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Van Hollen’s Gun Bravery From Behind Locked Doors, Guarded Office

Time and again, scion to a Republican fortune and our state’s Attorney General JB “John Noe” Van Hollen has proven he is a partisan hack instead of the state’s top cop. Van Hollen is the perfect Roscoe P. Coltrane to Scott Walker’s corrupt Boss Hogg. Van Hollen refused to join the John Doe investigation of […]

Van Hollen shows his skewed priorities

By Scot Ross. Van Hollen refused to help local law enforcement in the John Doe investigation that has ensnared top officials from Walker’s Milwaukee County executive regime. Among those involved are people given top jobs in the Walker gubernatorial administration. The two previous Wisconsin attorneys general offered resources and support in similar types of cases involving […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Van Hollen REFUSED to investigate Walker’s ‘Cronygate’

Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen, according to a news report today, refused to help the investigation into fellow Republican Scott Walker’s office in the scandal being called “Cronygate.” The refusal and silence of the state’s “top cop” to investigate his fellow Republican raises serious questions about Van Hollen’s conduct and warrants an investigation, according […]

Van Hollen Refused to Investigate Walker’s ‘Cronygate’

MADISON, Wis. — Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen, according to a news report today, refused to help the investigation into fellow Republican Scott Walker’s office in the scandal being called “Cronygate.” The refusal and silence of the state’s “top cop” to investigate his fellow Republican raises serious questions about Van Hollen’s conduct and warrants […]

One WI Now filed open records request related to ‘Smoking Gun’ voter ID memo

One Wisconsin Now has filed an open records request with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to obtain all communications and emails related to the issuance of state identification cards for the purposes of voting under the state’s voter identification bill. One Wisconsin Now made the request after a memo surfaced in which the top political […]

Once Again, Van Hollen Ignores Internet Sex Crimes

MADISON, Wis. — For the second time in a year, Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen has declined to join a multi-state effort by law enforcement officials and fellow Attorneys General to combat internet sex crimes. Van Hollen defended his unwillingness by claiming he does not release details of ongoing investigations — something directly contradicted […]

Can case receive fair hearing before WI’s partisan Supreme Court?

Where WI Attorney General JB Van Hollen (R) has alleged, over a period of years, that there is “widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin,” One Wisconsin Now reports that Von Hollen documents only “11 potentially-improper votes cast out of 3 million Wisconsinites who went to the polls in November 2008.” Out of those “11 potentially-improper votes,” […] [Brad Blog]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on JFC Voter ID Funds

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the Joint Finance Committee action on $10 million in funds for additional Department of Motor Vehicle funds related to the voter suppression plan. “The amount of funding is woefully inadequate to ensure Wisconsin can properly administer the currently-unconstitutional Voter ID […]

More Than 10,000 Call for Van Hollen Bipartisan Investigation of Waukesha Vote

MADISON, Wis. — More than 10,000 concerned Wisconsin citizens are calling for a bipartisan investigation by Attorney General JB Van Hollen into the actions of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus related to the changing vote totals in the State Supreme Court race between David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg days after the election. One Wisconsin Now […]

Groups Call for Investigation of Supreme Court Vote

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is calling for a federal investigation into the matter. It says all computer equipment, ballots, and other relevant evidence needed to verify the vote should be immediately impounded. One Wisconsin Now is also asking Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to lead a full investigation into the matter. [WBAY]

Van Hollen-Chisholm Election Integrity Task Force Must Investigate Largest Potential Election Fraud Case in Wisconsin History

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Election Integrity Task Force, headed by Attorney General JB Van Hollen and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, must lead an immediate and complete full investigation of the allegations of election fraud surrounding Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus and her adding of 14,000 votes days after the polls closed on […]

Fake Teacher from Wisconsin’ Now in Florida Chamber of Commerce Ad

Last week, we revealed that the corporate-financed mother of all special interest smear ad groups, the Republican State Leadership Committee, had a false ad about Sen. Dave Hansen with false claims about a fake teacher who would leave Wisconsin. That “teacher” sure does get around, as an ad to attack workers in Florida, paid for […]

Out-of-state Republican Group Claims ‘File Footage’ Actor is WI Teacher in Hansen Attack

The Republican State Leadership Committee is back at it again in Wisconsin. RSLC is a Karl Rove-assisted, Washington DC-area corporate front group, which has spent over $60 million since 2002 to elect Republicans. It attacked Democratic state legislators here during 2010, in one instance using a race-baiting mailer where a white woman has her mouth […]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Van Hollen ‘Sunshine Week’ Assault on Open Government

