Climate Change

Environmental Issues

When Gov. Scott Walker has taken action on environmental issues, it has been to the detriment of environmental protections and sustainability efforts.

In Her Own Extreme Words: Some of the Worst ‘Stuff Simac Says’

MADISON, Wis. — Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac has continually refused to talk to the media about her record of tax avoidance and her out-of-touch viewpoints. Many of these controversial statements, some of which Simac has tried to pull down from the internet, are catalogued and being added to daily at One Wisconsin Now’s website […]

One Wisconsin Now Launches Website: ‘Stuff Simac Says’

MADISON, Wis. — The controversial, extremist and out of touch statements made by Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac are now catalogued and being added to daily at One Wisconsin Now’s website: “Kim Simac can’t hide from her extremist past, no matter how much her paid political operatives try to rewrite her history,” said Ross. […]

Introducing S***f Simac Says

Whether its Michele Bachmann’s history lessons, Sarah Palin’s death panels or Glenn Beck’s every word, extremely out-of-the-mainstream conservatives are known for saying some pretty outrageous stuff. Wisconsin is lucky to have its very own political entertainer in Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac (R-Northwoods). Unfortunately though, most of the time she’s making us laugh, she’s actually […]

Your Logic is a Farce? Blame Sunspots!

Some of Johnson’s recent comments point to a different reason: he fails to grasp even the most basic concepts of any high school science curriculum.

RoJo’s Sunspot Solution?

Johnson is making news over his head-scratching declaration that sunspots, and not industry-created pollution, is the reason for the global climate change causing historic flooding, severe heat and cold and erratic weather events.

More scientists cleared of any wrong doing in “Climategate”

When the “TRUTH!!” about “THE CONSPIRACY!!!” behind “THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX!!!” was finally “revealed,” right-wing groups and their cronies in the corporate media practically trampled each other in their excitement to report the PROOF that the fix was on when it came to global warming. Climategate! Wisconsin’s leading corporate public relations firm, sorry, right-wing think […]

Don’t let them nuke Wisconsin’s climate

Wisconsin citizens will have their first chance on Wednesday, Jan. 27, to tell state legislators that making it easier to build more nuclear reactors should not be part of a proposed Clean Energy Jobs bill. A special State Senate committee considering the bill, (SB 450)  will hold a public hearing at 10 a.m. in Room 412 […]

WI Environment debunks false claims by WPRI

Wisconsin Environment slammed the right-wing Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) yesterday about their inaccurate and misleading report about the Governor'€™s initiatives to grow the renewable energy industry and create green jobs.

Progressive Alert: MacIver Institute’s Phony ‘Reporting’

Over the past months, a staffer from the conservative MacIver Institute has been attending press conferences in Madison and Milwaukee, armed with a camera to take footage and attempt to get interviews with legislators and other elected public officials. Be warned: The MacIver Institute is a not a news service. It is not a member […]

That’s Debatable: Climate Change

Here’s the latest WisOpinion “That’s Debatable” exchange featuring One WI Now’s Executive Director Scot Ross. This week’s topic? Climate change. Check it out!

Can Wisconsin afford more nukes?

Wisconsin urgently needs to reduce its carbon footprint while providing safe, secure, dependable and affordable energy. One proposed solution is to build new nuclear reactors to boil water to produce electricity. But can Wisconsin afford new nuclear reactors? Energy expert Peter Bradford says no, and will explain why in talks in LaCrosse on Nov. 3 […]

Polluters and Energy Companies vs. Wisconsin Values

Two new polls out this morning that paint a very different picture of Wisconsinites’€™ attitudes toward state policy to curb climate change and help bring about a new green economy in Wisconsin. First, one from the Forest County Potawatomi Community which shows an ‘€œoverwhelming majority’€ of voters ‘€“ 70% —  in Wisconsin support the state […]

“Republican Rally for Failure” with John Stossel

Americans for Prosperity’s ‘€˜Republican Rally for Failure’€™ is central in the Republican strategy, bankrolled by Republican interests, to defeat the Democratic President at any cost. They don’€™t care about lying to us. They don’€™t care if our health care costs keep skyrocketing. They don’€™t care if Americans die due to lack of health insurance coverage […]

One Wisconsin Now’s Statements on Tonight’s ‘Republican Rally for Failure’ with John Stossel

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now released the following statements about tonight’s Americans for Prosperity health care opposition event, the ‘Republican Rally for Failure,’ hosted by corporate-accountability foe, ABC’s John Stossel: “Tonight’s ‘Republican Rally for Failure’ is central in the Republican strategy, bankrolled by Republican interests, to defeat the Democratic President at any cost. They […]

