GOP ad buy for Walker tops $1 million, liberal group say

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin, said Republicans donors have “pressed the panic button” on Walker’s campaign. ”(Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce’s) million dollar buy didn’t move the needle,” Ross said, referring to another recent ad supporting Walker. “And so now RGA is doing the dirty work and spending in Wisconsin before they’ve dumped money practically […] [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Wisconsin Manufacturers and… Bigots?

In 2011 the non-profit issue advocacy wing of the state big business lobby, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. donated nearly $1 million to Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Roggensack Record Earns Her Another Round of Big Corporate Funded TV Ads

MADISON, Wis. — Big corporations and insurance companies favorite Pat Roggensack is the beneficiary of yet another television ad blitz funded by the special interests with whom she often sides on the state’s high court. According to media reports, the big business lobby the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) is footing the bill for a […]

Walker hires interim CEO for WEDC

“Walker’s WEDC has come up so short because there is no accountability in handing out millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded giveaways to businesses,” Ross said. “And Walker’s ‘solution’ is to put a board member from the state’s biggest business lobby in charge.” [Badger Herald]

Czaja on Health Care: ‘If I Can’t Sell It, You Can’t Have It’

Assembly candidate Mary Czaja touts her experience lobbying on health insurance issues. But according to state lobbying reports, the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin with which Czaja is associated, formally opposed and worked to kill bills that could have helped tens of thousands of farmers, small business owners and self-employed get comprehensive health insurance coverage […]

Scott Walker’s Rhetoric Versus Reality

MADISON, Wis. — Governor Scott Walker failed to tackle Wisconsin’s jobs crisis – posting six straight months of job losses here while nationally jobs are being added – and is now poised to take on “the truth” in his second State of the State address. In Gov. Walker’s one year in office he has failed […]

Placement of WMC’s pro-Walker billboard telling

A Janesville sign company may be regretting its decision on where to place a billboard touting the job creation efforts of Governor Scott Walker. The sign was briefly put up in front of the shuttered General Motors plant in Janesville this week, but was taken down quickly after groups started pointing out the unfortunate placement. […]

WMC chair touting Walker’s “pro-business” record will lay off 450 workers

The news that Wausau Paper Corp. will be laying off 450 workers was sad and unfortunately familiar to those of us living under Gov. Scott Walker’s rule. What’s interesting is that Wausau Paper’s President & CEO is also the chair of the corporate special interest lobbying group Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce — a group that has […]

Walker’s Elves Attack Workers’ Rights in Private Sector

MADISON, Wis. — In the midst of the holiday season, another historic battle is being waged in Wisconsin over workers’ rights. Nearly 200 workers of Machinists Local 516 at Manitowoc Crane have been on strike since November 15 over last-minute provisions management is trying to force on the union. “Nine months after Walker stripped hundreds […]

Powerful GOP majority doesn’t create jobs bills, claims it was powerless

Wisconsin has a Republican governor, a Republican majority in the state Senate, and a Republican majority in the state Assembly, not to mention a conservative stronghold in the State Supreme Court. Yet, the GOP is claiming they are powerless to pass any key job creation legislation this session: Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans […]

Walker Toasting Chamber of Commerce Lobby, Refusing to Meet Unemployed Workers

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements on Gov. Scott Walker’s appearance at the 100th anniversary party for the corporate special interest lobbying group, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, while he continues to host a public event with middle class families in need. One Wisconsin Now is the founder […]

Is Walker afraid that public jobs summits would get “Occupied?”

After charging the “public” $50 to hear what he has to say about job creation in Green Bay, holding small invitation-only events in La Crosse and Milwaukee, and hosting a “job creation forum” at the University of Wisconsin Research Park MGE Innovation Center (which apparently is so private it’s not even listed on the UW Research […]

Big biz finally ADMITS use of extreme tax-avoidance techniques

From the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future “Who Does Not Pay Taxes”: It took awhile, but SC Johnson (SCJ) eventually fessed up to its tax-avoidance schemes. It started when the last issue of this publication disclosed that SCJ paid no state income tax in 2000-2008. This prompted an SCJ insider to release a secret tax-avoidance report […]