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s attack on open government. Van Hollen is appealing Dane County Judge, and Tommy Thompson appointee, Mariann Sumi’s temporary restraining order against Gov. Scott Walker’s illegally-passed so-called budget repair bill, that uses the government to […]

Wisconsin proceeds with health care law despite Van Hollen

Implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul law has not stopped in Wisconsin, even though Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen declared the law dead earlier this week. … But Van Hollen is not able to order an end to implementation and he said Thursday that he has not advised fellow Republican Gov. Scott Walker […]

MJS: “Talk is cheap; don’t suppress state’s votes”

  We all know requiring folks to present a photo ID before they are allowed to vote is an expensive solution to a problem that doesn’t exist — not to mention, fairly undemocratic. Editorial boards across the state have been giving the GOP’s “21st Century Poll Tax” due criticism; the latest comes from the Milwaukee […]

Van Hollen Claims on Voter Fraud Are Out of This World

It is long-since known, JB Van Hollen will do anything, go to any length, dispatch any resource at the taxpayer-financed Wisconsin Department of Justice to further his partisan political agenda. We all remember how Van Hollen’s top lieutenant was seeking help on the health care lawsuit with the Republican State Leadership Committee — one of […]

Diverse Voices Register Opposition to Unneeded Voter Identification Bill

MADISON, Wis. — Opponents of proposed legislation to restrict voter access to the polls, gathered at the State Capitol Wednesday to condemn so-called Voter ID legislation as a costly, unnecessary plan, which could lead to the disenfranchisement of untold tens of thousands of eligible voters in every corner of Wisconsin. Leon Burzynski, President of the […]

Why Voter ID is bad for Wisconsin

Many of you have written in response to our email yesterday about the voter ID bill. Some of you were very enthusiastic in your support of our efforts to fight back against this assault on our voting rights. But others of you had questions about the bill, and wondered why we oppose requiring qualified voters […]

Leibham Admits Voter ID Bill Will Cost Big Money

“That will potentially cost some additional money to the state and to state taxpayers…” [Sen. Leibham, WUWM News, 1/12/2011] MADISON, Wis. — State Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) admitted to reporters the Republican Voter ID bill will deepen Wisconsin’s $3.3 billion budget deficit. Leibham has refused to give Wisconsin a total cost for this plan, nor […]

How much will WI taxpayers pay for Van Hollen’s lawsuit gimmick?

Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen is doing what conservatives do best these days — wasting taxpayer dollars performing totally empty gestures in an effort to gin up the Tea Party base. See yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Van Hollen is pushing hard for Wisconsin to join the multi-state lawsuit against the historic federal health insurance […]

Walker wastes money on health insurance reform lawsuit at the same time he’ll apply for federal health reform grants

In a counter-intuitive move, Walker told Politico yesterday that even though he campaigned “aggressively” against the federal health insurance reform legislation, and on his first day in office granted Atty General Van Hollen permission to join a lawsuit against the reforms, he will still apply for federal health reform grants and won’t block the law’s […]

Will WMC Refuse Foreign Attack Funds from U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

MADISON, Wis. — With recent revelations the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is using contributions from foreign businesses to fund its partisan political attacks, One Wisconsin Now is calling on the U.S. Chamber’s state affiliate, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), to detail its own internal controls that prevent foreign funds from being used in attacks it […]

Voter Caging Target: UW-Milwaukee Dormitory, 95 Percent of Ward Votes from Sandburg Hall

MADISON, Wis. — Despite firm denials by Tim Dake, leader of Wisconsin’s Tea Party organizations, the voter caging plot between the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity and the Republican Party of Wisconsin exposed this week by One Wisconsin Now, is directly targeting university students – most notably voters at UW-Milwaukee Sandburg Hall, which made up […]

Will Walker & Neumann Demand Van Hollen Defend Stem Cell Research?

MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann have repeatedly called for Attorney General JB Van Hollen to be given the authority to intervene in a multi-state effort among Republicans to derail the federal health reform act but are silent on Van Hollen’s seeming unwillingness to represent the state […]

Van Hollen: Hard on Voters, Soft on Hookers?

