John McCain

Wanna Buy a Gramm?

As a top advisor to predatory lenders, as well as John McCain ex-Texas Senator Phil Gramm has been taking heat for calling people concerned about the tanking economy and the loss of the homes, jobs and futures as ‘€œwhiners’€ experiencing a ‘€œmental recession.’€ Having studied the career of Gramm as part of a research paper […]

All I know is what I read in the papers…

And sometimes I can’t believe my own eyes. WashPost:: CINCINNATI — Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called for sweeping educational reforms today in a speech before the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, an association which he said “means more to me than any other,” despite his historic opposition to many of its policies. […]

A Seat for Two on the Out of Touch Express

Although U.S. Senator John McCain is trying to distance himself from the most unpopular president in recent history, they actually are like two peas in a pod when it comes to being totally out of touch with the average person.  Who can forget the presidential news conference in February when George W. Bush was asked about […]

Big Oil Represented at ‘€œSmall Business’€ Press Conference

Last Thursday I found myself at a press conference held by local McCain supporters. The topic was generally about the economy and ‘€œsmall business’€ and was hosted at a company that had just moved to Milwaukee’€™s Fifth Ward. When I arrived at the location I was given a packet of information and led to the […]

Tour Highlights Bush Legacy

Tomorrow, the Bush Legacy Tour bus is rolling in to Madison. Having spent my entire adult life under the Bush administration, I truly look forward to sealing the legacy of George W. Bush and the conservative ideology as disastrous for the economy, the environment, and American families.The Bush Legacy Tour—undertaken by the Americans United for […]

McCain Fumbles Packers Story into Steelers Territory

Like many Steelers fans, I left my hometown; trading the hills and three rivers of Pittsburgh for Cheeseheads and cows. Yet, this hasn’€™t deterred my love for perhaps the greatest sports franchise in history, even in the land of Bret Favre. The Pittsburgh Steelers, 5-time Super Bowl Champions, and the emotional lifeblood of Pittsburgh, are […]

Who is McCain Kidding on Equal Pay?

Today John McCain held a women-only town hall in Hudson and made the following comment: “We haven’t done enough. We have not done enough. And I’m committed to making sure that there’s equal pay for equal work. That there is equal opportunity in every aspect of our society. And that is my record and you […]

First Meeting of the Union Veteran’€™s Council

Today marked the first meeting of the Union Veteran’€™s Council in Wisconsin. It coincided with other such meetings in at least four other states across the country. Also coinciding with the event was an ad that will be run in areas of the country including Wisconsin. The focus of the ad and the meetings are […]

McCain’€™s Record Has Been a Disaster for Women

Tomorrow U.S. Senator John McCain will be coming to Wisconsin and holding a women-only town hall. John McCain’€™s record of rubber stamping Bush policies in the U.S. Senate has been a disaster for not only women but for entire country. John McCain actually skipped the vote on the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which would have […]

Introducing the Union Veteran’s Council

Tomorrow the AFL-CIO will announce the start of the Union Veteran’€™s Council. The announcement will not only launch the national council but it also coincides with the formation of state councils in five states including Wisconsin. The Union Veteran’s Council will also start an ad run across the country including parts of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin […]

Slippery Talking Points on Oil

At the same time that ads started running in Wisconsin trying to paint U.S. Senator John McCain as an environmentalist, he was busy demonstrating that nothing could be further from the truth. The ad attempts to distinguish him from Bush on environmental issues. Actually he undermined that argument himself while on a fundraising tour through […]

Rewarding Those that Have Us Over a Barrel?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on the prospect of $200 a barrel price for oil by the end of the year. The price has shot up over the last 7 years but that increase has been much more rapid in the last six months. During that time we have seen it go up from […]

McCain Really Does Need More Education

John McCain has been little more than a rubber stamp for the failing George W. Bush economy. Perhaps this is the reason that he has such a hard time bringing himself to admit that this economy has been very hard on the average American. June was the latest time where John McCain claimed that, ‘€œthe […]

McCain Debates Self on His Knowledge of Economy

This morning John McCain tried to get a do-over regarding his admission that he doesn’€™t know much about economics. While appearing in an interview on ABC this morning, McCain interrupted the interviewer after she referred to his admission. McCain responded saying that he never said that he didn’€™t know much about economics and that actually, […]

No Straight Talk for Flood Victims

Recently presidential candidate John McCain took a trip to Iowa where he visited some of the areas most damaged by the June flooding. McCain and crew ignored a request, from Iowa’s governor, to forego the visit although Iowa officials feared the campaign visit may distract security from the state’s massive flood recovery efforts. During his […]