One WI Now statements on latest Prosser allegation

The people of Wisconsin are past the point where they are willing to tolerate for one moment longer, the abusive and alarming conduct of Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. Enough is enough with the abusive temper of David Prosser. If allegations Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser recently grabbed the neck of fellow Justice Ann […]

Walker Stunt Costs Thousands

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is allegedly “Open For Business,” and he wants to be absolutely sure that everyone knows it. According to email conversations obtained by One Wisconsin Now between the Bureau of Highway Maintenance and Joe Fadness, Walker transition team member, Walker spent at least $1,725 of taxpayer money just to make those useless “Open […]

Chief Justice Abrahamson Sums Up Partisan GOP Supreme WMCourt

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:   But Abrahamson wrote that the order seems to open the court unnecessarily to the charge that the majority has “reached a predetermined conclusion not based on the facts and the law, which undermines the majority’s ultimate decision.” The majority justices “make their own findings of fact, mischaracterize the parties’ […]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on Participation in WMC Protest

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding One Wisconsin Now’s participation in the protest at the Capitol and headquarters of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, scheduled for noon today. One Wisconsin Now has led the fight for accountability for the state’s largest and most powerful business lobbying group, […]

Scott Walker gets high marks from WMC, millionaire CEO campaign donors

Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC), our state’s largest pro-corporate lobbying group, simultaneously announced today that the CEOs and the board members of WMC gave high marks to Gov. Walker for his anti-worker, anti-middle class agenda. Surprise, surprise. Big Payoff It’s no small secret that WMC was instrumental in getting Gov. Walker […]

Walker Installs Koch Machine to Head Public Service Commission

MADISON, Wis. — Former GOP Rep. Phil Montgomery, Gov. Scott Walker’s choice to head the Public Service Commission, has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the industries he has been appointed to oversee. The PSC is charged with oversight of utilities, including electricity, natural gas, water, combined water and sewer utilities […]

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Returning the Favor for Prosser’s Recusal Vote

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which spent $5 million to elect scandal-plagued Annette Ziegler and ethically-challenged Mike Gableman, is taking to airwaves on behalf of current Justice David Prosser, launching a smear attack against his opponent. Prosser cast the deciding vote to adopt rules in 2009, written part by WMC, that says campaign […]

Prosser’s “Enviable” Record of Keeping our Families Safe?

“In a question about their experience, Prosser said Kloppenburg “is incredibly envious of my record” of handling criminal cases as Outagamie County district attorney and his years serving in the Assembly and state Supreme Court.” http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/118410829.html Actually, no, I don’t think Kloppenburg or anyone with any knowledge of Prosser’s complete record would be envious. Not […]

David Prosser: The Partisans’ Partisan in Six Acts

There’s no denying former Republican Assembly Speaker and failed Republican Congressional nominee David Prosser is a long-time partisan cog in the Republican machine. But is he the most partisan state Supreme Court Justice Wisconsin has ever had? The answer would be a resounding “yes.” And when looking at his record on the Supreme Court, it’s […]

Out-of-state Republican Group Claims ‘File Footage’ Actor is WI Teacher in Hansen Attack

The Republican State Leadership Committee is back at it again in Wisconsin. RSLC is a Karl Rove-assisted, Washington DC-area corporate front group, which has spent over $60 million since 2002 to elect Republicans. It attacked Democratic state legislators here during 2010, in one instance using a race-baiting mailer where a white woman has her mouth […]

One Wisconsin Now Statements on WMC’s ‘Buy Wisconsin’ Corporate Campaign

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce’s “Buy Wisconsin” campaign, designed to try and drown out the statewide outrage over businesses that have supported Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to put corporations in charge of Wisconsin’s government and take as much money from education, […]

Walker’s Budget Scheme: Undemocratic, Unbalanced, Potentially Unconstitutional

See OWN’s full release here. Walker campaigned on cutting state spending on BadgerCare, he hired a budget director who has advocated states should opt out of the federal Medicaid program, and now he buries in the budget adjustment bill (after saying he wouldn’t put “policy” items into fiscal budget bills) a policy that would allow […]

GOP Legislative Committees Revealed

The interwebs reports that income state Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald is circulating memos to his fellow Republicans to solicit their ideas on senate committees for the upcoming legislative session. Given the promises about job creation made by Republicans across the state as they campaign, Fitzgerald’s announcement that the Jim Crow-inspired Voter ID/Voter Suppression bill […]

Will MJS give Conservative WPRI, WISTAX Same Treatment as Public Citizen?

