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Bradley, Kloppenburg will find out who gets high court seat

Despite the big spending on her behalf, Bradley spent most of the campaign on the defensive after liberal group One Wisconsin Now exposed volatile opinion pieces she wrote as a college student for the Marquette Tribune in 1992. [Associated Press]

Kloppenburg, Bradley zero in on Election Day

The liberal One Wisconsin Now recently provided Kloppenburg a boost when it uncovered things Bradley wrote as an undergrad at Marquette. [Wisconsin Law Journal]

Rebecca Bradley in 1992: ‘Queers’ with AIDS, addicts merit no sympathy

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, said Bradley's columns from more than two decades ago were relevant now because of the tenor of her comments and her unwillingness during the campaign to talk about her views on social issues and other matters that may come before the court. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Brian Evans: GOP should flush bathroom bill once and for all

Given that all of these issues can be traced to the failed policies of Kremer’s Republican-led Legislature, maybe he should be focusing his “time” in the next legislative session on priorities more important than shaming transgender students [Capital Times]

Muslim group calls for compromise in Ariens prayer dispute

When the head of Gov. Walker's job creation agency makes dozens of workers choose between their religion and their jobs, it's another reminder of why Wisconsin remains at the bottom of job creation in the Midwest. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Religious Issues

Have decisions to try to undermine state law requiring contraceptive equity and lawsuits to block marriage equality been informed by political ambition?

LGBTQ Issues

Scott Walker's standard response to LGBTQ question had been that because he does not have a role in court decisions, and his opinion does not matter.

Scott Walker decides to punt on evolution

One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group that tracks Walker’s statements, said they had no record of his previously addressing his beliefs on evolution. [Associated Press]

Gov. Walker’s Foul Photo Op

Gov. Scott Walker recently appeared at a charity event for teen drug treatment featuring controversial Phil Robertson of the television show Duck Dynasty.

Five Debate Questions for Brad Schimel

In advance of this afternoon’s first Attorney General, One Wisconsin Now has proposed a series of questions Schimel should answer to the people of Wisconsin.

Walker’s campaign site touts Pro-Life Wisconsin endorsement he didn’t receive this year

One Wisconsin Now executive director Scot Ross said touting the endorsement of a group that didn’t grant it for this election is an example of “the alarming pattern of deception with Scott Walker when it comes to women’s health,” noting the governor’s past support of Pro-Life Wisconsin and of laws the group supports. [Capital Times]

#WalkerAt20: Failure to Respect Diversity

You'd think Scott Walker would show at least some commitment to representing the diversity of Wisconsin's 5.5 million residents. But Gov. Walker has shown by his actions that if you're not rich, white and straight, he doesn't have time for you.

Right Wing’s “National Marriage Week” Failing Miserably

Early last week Wisconsin Family Action made a thrilling announcement: Republican Gov. Scott Walker had issued a National Marriage Week proclamation! While many view the week as nothing more than a thinly-veiled attack on same-sex couples and the voices in the LGBT community, the GOP often jumps at the chance to appease their ultra-conservative base […]

Van Hollen Claims on Voter Fraud Are Out of This World

It is long-since known, JB Van Hollen will do anything, go to any length, dispatch any resource at the taxpayer-financed Wisconsin Department of Justice to further his partisan political agenda. We all remember how Van Hollen’s top lieutenant was seeking help on the health care lawsuit with the Republican State Leadership Committee — one of […]

Introducing Wisconsin’s new conservative overlords: Meet the Majority

Behold, our latest project —, where we pull back the slimy, cold-blanket of rhetoric and deception and expose the extremism and failed policies of the new members of the conservative legislative majority. Here are just a few of the highlights from the new corporate-controlled conservatives: Rep. Kathy Bernier of Chippewa Falls who said the […]

Standing up for free speech and LGBT rights

Call it killing two birds with one stone: here’s the WisconsinEye panel discussion featuring One Wisconsin Now’s fearless leader Scot Ross defending free speech — in regards our recent lawsuit — AND taking a shot at Wisconsin Family Action’s Julaine Appling and the Republican leadership for breaking their promise that the same-sex marriage ban they fought […]

From the mouths of the Tea Party

It just never ends with these folks. Weve reported time and again whats really behind the Tea Party movement ” the extremism, the hatred, the violent rhetoric, the racism, the intolerance. Now theres a new poll out from the University of Washington that verifies what weve been saying all along.The poll asks several questions of […]

Has Everyone Forgotten McCain Co-Chair Van Hollen’s Last Partisan Lawsuit?

For the most part, JB Van Hollen does little more than put out occasional press releases about small settlements he’s collected and press releases about larger settlements begun under his predecessor. Oh, and file Republican-inspired partisan lawsuits with tax dollars directly help Republican elected officials.   In 2008, he infamously filed a suit against […]

Scott Walker Still Hates Gays

One might ask Walker to join the 21st century or stop taking benefits on the government teat. Ask him loudly, in fact. Again, Walker if Milwaukee can give your family health care benefits, so should domestic partners have the same right. In fact, Walker, what makes your wife, or your two kids more worthy of […]

Walker’s Message to Gay Haters: “I Hate Gays”

Read Milwaukee County’s life-long-health-benefits-on-the-public-dime Executive Scott Walker’s statement on the Milwaukee County Board’s Personnel Committee decision to support domestic partner benefits for employees. ‘€œI will veto the Domestic Partner Benefits plan approved by the County Board’€™s Personnel Committee today. Now is not the time to be adding any new benefits for public employees, let alone […]

Moralist Crusader Nass Familiar with the Legal System

As the one of the state’€™s foremost moral crusaders, Rep. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) is thundering about the need to expel Rep. Jeff Wood (Not an R-Chippewa Falls) from the legislature because of the former-Republican’€™s run-ins with the law related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated. On the most recent charge, Wood has so far only […]

Peacemakers honored for lifetimes of work

Two Madison college professors with religious backgrounds, who have worked tirelessly to change the world, will be honored for their lifetimes of activism on Oct. 3 by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ), a statewide network of 170 organizations working for social change. Joe Elder, a Quaker peace activist who is a University […]

Blogger falls for Van Hollen’s flip-flop on domestic partners

Owen Robinson from Boots & Sabers was on WPR’s Week in Review to defend JB Van Hollen’s refusal to represent the state in its efforts to extend basic legal protections, such as hospital visitation rights, to domestic partners in Wisconsin.Robinson basically reiterated the point Van Hollen made in his letter to Gov. Doyle that the […]