critical areas.

    One Wisconsin Now, 04/01/2016
  • As Donald Trump Tries to Walk Back Extremist Comments on Abortion, Rebecca Bradley Stands By Hers

    State High Court Candidate Rebecca Bradley More Extreme on Women’s Health Issues Than Raging Misogynist Donald Trump

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/31/2016
  • How Much for That Justice in the Window?

    According to One Wisconsin Now, which paid for an ad tracking service, the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, a dark-money group with Republican ties, has already spent $3 million on ads backing Bradley.

    Isthmus, 03/31/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley Cease and Desist Letter

    According to attorney Maistelman, Justice Rebecca Bradley’s false and malicious claims [against One Wisconsin Now] were made at a Dane County Bar Association forum earlier in the week.

    Shepherd Express, 03/31/2016
  • Did JoAnne Kloppenburg Say Her Job As a Judge Is to ‘promote a More Equal Society’?

    But Kloppenburg, a state Court of Appeals judge in Madison, has made contributions over the years to Democratic candidates and is benefitting from the work of liberal groups such as One Wisconsin Now.

    PolitiFact, 03/30/2016
  • Hillsboro Voters Have Only One Contested City Race

    The progressive group One Wisconsin Now recently unearthed writings from Bradley’s college days in the early 90s critical of homosexual AIDS victims, feminists and abortion.

    Hillsboro Sentry-Enterprise, 03/30/2016
  • Bradley Campaigns in Marinette

    Throughout the last month, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now brought opinionated writings from when Bradley was in college to light. These writings included critical opinions of homosexual AIDs victims, feminism and abortion.

    Marinette Eagle Herald, 03/30/2016
  • As Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Reaches New Levels of Discord, Voters Navigate Another Heated Election

    One Wisconsin Now and the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, two chief advocacy groups pouring money and time into the Supreme Court election, both agree that the race matters because justices have great oversight of policies that impact people.

    Capital Times, 03/29/2016
  • Vote for JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court

    Thanks to the revelations by a watchdog group, One Wisconsin Now, we now know that Rebecca Bradley showed terrible judgment.

    Shepherd Express, 03/29/2016
  • Wisconsin’s Leading Homophobic Group Gets Behind Rebecca Bradley, Wisconsin’s Most Homophobic State Supreme Court Justice

    Wisconsin’s leading right-wing homophobic organization, Wisconsin Family Action, has joined the fray in trying to put fellow homophobe Rebecca Bradley on the state high court.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/28/2016
  • Bradley, Kloppenburg Square Off in State Supreme Court Race

    Since then, the liberal group One Wisconsin Now brought to light opinionated writings from Bradley's college days in 1992 critical of homosexual AIDs victims, feminism and abortion.

    Associated Press, 03/28/2016
  • Kloppenburg, Bradley Zero in on Election Day

    The liberal One Wisconsin Now recently provided Kloppenburg a boost when it uncovered things Bradley wrote as an undergrad at Marquette.

    Wisconsin Law Journal, 03/27/2016
  • Kloppenburg Trumpets Qualifications, Ties Bradley to Walker

    The liberal One Wisconsin Now recently provided Kloppenburg a boost when it uncovered things Bradley wrote as an undergrad at Marquette.

    Associated Press, 03/26/2016
  • Ann Walsh Bradley: ‘Headlines Not About Me’

    It comes after liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now unearthed opinions Rebecca Bradley wrote while she was a student at Marquette University in 1992.

    Wisconsin State Journal, 03/25/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley Caught Lying, Again

    Rebecca Bradley’s outrageous lie shows a stunning lack of judicial temperament, ethical judgement and personal decency.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/24/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg Pledge Transparency on Supreme Court

    One group that has requested records from Bradley disagreed. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now requested Bradley's calendars in September.

    Capital Times, 03/24/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley Headed to Homophobic Presidential Candidate Cruz Endorsement Event

    First it was homophobe David Clarke, then it was homophobe Rebecca Kleefisch and now Ted Cruz, literally the most homophobic candidate to ever run for president.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/23/2016
  • Supreme Court Race Not Without Controversy

    Recently, the election gained increased national media attention when the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now unearthed some articles Bradley wrote in a school newspaper in 1992.

    The Clarion, 03/23/2016
  • Bradley Won’t Say Whether She’d Pass on Abortion Cases

    One Wisconsin Now, revealed this month that Bradley wrote letters and columns for her college newspaper in 1992... calling abortion a holocaust of children.

