UNSPUN: July 17, 2019

Trumps Twitter controversy, Wisconsins new budget and a preview of the 2nd Democratic debate in Detroit. [WMTV-TV]

A Tweetstorm of Scott Walker Racism

Scot Walker’s track record of policy decisions in Wisconsin shows a candidate who often actively pursues stances that would undermine racial and social justice.

Free Speech and Racism on College Campuses

Savion Castro, a UW student and One Wisconsin Now research associate, talks with HBO's VICE News Tonight about free speech and racism on college campuses. [HBO]

Local officials slam GOP lawmaker’s ‘offensive’ comments about Milwaukee

“Bob Gannon says black people in Milwaukee are responsible for over 10,000 mass layoffs in municipalities across the state," said Scot Ross, the executive director of One Wisconsin Now. "His statements are despicable, racist tripe that should embarrass all of his Republican colleagues." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Four takeaways from Walker’s showing in the first presidential debate

Liberals were particularly peeved by Walker’s responses to the questions about abortion and targeting of African-Americans. They drew mentions from the websites Huffington Post and Think Progress and from the liberal group One Wisconsin Now. [Wisconsin State Journal]