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Politifact,” in its analysis of a unfair trade deals cited by U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, makes this note about the sourcing by Feingold’s campaign of Public Citizen: “Public Citizen is a leading critical voice on trade deals, so it comes to the issues from that perspective.” Fair enough. Unless you consider […]

Will WMC Refuse Foreign Attack Funds from U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

MADISON, Wis. — With recent revelations the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is using contributions from foreign businesses to fund its partisan political attacks, One Wisconsin Now is calling on the U.S. Chamber’s state affiliate, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), to detail its own internal controls that prevent foreign funds from being used in attacks it […]

Shocker: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ad False, Pulled from Stations

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has pledged to spend an ungodly amount of money in an attempt to finish the GOP’s efforts to wreck the national economy, upped the lies in its typical campaign ads. Tough luck though for the Chamber of Economic Horrors in Pennsylvania, though, as false ads running against U.S. Senate […]

Outgoing WMC head decries ‘polarized politics,’ apparently suffers from severe memory loss

If you ever need proof that conservatives are the masters of self-delusion, look no further than Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal interview with outgoing Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce CEO and President Jim Haney. When asked if there was anything he regretted about his tenure of leadership at WMC, Haney said “I’ve seen this extraordinary polarization of […]

WMC Partner Begins Statewide Ad Campaign for Walker

MADISON, Wis. — A special interest group that calls itself a partner of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) will begin spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television starting Friday to promote Scott Walker in the Republican primary for governor. The statewide ad buy, estimated at over $200,000 over two weeks, is being paid by […]

How Did AJP Get Walker Footage from WMC Event?

The source of video used in the American Justice Partnership (AJP) ads in support of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, in the midst of his tight GOP primary with Mark Neumann, suggest a more formal role for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) than the group has indicated. WMC needs to come clean about its role […]

Group coordinating with Van Hollen on health reform suit funded by health insurance industry

The Republican State Leadership Committee, the 527 group that coordinated with Republican Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen, is largely funded by the health insurance and big pharmaceutical industries. Records show the RSLC has taken millions of dollars in political donations from the health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations, including the American Tort Reform Association. Below […]

The $57 Million Smoking Gun on Van Hollen’s Health Care Lawsuit

It’€™s not news to One Wisconsin Now that JB Van Hollen is a partisan hack. After all, this is the guy who not only tried to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters in 2008 after John McCain and the Republican Party begged him to try. And this also the guy whose office allegedly let every […]

Van Hollen Documents Show DOJ-GOP Coordination on Health Reform Lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. — The top deputy to Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen sought direction from a $57 million Republican campaign committee that supports Republican attorneys general leading up to the Wisconsin Department of Justice attempt to file a partisan lawsuit against the federal health reform act, according to a handful of records obtained by […]

Economic-top 1% own 70% of wealth THX RIGHT WING!

Did you get a HUGE bonus this year? Or are you maybe one of the 218 new BILLIONAIRES?!?! Are you OPTIMISTIC about your financial future? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you’€™re one of the economic-top 1%. And congratulations, you and your friends OWN 70 PERCENT of all financial assets […]

Bailed out banksters hatched callous overdraft scheme

While millions of Americans are fighting for survival ‘€“ whether it’€™s to keep their homes or keep their jobs ‘€“ it appears financial industry banksters have been lining their pockets through a heartless scheme that capitalizes on financially struggling folks.A Vernon County, Wisconsin resident has filed suit against Green Bay-based Associated Bank for ‘€œrearrang[ing] the […]

Bankster makes off with cool $1.45 million

The former CEO of Associated Bank and WMC board member made off with over $1 million upon retiring from the bank which recorded a $160 million loss. As one commenter put it, ‘€œWell, here’s to a job… done.’€ From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: In his final year as chief executive of Associated Banc-Corp (ASBC), Paul […]

We do take issue with the facts of WPRI study, Lightbourn

So ‘€œWisconsin’€™s Free Market Think Tank’€ released yet another report reinforcing the pro-corporate agenda of conservatives. Big surprise.In its latest report, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) wants the public to be outraged at the government for offering pensions that are too ‘€œrich’€ compared to the private sector. OWN and other progressive leaders have called […]