Campaign Against Violence Hosts ‘Put the Guns Down’ Festival

On Sunday, August 30th, 2009, Campaign Against Violence (CAV) will cap off its summer initiative with their 5th annual ‘Put the Guns Down Festival’, at Washington Park starting at 11am. The non-profit group known for its leadership development and civic engagement efforts will keep things on a lighter note with this gathering.  The festival will […]

Constituents Call for Kind, Kagen, Petri to Vote for Clean Energy Bill Friday

MADISON, Wis. — Constituents from across the congressional districts of U.S. Reps. Ron Kind, Steve Kagen, and Tom Petri have signed a petition urging them to both strengthen and vote in favor of critical legislation on the House floor Friday to transform the economy into one harnessing the power of green technology. “Wisconsin and the […]

Send a message: Don’t nuke Wisconsin’s climate

An online petition campaign to preserve the state’s existing law regulating licensing of new nuclear power reactors has been launched by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ) in cooperation with One Wisconsin Now (OWN).  The message: Dear Friend,   We urgently need your help to maintain reasonable restrictions on nuclear power in Wisconsin. […]

Growing coalition challenges nuclear energy fix

You wouldn’t know it from the news media — they can only cover one story at a time, and there’s a state budget crisis — but there is a growing, resurgent movement in Wisconsin determined to solve the energy and climate crises without resorting to nuclear energy. It’s not the old “No Nukes”movement, although there […]

Nuclear power a bad investment, WISPIRG finds

Nuclear power, being heralded by some as the solution to the global warming crisis, has a few problems, and they’re not minor. One is safety; the potential for an accident or terrorism is ever-present. Another is the lack of any safe, permanent way to dispose of the highly radioactive waste. And, today the Wisconsin Public […]

Wisconsin’s pro-nuke convert a paid lobbyist for nukes

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident on March 28 comes more evidence that the nuclear industry is making Wisconsin a prime target for making nuclear power an option again. In the last month, Wisconsin has seen a stacked legislative hearing, a drumbeat of pro-nuclear articles in Madison’s daily […]

Fernandez, Koschnick join the conservative circus

There’€™s a huge rift in conservatism these days. On the one hand, you have a faction that looks back in dismay at three losing election cycles and is trying to retool their message in hope for a better outcome in the future. On the other hand, you have a faction too stubborn to abandon their […]

Say no to more nukes in Wisconsin

An unusual closed hearing on nuclear power — closed in the sense that only invited speakers will get to talk — has been scheduled by two legislative committees for next Thursday, March 12. At first glance, it looks like one more stop in the railroad job that seems to be barreling down on Wisconsin, with […]

There is No Debate, There is Just More of the Same

The last eight years have been a complete and utter failure and everyone finally knows it. Senator John McCain has been a big part of the problem as he has supported the failed policies of the Bush Administration 90 percent of the time. If anyone had any doubt that that McCain would continue the same tired approach […]

McCain’s Not-So-Mavericky Record on Environmental Issues

Yesterday, the John McCain camp issued a press release in conjunction with a new ad touting Sen. McCain’€™s record on the environment. See the ad for yourself on the YouTube(s). ‘€œFive years ago,’€ says the ad, ‘€œJohn McCain stood up to the President and sounded the alarm on global warming.’€ As proof of his maverickiness, […]

McCain Celebrates Failing Grade

This week Senator John McCain is focusing on the environment and climate change. Although he has been vocal about the issue on the stump, his actual voting record is both inconsistent and severely lacking. In reaction to McCain’€™s speech Monday, League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski commented that ‘€œhe has not substantively improved his […]

Unearthing the Truth about McCain

Digging a little deeper on Sen. John McCain’€™s environmental record yields some scary remains indeed. Turns out he’€™s pretty much buried any previous attempts to work on environmental concerns, and any comments he makes on global warming, energy and the environmental are little more than double talk. According to the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), McCain’€™s lifetime […]

The will of the people, the future of the planet

Former Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson knew that if the environment was to be a priority on the national agenda, it would be the people, not the politicians, who put it there. So, in 1970, Senator Nelson announced a nationwide grassroots demonstration on the environment; he called it Earth Day. Thirty-eight years ago, the first Earth […]

Take Action on Lobby Day

Last year the Wisconsin conservation community held their annual lobby day, where citizens engaged their legislators in support of conservation priorities.  Those priorities are selected by more than 50 Wisconsin conservation organizations.  Last year over 430 people came to the Capitol to speak with their legislators about the critical issues.  One of the major topics […]