MADISON, Wis. — Republican Attorney General JB Van Hollen continues to waste taxpayers funds on his partisan witch hunt against voters accessing the ballot box, while at the same time refusing to join nearly half the nation’s attorneys general in a joint action to reduce online prostitution and child trafficking. “JB Van Hollen has decided […]

Van Hollen gets another ‘thumbs down’

When news outlets across the country caught wind of the latest in Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s partisan political agenda after we at One Wisconsin Now busted his office for coordinating with a Republican group on a lawsuit to stop health care reform, Van Hollen and his office received a heavy dose of criticism. Now […]

WMC Partner Begins Statewide Ad Campaign for Walker

MADISON, Wis. — A special interest group that calls itself a partner of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) will begin spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television starting Friday to promote Scott Walker in the Republican primary for governor. The statewide ad buy, estimated at over $200,000 over two weeks, is being paid by […]

Group coordinating with Van Hollen on health reform suit funded by health insurance industry

The Republican State Leadership Committee, the 527 group that coordinated with Republican Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen, is largely funded by the health insurance and big pharmaceutical industries. Records show the RSLC has taken millions of dollars in political donations from the health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, including the American Tort Reform Association. Below […]

Rove’s latest plot to reclaim power snares Van Hollen

Leave it to Karl Rove to blast away any doubt of the partisan motivation behind JB Van Hollen’s attempt to file suit to stop health insurance reform. Rove, former Republican Party Chair Ed Gillespie and a gaggle of top Republican strategists and operatives have been quietly building a “massive fundraising, organizing and advertising machine” in […]

Van Hollen Documents Show DOJ-GOP Coordination on Health Reform Lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. — The top deputy to Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen sought direction from a $57 million Republican campaign committee that supports Republican attorneys general leading up to the Wisconsin Department of Justice attempt to file a partisan lawsuit against the federal health reform act, according to a handful of records obtained by […]

The $57 Million Smoking Gun on Van Hollen’s Health Care Lawsuit

It’€™s not news to One Wisconsin Now that JB Van Hollen is a partisan hack. After all, this is the guy who not only tried to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters in 2008 after John McCain and the Republican Party begged him to try. And this also the guy whose office allegedly let every […]

Republicans are concerned about unicorns, not expanding access to polls

Republicans like Attorney JB Van Hollen say theyre against expanding access to the polls because a non-existent problem”voter fraud”will be carried out by non-existent groups”like ACORN. In reality, the Wisconsin Voter Protection Act will give individuals in the military and their families a better opportunity to vote and will improve the voting experience at the […]

Van Hollen Has Yet to Produce Records on Frivolous Health Reform Lawsuit

Van Hollen said Lautenschlager’s recent public support for the Open Records Law should ensure her prompt response to his request. Just this week, Lautenschlager filed suit against a Republican legislator alleging he took too long to respond to one of her requests. “I would expect to receive the requested information within ten business days,” Van […]

Candidate’ Van Hollen Repeatedly Attacked Federal Lawsuits

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s failing attempt to block health insurance reform through a partisan Republican lawsuit is in direct contrast to repeated criticisms Van Hollen made against former-Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager during his 2006 campaign. Van Hollen went so far as to file open records requests about several federal actions […]

Has Everyone Forgotten McCain Co-Chair Van Hollen’s Last Partisan Lawsuit?

For the most part, JB Van Hollen does little more than put out occasional press releases about small settlements he’s collected and press releases about larger settlements begun under his predecessor. Oh, and file Republican-inspired partisan lawsuits with tax dollars directly help Republican elected officials.   In 2008, he infamously filed a suit against […]

Progressive Alert: MacIver Institute’s Phony ‘Reporting’

Over the past months, a staffer from the conservative MacIver Institute has been attending press conferences in Madison and Milwaukee, armed with a camera to take footage and attempt to get interviews with legislators and other elected public officials. Be warned: The MacIver Institute is a not a news service. It is not a member […]

Tax Foundation, Like WISTAX, Pals Around with AFP

Much like the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, the DC-based Tax Foundation pushes out pro-conservative tax propaganda, but its rarely also identified by its conservative ideology. This fantasy of non-ideology is foisted on media consumers despite overwhelming evidence both groups are pushing an ideologically-conservative agenda ‘€“ that everyone is always paying too much in taxes. Rarely, […]

Harsdorf, Hraychuck propose bill to collect +400k DNA samples a year

According to this Office of Justice Assistance report, 415,543 arrests were made in 2008, equivalent to roughly 7% of Wisconsin’s 5.6 million population. About 100,000 of those arrests were of juveniles. Based on legislation proposed by Reps. Sheila Harsdorf and Ann Hraychuck, law enforcement officials would be required to collect DNA at every one of […]

Wisconsin Judicial Commission Head to Gableman: You Lie

At today’€™s hearing before the three-judge ethics panel convened to determine whether Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman should be disciplined over a false (and racist) campaign ad he launched against then-Justice Louis Butler, the head of the Wisconsin Judicial Commission summed up Gableman’€™s notorious ad: ”Let’s say what it is – it’s a lie,” James […]