John McCain Doesn’€™t Know the Price of Gas

John McCain’€™s record in the U.S. Senate has repeatedly demonstrated that he is totally out of touch with the average working person in this country. His recent and constantly shifting policy statements have totally reinforced this fact. Just the other day, while he was fundraising in California, a reporter asked him a very easy question […]

Supreme Court Piece Gets Revealing Angry Response from Bigot

The following text (in two e-mails) below was received from, commenting on a brief analysis (SC Decision Striking Down Gun Control Is Fine with This Progressive) on the Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290), that was picked up in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Sunday. Well, let’s hope this guy,, doesn’t […]

A Case Study in Getting a Voter ID

If Republicans really cared about protecting elections, they' would make sure every one who wants to vote has the chance

Reject McCains Latest Big Oil Handout

One Wisconsin Now has launched a petition to Wisconsin’€™s Congressional Delegation demanding that they stand against Senator John McCain’€™s plan to giveaway $4 billion in new tax breaks to his friends in Big Oil. In 2006 Bush and McCain supported budget giveaways of $5 billion in tax cuts. This at a time when working people […]

SEIU Fights for Universal Healthcare at Juneteenth

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is conducting a nationwide ‘€œRoad to Healthcare‘€ campaign. During the effort, SEIU has traveled by bus all across the country educating people on the healthcare issue and enlisting people to demand the same quality healthcare that our public officials receive. They were also calling for an end to the […]

McSame on Offshore Drilling

Anyone that is watching television in the state of Wisconsin has probably seen the new John McCain ad on the environment. The ad over-reaches trying to put a happy face on John McCain’€™s record in the Senate. Although the ad tries to paint McCain as a ‘€œmaverick’€ on the environment, reality shows that his departures […]

McCain’s Not-So-Mavericky Record on Environmental Issues

Yesterday, the John McCain camp issued a press release in conjunction with a new ad touting Sen. McCain’€™s record on the environment. See the ad for yourself on the YouTube(s). ‘€œFive years ago,’€ says the ad, ‘€œJohn McCain stood up to the President and sounded the alarm on global warming.’€ As proof of his maverickiness, […]

Breaking Budgets and Bloated Profits

U.S. Senator John McCain has proposed a gas tax ‘€œholiday.’€ This is a concept that has been universally panned by economists. The average consumer would see almost no savings. It seems clear that it is little more than a pander to people that are struggling with record gas prices. While John McCain offers only smoke […]

Wildly Extreme and Terribly Out of Touch

Despite his awful record in the U.S. Senate, John McCain is trying to convince women that he is an advocate for the issues that matter to them most. This of course is patently absurd with even the slightest look at his actual votes. When John McCain had a chance to show his support in April, […]

McCain on the value of human — er, American — life

John McCain insensitive to the human cost of the war in Iraq? Au contraire. He’s very sensitive: “Nothing is more precious than Americans, and I know that it has caused great heartache and pain,” he said, “but I also want to tell you that I believe in the conflict in Iraq with this new strategy, […]

Do Wisconsin Women Matter to John McCain?

Watch John McCain tell a 14-year-old girl that she doesn’t deserve equal pay. McCain seems to think that women don’t need equal pay protection, they need “more education and training.” Check out the video below to hear Sen. McCain’s outrageous remarks about his opposition to equal pay for women. In April, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) […]

What’s McCain Got Against Women?

Upon sitting out the vote on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) remarked that what women really need is ‘€œeducation and training.’€ Puzzling, because in 2007 Sen. McCain avoided the vote on the America COMPETES Act and voted against the College Cost Reduction Act. The America COMPETES Act promotes education in […]

Bushonomics a Market-Tested Disaster

The Bush economy has long been a disaster for working people but has only recently started to affect the very wealthy. It has been an economy of massive tax cuts for the wealthiest, endless loopholes and handouts to the largest corporations, while charging everything to our national credit card. While Senator John McCain has declared […]

Ryan Sucks Up to McCain’s $4 Billion Big Oil Tax Cut

Millionaires Paul Ryan and John McCain have a prescription for $4-a-gallon gas prices for working families: Nearly $4 billion in tax cuts for Big Oil. Ryan reiterated his support for the disatrous McCain Big Oil tax cut on a conference call today in which he praised McCain for “economic discipline.” Ryan and McCain already provide $5 […]

Not Too Important?