    La Crosse Tribune, 03/23/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley Using Homophobe Rebecca Kleefisch Shows Her Apology for Homophobia Hollow

    She's begging for forgiveness for her homophobia, and yet she keeps using homophobes to boost her campaign. First, it was David Clarke. Now, it’s Rebecca Kleefisch.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/23/2016
  • Alliance Says Bradley Won’t Attend Forum

    Liberal group One Wisconsin Now said in a news release that Bradley doesn't want to face the Jewish community after she equated abortion to the Holocaust in writings to a college newspaper in 1992.

    Associated Press, 03/22/2016
  • After Refusing to Apologize for Holocaust Comments, Rebecca Bradley Cancels Appearance at Latino-Jewish Alliance Forum

    Rebecca Bradley has abruptly cancelled a previously-scheduled appearance at a Latino-Jewish Alliance candidate forum.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/22/2016
  • Kloppenburg, Bradley Judicial Cases Front and Center in Court Race

    "There's almost no record to go on," said Jenni Dye, research director for the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/20/2016
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Spar Over Political Ties

    Bradley's anti-gay and anti-feminist college writings from 24 years ago have become a central point in the campaign since liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now brought them to light in early March.

    Associated Press, 03/19/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley Repeatedly Embraces Judicial Role Model Who Shared Her Extremist Views

    She is desperately trying to convince the public she does not hold extreme and out of touch views on members of the LGBTQ community and women’s health care.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/18/2016
  • Assembly Democrats Call on Rebecca Bradley to Resign

    Assembly Democrats are stepping up their attacks on Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley over her inflammatory writings about LGBT people and feminists. The writings were uncovered by the liberal group One Wisconsin Now.

    Wisconsin Gazette, 03/18/2016
  • Battle for the Court

    As a Marquette student, she wrote opinion pieces, unearthed by One Wisconsin Now, in which she referred to being gay as “an abnormal sexual preference” and to people with AIDS as “degenerates,” suggesting they deserved to die.

    Isthmus, 03/17/2016
  • Did Bernie Sanders Make a Rape Comment Similar to One by Wisconsin Justice Rebecca Bradley?

    The portion of the column highlighted by One Wisconsin Now referenced author Camille Paglia, a professor at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Bradley wrote that Paglia had been "prevented from speaking at several colleges" after Paglia "legitimately suggested that women play a role in date rape."

    Politifact Wisconsin, 03/17/2016
  • Republican Haters

    Hence the apologies and disavowals from Bradley and Scott Walker after One Wisconsin Now unearthed Bradley’s disgusting rants about “degenerates” and the “abnormal sexual preference” of gay people during her campus bomb-thrower...

    Isthmus, 03/17/2016
  • The Case for Rebecca Bradley’s Conversion Is Weak

    That was before the indefatigable Scot Ross, executive director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, uncovered and shared Bradley’s explosive hate writings from the Marquette Tribune.

    Wisconsin Gazette, 03/17/2016
  • Another Article Reveals Rebecca Bradley’s Right-Wing Extremism Spanning the Decades

    In a 2011 article, she identifies the “Don’t Tread on Me” Tea Party refrain as her personal motto, adding to her disturbing and continuing extremism.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/17/2016
  • Stating Opinions Comes at a Price

    Just weeks before the April 5 elections, the liberal political group One Wisconsin Now discovered several editorial columns, written by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley for the Marquette Tribune in 1992.

    Advance-Titan, 03/16/2016
  • Rebecca Bradley Fails to Answer Serious Questions About Fitness for Office at Supreme Court Debate

    Reciting campaign talking points is not an apology for hateful speech. It does not explain how one can be trusted to be an impartial member of our the Court.

    One Wisconsin Now, 03/15/2016
  • National Roundup: LGBT Issues

    Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley has apologized for anti-gay opinion pieces she wrote ... One Wisconsin Now revealed the writings.

    Windy City Times, 03/15/2016
  • A Closer Look at Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley’s Record

    The watchdog group One Wisconsin Now revealed that as a student at Marquette University, Bradley had written a series of hate-filled editorials.

    Shepherd Express, 03/15/2016
  • The Mystery of Rebecca Bradley

    As One Wisconsin Now documented, she wrote to Marquette’s student newspaper that Americans were “either totally stupid or entirely evil” for electing President Bill Clinton.

    Urban Milwaukee, 03/15/2016
  • Supreme Court Candidates Spar Over Independence

    Kloppenburg, meanwhile, has gotten a boost from liberal group One Wisconsin Now, which brought to light Bradley's college writings that bash gays and feminists.

    Associated Press, 03/15/2016