As I was getting ready for my day this morning I heard Matt Lauer of the Today show interviewing U.S. Senator John McCain. Lauer asked him many questions but one brief exchange stood out to me well beyond the rest of their discussion. Lauer asked that if the surge in Iraq is indeed working, ‘€œDo […]

AFL-CIO Protest at Gas Stations

The average price of gas hit $4 this Sunday, up from $1.47 the week President Bush took office. AFL-CIO working families will be protesting outside gas stations across the country on Wednesday, including one in Madison. They will assert that President Bush is too cozy with big oil companies and that he has done nothing […]

No Straight Talk on Estate Tax

U.S. Senator John McCain has been trying to focus on economic policy recently, even though he has admitted that he needs more education on the subject. One thing that would be helpful in this discussion is for John McCain to stop contradicting himself on things like the Estate Tax. When asked for his position on […]

Give Equal Time to Equal Pay

One Wisconsin Now is marking the 45th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act’€™s passage by calling on Senator John McCain to promote policies in the U.S. Senate that close the pay gap between women and men once and for all. In April, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) skipped the vote on the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, […]


“I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling international disputes.”-Gen. Douglas MacArthur (if you don’t know who he was shame […]

Current Plans to Privatize Social Security: Bad in the Best Case Scenario

Senator McCain told the Wall Street Journal in March that he supported the privatization of social security.  When the Journal pointed out that this contradicted McCain’s campaign website, he promised that the website would change to accord to his view on the subject.  Months later, not only has McCain failed to clarify his position, he […]

McCain to follow Gableman’s low road?

John McCain’s campaign is loooking at the recent campaign of Michael Gableman for Supreme Court as a possible route to winning Wisconsin in November. What’s wrong with that? Gretchen Schuldt nails it: Gableman’s disgusting campaign focused on racial fear-mongering. How low will McCain go?

Record Job Loss = Strong Economy?

Just yesterday U.S. Senator John McCain once again proved just how out of touch he is with regular working Americans. Despite all of the struggles that people are having he declared ‘€œI have a great belief that the fundamentals of the economy are very strong. Very strong.’€ Apparently he had to say it twice just […]

McKatrina: Bushie Did a Heckuva Job

It was appalling to see Sen. John McCain in Louisiana to try and distance himself for the horrors of George W. Bush and the federal government’€™s response to Hurricane Katrina. Considering how McCain voted to shield Bush from accountability for this national disgrace, he might have thought twice. Consider McCain’€™s record protecting Bush and abandoning […]

McCain-Bush Big Oil Giveaway Cost 2,600 Janesville Jobs

The more than 100 percent hike in gas prices under the Bush administration continues to take a devastating toll on Wisconsin families — the latest casualties are 2,600 family-supporting jobs at Janesville’s General Motors plant. According to the Capital Times, “The unprecedented rise in gasoline prices helped put 2,600 General Motors employees out of work […]

OWN Fact Sheet – McSame Old, McSame Old

With each passing week, food and gas prices climb higher and higher, while thousands of Americans are losing their jobs and their homes. Seniors are still forced to choose between buying food or their prescription drugs. Gas prices across Wisconsin are topping $4 a gallon. After eight years of a Bush agenda that has been […]

A Willing Pawn in a Propaganda Campaign

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’€™s new book, What Happened, describes the White House’€™s ‘€œpropaganda campaign‘€ surrounding the War in Iraq. Rather than fact checking and holding the White House accountable, Senator John McCain chose to use his seat in the U.S. Senate to cheerlead and help amplify the Bush propaganda on the war. […]

The Return of the Bush-McCain Stamporee!

One Wisconsin Now will be putting on an encore performance of its popular Bush-McCain Stamporee! It will take place outside the town hall meeting that John McCain has scheduled this afternoon at the Martin Luther High School in Greendale. The event will demonstrate how when it comes to the failing policies of George W. Bush, Senator […]

Wisconsinites Suffer Under Bush-McCain Agenda

The economic policies spearheaded by the Bush Administration and supported by Senator John McCain in the U.S. Senate have been devastating to people across our state. These policies have ushered in a time of economic crisis in many different ways for working families. Today a wide cross-section of Wisconsinites came together in a conference call […]

McCain Takes Econ 101 from Bank Lobbyist

Although John McCain claims the mantle of ‘€œreformer’€ he has chosen to surround himself with lobbyists for all sorts of questionable interests. We also know that John McCain has admitted that he still needs an education when it comes to the economy. Given those two facts, why would anyone be surprised that he chose Phil […]

McCains Maverick Mirage

U.S. Senator John McCain has often been referred to as a ‘€œmaverick’€ in the mainstream media, but this description is not accurate. Although he is now trying his best to distance himself from the disaster that is the Bush presidency, he has largely been a rubber stamp for Bush in the U.S. Senate. The Congressional […]